In this week's Drama Club for I Hear Your Voice, I'll be focusing on the romantic relationships! I Hear Your Voice Ep 5 img 1 One of the more interesting developments in this week’s episodes was the sudden turn in the relationship between Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung. All of a sudden they’re roommates! During these last episodes, the bloggers and the people in the comments have been wondering about what will happen romantically in the series.  But it’s pretty clear by now how Hye Sung looks at Soo Ha: he’s someone to look out for. The police officers force their hand, but for right now, these two are strictly platonic. I Hear Your Voice Ep 5 Img 2 Their relationship is interesting because it’s based on a past trauma, but this is something that’s never really dwelled on. Jang Hye Sung never asks Park Soo Ha how his life has been since then, and vice versa. All that matters right now is they can depend on each other. The key scene that lets us know more about Hye Sung’s thoughts about him is when she instictinvely places a new bandage on his thumb. She’s happy to be an older sister to him for now. I Hear Your Voice ep 5 img 4 Park Soo Ha clearly feels slightly different. His protectiveness toward Jang Hye Sung clearly stems from some sort of innocence that he strives to protect within himself.  Maybe if he can protect her, he can salvage whatever’s still left from that time. He’s stubborn though; he’s clearly denied having those sort of feelings for her twice now. But is there any doubt what that pained look on his face signifies while he’s out in the rain, watching Park Soo Ha share an umbrella with Cha Kwan Woo? I Hear Your Voice ep 5 Img 3 All possible romantic couples got some time in these last couple of episodes. She may hate herself for it, but Jang Hye Sung is finding herself more and more interested in her partner at work, Cha Kwon Woo. Although he’s extremely dorky, he’s also someone who always sees the good side in everything that Hye Sung does. And, once you get out of him his boring lawyer clothes, he cleans up pretty well. Enough to make Hye Sung try and be a littler sexier on their “don’t call it a date” date. Looks to me like this is going to be the end game couple; even Hye Sung’s mom sneakily tries to set them up together.Does poor Park Soo Ha even a stand chance? I Hear Your Voice ep 6 img 3 Maybe Park Soo Ha won’t need one though. My favorite scenes of these last two episodes all had to do with Go Sung Bin. Although she’s been portrayed as a trash-talking bully, there’s something very innocent about her crush on Park Soo Ha. It’s probably the cutest thing about the show. She’s first and foremost a friend to Park Soo Ha. Notice the way that she helps him get out of class. But, secondly, she’s a teenage girl with the sort of feelings and butterflies at the pit of your stomach that show up only when you try to talk casually with him. What makes it even more touching is that she’s completely transparent; she can’t hide her feelings from Park Soo Ha. There’s an ambiguity in Soo Ha’s reaction. He knows that this girl likes him, but even so he remains unfazed – I think he’s rather touched by it. He’s receiving affection for no other reason than being who he is. She doesn’t know of his tragic past, or of his current vendetta. She even accepts that he has someone he likes already. Her feelings are unconditional. But Park Soo Ha is too caught up with his tragic protector narrative to ever take this too seriously. But if he ever raises his head and looks around, he’ll find something quite different, and maybe even better waiting for him. In the final analysis, I’m rooting for Go Sung Bin. Quick Observations - What do you think about Go Sung Bin as a possible match for Soo Ha? - It seems way too crazy that Min Joon Gook just casually started working at Hye Sung's mom's restaurant. You'd think she know who he was. Isn't "potential guy who may kill me" the sort of thing you'd mention to your mom? More from the I Hear Your Voice Drama Club: Episodes 1-2:  [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 3-4: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 4-5: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ]