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Dramaclub fans, episodes nine and ten of "I Hear Your Voice" became epic and, shall I say, sad as well. Last week's episodes all came down to one basic story line: The war between Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) and Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In). Continuing from my last review, both characters continued their downfall in these new episodes with additional physical injuries.

Soo Ha's Revenge Plan

I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha - Min Joon Gook

Park Soo Ha and Min Joon Gook both wanted to execute their revenge plans by plotting to frame one another. In episode nine, I think Soo Ha's plan is to create enough suspicion so when he finally kills Min Joon Gook, he would have a justifiable reason in court.

I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha - Once Min Joon Gook is freed Attorney Jang will be his first target

Suspicion #1:

Soo Ha first alerts the police and Attorney Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) and asks them to protect Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) from Joon Gook.

Park Soo Ha's foggers

Suspicion #2:

Soo Ha throws a smoke bomb into Hye Sung's home so that the police are alerted to a possible attack from potential culprit, Joon Gook.

I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha - If what I saw earlier was correct then I think I was first

Action Plan:

Since Soo Ha read Joon Gook's mind during Joon Gook's court hearing, Soo Ha knew that if Min Joon Gook is released, he would continue to harm Soo Ha and Hye Sung. Soo Ha takes Joon Gook's thoughts seriously and accurately so he tells Joon Gook over the phone that according to Joon Gook's thoughts, Soo Ha is the first in line to die next and not Hye Sung. Soo Ha asks Joon Gook for a showdown.

I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook - In order to even out the fight don't you think I need an advantage too

When Soo Ha arrives at a parking garage, Joon Gook had been waiting with his eyes closed and the security camera broken, which is his specialty. In order to even out the fight, Joon Gook shuts the lights off in the garage to gain an advantage in killing Soo Ha. I don't understand why a single person doesn't visit the parking garage during this whole time. Don't they need their cars to go home?

I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook beats up Soo HaI Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha beats Min Joon Gook

The fight between Joon Gook and Soo Ha is brutal. Using their familiar respective weapons, Joon Gook beats Soo Ha with a metal pipe in the dark. Where does he get these metal pipes? I feel like I'm in the retro "Double Dragon" video game. Soo Ha holds his favorite switchblade knife. When Soo Ha finds an opportunity to counter, he turns the lights back on and beats Joon Gook to a pulp. Finally, he uses his Taekwondo skills.

I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook is looneyI Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook - Wow this is fun

In the beginning of the drama, I thought Min Joon Gook was a dumb criminal, but he really proved me wrong. He is a genuinely smart psycho who knew great strategies to claim innocence in court, was stealthy, and came up with elaborate tactics to achieve his deadly goals. How can he appear normal yet psychotic at the same time?

I Hear Your Voice - Jang Hye Sung - You're not longer the victim but the murderer

In the end, Soo Ha has the chance to kill Joon Gook, but Hye Sung thwarts Soo Ha's plans with her body. She doesn't want Soo Ha to become a murderer. I am glad Hye Sung stopped Soo Ha because Soo Ha is most likely to listen to her words more than anyone else.

Min Joon Gook stabs Park Soo Ha -2

With a chance to live, Joon Gook continues having crazy thoughts and stabs Soo Ha in the back of the shoulder with Soo Ha's switchblade knife. Honestly, I lost all hope of seeing a repenting Joon Gook. Perhaps, he really needs to die in order to give other people happiness.

Park Soo Ha - That thing that you're worried about I promise not to do it

On the other hand, Soo Ha learns to repent and promises an injured Hye Sung that he will not kill Joon Gook in the future. I wish I knew more about Min Joon Gook. He never felt any love since obviously he had no family members. I wish I knew why he was so crazy.

Joon Gook's Retaliation Plan

I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook - See what it's like to live as a murderer yourself

Joon Gook's revenge plan is way more evil than Soo Ha's plan since Joon Gook's plan involves dismemberment and actually putting Soo Ha in jail. I guess he would feel better knowing that Hye Sung and Soo Ha feel his pain.

I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook smiles

The Set-up:

Min Joon Gook runs away and works on his retaliation plan against Soo Ha.

I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook criesI Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha about to punch Min Joon Gook

We don't know what happened yet, but according to Soo Ha's sporadic memory, there seems to be a showdown between Soo Ha and Joon Gook afterwards where Joon Gook appears to be crying and Soo Ha grabs Joon Gook's neck while in punching position. Joon Gook launches his plan to make the police believe Soo Ha murdered Joon Gook and dismembered Joon Gook's hand, promptly beginning the second "left hand murder case." (with the first case involving Hwang Dal Joong (Kim Byung Ok).

It's a human hand

Suspicion #1:

A fisherman in Yeonju finds Min Joon Gook's hand floating in the water while police find Soo Ha's cellphone and knife nearby during their investigation.

I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha - Park Soo Ha

Suspicion #2:

We don't know what Joon Gook did, but he made Soo Ha lose his memory and even his mind-reading power for the past year.

I Hear Your Voice - Soo Ha enters the courtroom

Now, it's up to Hye Sung and Kwan Woo to figure out how to save Soo Ha from going to jail in episode ten. Joon Gook is probably in hiding, watching the show unfold since he wouldn't kill himself on purpose. Will Soo Ha or Joon Gook triumph? My head hurts thinking about it.

I Hear Your Voice - Choi Yoo Chang - Her brain Kabam -3

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