I Hear Your Voice Jang Hye Sung - I can't see their innocence

Hello, I am Karen (Powerz) and I am back this week again to wrap up episodes three and four for the "I Hear Your Voice" drama club. My drama club partners, Jhon and June brought up great points this week.

The Nielsen nation-wide ratings for episodes three and four are at an all-time high with 15% and 16.1% viewership ratings, respectively. That is not surprising news since the story line is so engaging, well-written, and fun to watch.

By now, I'm sure you are already watching episodes five and six, right? The "I Hear Your Voice" Dramafever fans are commenting that they can't wait for the next episodes. Before we move on, let's put episodes three and four into perspective and I'll follow up with my own speculations on our main characters.

I Hear Your Voice - One brother tried to stop the other from doing it

What can we expect next? Certainly, we have our next court case lined up involving twin robbers, Jung Pil Seung (Han Ki Woong) and Jung Pil Jae (Han Ki Won). I would think Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In) has more plotting to do in future episodes.

I Hear Your Voice - Jang Hye Sung - Did you come to check him out

Jhon made a good point about Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) and how she is interesting because she is flawed. I am amused as Hye Sung grows as a character, trying to ask for help in solving the Sung Bin case. All her colleagues thought she was rude, but genuinely help her solve the case. June was excited that Moon Dong Hee helped Go Sung Bin (Kim Ga Eun) reclaim her innocence, giving Hye Sung her first glorious in court as a public defender. Now, the stakes are higher because Hye Sung threatened Seo Do Yeon (Lee Da Hee), for an apology to Hye Sung and her mother if Hye Sung faces Do Yeon in court and wins again. We need to prepare ourselves for this exciting and complicating case involving all three lawyers: Do Yeon, Hye Sung, and Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun). Somehow, I feel like Kwan Woo and Hye Sung will team up in the end, causing them to either lose or win the case together. I actually wish that Do Yeon and Hye Sung will become friends one day.

I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha - flaming mad

It's interesting to see changes in Soo Ha. He can easily go from a smiley, lovey-dovey boy to a vicious boy. Soo Ha is all smiles when he meets Hye Sung, but as June mentioned in her post, we see an interesting change in Soo Ha when he is crushed to find out Hye Sung does not fit the image of his first love. On the other hand, as Jhon mentioned, Soo Ha admitted that he would cast his life aside in order to protect Hye Sung and we see his vicious punches thrown at Min Joon Gook at a fast food restaurant, all caught on CCTV. Too bad he didn't get to use his Taekwondo moves on him or maybe the writers are saving that for later. I would have thought he took boxing instead.

I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - The trial today was very memorable

Jhon also made an interesting comment about Do Yeon. Seo Do Yeon is very similar to Min Hae Ryung from the drama, Birdy Buddy, only Do Yeon is more mature than Hae Ryung. Hae Ryung is constantly complaining, demanding something, or moping, but Do Yeon uses her intelligence and tries to be fair. I think Do Yeon is actually a good person, but jealousy got in the way. Both characters are selfish and unforgiving. I'm going to speculate that Do Yeon wins the next twin robbers case so we get to see her capability. We can't have her losing all the time, can we? I'm still not over how her eye is okay after her accident.

I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook lurking

June and I still wonder about how Joon Gook actually entered Hye Sung's apartment so easily. Joon Gook seems to be a stealth master or maybe he gained some tricks while in jail. I think Joon Gook is going to plot more harvoc, except he lost his surprise factor now that Hye Sung and Soo Ha know that he is lurking in Jeonju.

I Hear Your Voice - Cha Kwan Woo - Do I have something on my face

I also love how June and I are captivated by Kwan Woo's charms. Since Hye Sung is already mesmerized by him with or without glasses, it's only a matter of time that she falls in love with Kwan Woo. I have a feeling Soo Ha is going to be very heartbroken even with Sung Bin by his side. I think Sung Bin and Soo Ha make a cute couple. Sung Bin definitely does not fit Soo Ha's image of his first love and that is what amuses me. Can you imagine Sung Bin cursing at Soo Ha every day?

Lastly, I made the effort to fulfill my drama club partner, Jhon's request for a GIF file of Choon Shim being happy after hearing Hye Sung saved her defendant from injustice. This is my first time making a GIF file so it may not be very good.

I Hear Your Voice - Choon Shim 5

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