I Can Hear Your Voice Hello everyone! It’s June again and I hope you enjoyed all the reviews from this week! I’m here with the wrap up post! This week’s episodes were exciting and focused a bit on the romantic elements of the drama. Now let’s get down to business! First off, this week Jhon focused on the romantic elements of the episodes and I couldn’t have agreed more. This drama is quite unpredictable and even the couples right now are hard to figure out. But in the end, I think most of us are cheering for Sung Bin and Soo Ha to get together! I think because Sung Bin is Soo Ha’s friend first and her crush on him is so cute, their relationship could totally work out. Though if only Soo Ha can get over his first love, Hye Sung. Also, I agree with Jhon the scenes between Sung Bin and Soo Ha were my favorite parts of these past two episodes. They were so cute and I couldn’t stop smiling after them! On the other hand, we have Hye Sung and Kwan Woo. As Jhon said, Hye Sung is finding herself more interested in Kwan Woo but probably just doesn't want to admit it. I was excited that they almost went on a “date” but sadly it didn’t because Hye Sung rushed off. I hope that they have another opportunity to go on a date! A part of me feels like these two will end up together but like I said previously, this drama is so unpredictable and maybe Hye Sung will end up with Soo Ha! Who knows! Another big point of this week was the twins’ case! Powerz did an excellent review on the case this week! This case was crazy and exciting! It was very hard to tell how it was going to end up. As Powerz mentioned, I was happy to see that Hye Sung and Do Yun team up and help each other out because I want them to resolve their differences because Hye Sung doesn't have that many female friends. But I really don’t know if they will resolve their differences anytime soon considering Hye Sung is now an attorney and Do Yun is a prosecutor. I think that fuels Hye Sung even more to beat Do Yun at something and act more a getting back at her for the things that happened in the past. I agree with Powerz and I would never betray a family member! If they go down, I’ll go down with them but of course different people handle things differently. It was crazy how easily the brothers could betray one another and actually confessed when they were essentially going to be let free. I guess maybe the pressure got to them?   More from the I Hear Your Voice Drama Club: Episodes 7-8: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 5-6: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 3-4: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-2:  [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ]