hear Hello everyone and welcome to the final "I Hear Your Voice" drama club review. We finally made it to the end and it's been a fun and memorable journey with this drama. There were many moments we loved and times we didn't. I hope you all enjoyed the drama and the reviews. Here are some questions the drama members answered! Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 9.12.15 PM #1: Who was your favorite character and why? Least favorite character and why? Powerz: I am a Cha Kwan Woo fan. He was very naïve in the beginning, but he learns from his experiences and constantly tries to improve himself. I don’t like our heroine Jang Hye Sung too much. She has moments where she does the right thing, but then she has such a smug and cold character at times. I didn’t like how she keeps relying on Soo Ha to do her job. Jhon: Least favorite character is Do Yeon's father. Both of them. I found this story completely uninteresting. June: My favorite character would probably be Sung Bin. I really loved her character and her love for nail art. I was so sad when she didn't get together with Soo Ha. Hye Sung, at times, was my least favorite character, especially with the Kwan Woo-Soo Ha love situation. I felt like at times she wanted to "have her cake and eat it." #2 - Soo Ha or Kwan Woo? Powerz: Kwan Woo, definitely. Jhon: Kwan Woo is most put together adult of the series and I enjoyed that about him. He's straightforward and goes after what he wants. Seeing him get the short end of the stick romantically kinda sucked for me. June: I love Soo Ha but Kwan Woo all the way! Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 8.59.27 PM #3 - What would you do if Min Joon Gook was after you? Powerz: Honestly, I had nightmares about this. I would have been alert and sensitive like Soo Ha was, checking with the warden until Joon Gook was out of jail ten years later. I would take a lot of self-defense classes and taught my family regularly on how to be extra careful. I would be paranoid. I definitely would have lived in an apartment with maximum security and in an area where there is high traffic. In the meantime, I would hire an investigator to check out Joon Gook’s whereabouts. Jhon: Carry a stun gun and mace and definitely have my own teenage taekwondo expert following me around. June: I have no idea! I would probably be super paranoid and would always want to have someone with me, just in case something happened. I would probably want some security guards with me 24/7!

#4: How do you think you would handle having a gift like Soo Ha?

Powerz: Return him to Sung Bin.

Jhon: I'm sure I'd use the gift for evil. Wonderful, self-serving evil.

June: It would definitely be interesting. I know I probably would use it against some people, to be honest! (Haha)

#5 - What was your favorite and least favorite "I Hear Your Voice" moment? Powerz: There are too many favorite moments so I can’t name them. My least favorite moment is when Hye Sung left her house with an umbrella to shield Park Soo Ha from the rain and not Cha Kwan Woo. Jhon: My least favorite moment is when I realized that Attorney Cha wasn't going to get the girl. Also realizing that they weren't really going to do anything all that great with Lee Da Hee's character. She's so good. Give her more to do outside of wearing that dumb robe! The best moment are all music related for me. Anytime I hear the slow version of "Echo" on the soundtrack, I get so into the mood of the series. The whole soundtrack is very effective June: My favorite moments were basically any scene with Sung Bin in it! Hmmm for my least favorite moment, I think it would be when Soo Ha rejected Sung Bin! Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 10.55.17 PM #6 - Have you learned anything from watching this show? Powerz: I learned about the negative sides to standing up for justice and justice is always open to interpretation. Jhon: Recapping shows episode by episode can lead to a bigger understanding of the show, but for me it's also hard to find cohesive ideas that apply to the entire series, which is what I've been trying to do throughout my recaps. I've also learned that Korean justice system can be kind of funky. Also that 3 lawyers are enough to take care of every single case in that one district? Weird. June: I learned a lot about some court terms and stuff like that. #7 Did you all enjoy the soundtrack as well? Powerz: I love the soundtrack! That’s one thing I failed to talk about enough during my time at the drama club. Jhon: I'm listening to it right now! It's pretty good. June: I absolutely loved it so much! I can't take it off repeat on my phone!

#8 Were you all satisfied with the ending of this drama?

Powerz: No. You can refer to my review!

Jhon: I'm left rather ambivalent about the ending, but it's cute enough and moving enough I suppose. It didn't do enough anything too terrible for me to be very critical about it. It's fitting for the goals of the show, but not necessarily what I want. If that makes sense

June: I was happy with because it was a happy ending.

#9 What will you miss most about this drama?

Powerz: I would miss Cha Kwan Woo’s character. I can watch a spin-off drama just about his life.

Jhon: Writing about it and seeing the response on the site.

June: Just the characters themselves! I feel like I got super attached to them.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 10.34.07 PM

#10 - Would you recommend this show, who would you recommend it to, and why?

Powerz: I would recommend this drama to people who like a bit of comedy, super natural elements, law stories, and not too much romance. Also, I recommend this drama to people who are open-minded with love relationships and can accept a heroine full of flaws. The show concentrates a lot on Korean law and its public defender court cases and the comedy and super natural elements make the show a lot more interesting

Jhon: I'd recommend it to fans of unconventional melodrama. There are no evil parents getting in the way of people's love lives, mostly everyone is a professional and people's jobs are important, the humor isn't forced or over the top, the romance is subtle and not overplayed - it neatly avoids many of the things that annoy me about k-dramas.

June: I would recommend this drama. It is honestly one of my favorite dramas so far and I love how it keeps you interested throughout the whole thing.

#11 - What are your overall thoughts on working with the drama club?

Powerz: Working with the drama club is harder than I thought and requires lots of dedication. During my time working for the drama club, I learned how to make machine-gun-like screenshots, work with time restraints, work with WordPress, and I lost sleep. Dedication is the key factor. I enjoyed reading my drama club partners, Jhon and June’s thoughts as well as comments from our drama club readers. I feel as though Jhon, June, and I accomplished a big project.

Jhon: Lots of fun. I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts, and everyone's opinion informed my own. Now that it's over all I can think of is the stuff we could've done!

June: It was really fun and interesting. You do have to plan accordingly to watch all the episodes and to recap them but I really liked it! I'm definitely going to miss writing for this drama.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 10.37.30 PM

#12 - What will you watch next?

Powerz: I am currently obsessing over “You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin” on DramaFever. I need some romance after finishing “I Hear Your Voice.”

Jhon: Am currently watching Flower Boy Next Door and I'm actually enjoying it a lot more than I Hear Your Voice. After that, I plan on watching one of DramaFever's latino offerings, Brilhante F.C. Looking to the future, I want to catch up on more of Eriko Kitagawa's dramas. I think I'll watch Love Story next, or maybe Over Time or Saigo no Koi! Depends on what's available, I guess. Will have to do more research.

June: I'm definitely looking forward to Heirs!

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 11.01.47 PM

On behalf of the "I Hear Your Voice" drama club, I was very happy to bring you all these reviews and thank you to all the commenters! It was such a fun experience and I will miss this drama so much. "I Hear Your Voice" was an amazing drama and I'm glad to be able to have seen it with you all! I'm glad we all saw it through until the end!

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