Hey, this is Jhon. Remember to check out the blogs of the I Hear Your Voice Drama Club! This is JuneMarie’s. This is dapowerz’ blog. This is mine. Episode 9 of I Hear Your Voice might well be the apotheosis of the show, since episode 10 signaled a downward slope by using one of my least favorite tropes in fiction: amnesia. But, before we get into all that, let’s discuss several other things that happened in these last episodes. I Hear Your Voice Ep 9 Img 1 What does the acquittal of Min Joon Gook mean exactly? Is he just the dastardly villain who’s able to manipulate people and the system at will to get what he wants? Or is there something more going on in the series’ treatment of the justice system? We’ve certainly seen how flawed it can be, and how it can be exploited by the savvy. More than anything, I Hear Your Voice has demonstrated how the Korean justice system can work and not work based on the people in charge. Think about how Jang Hye Sung retreated back into “not caring” mode in these episodes, and was basically denying her clients the right to a caring attorney. Think about how the prosecution tried to falsify evidence and get a “witness” to perform perjury. The practice of law in I Hear Your Voice is imperfect, because it’s only as good as the people who practice it. Sadly, this leaves a lot of people as casualties. I Hear Your Voice ep 9 Img 2 Jang Hye Sung didn’t quit her job as a public defender, but her heart isn’t in it anymore. After losing everyone she cared about, she goes through the motions, unfeeling and uncaring. It’s hard not to sympathize. Her mother has been killed, and Min Joon Gook got away with it. Her boyfriend is the one who defended the killer. And Park Soo Ha has packed up and left. Things aren’t going well for her. These last few episodes have been about tearing down the confidence and the life she’s built and seeing what’s left. For Hye Sung, it shows that she doesn’t have much.  In the most moving scene of these last two episodes, Hye Sung looks over all the text messages that she wrote but never got to send to her mom. Her memories are all that keep her going. I Hear Your Voice Ep 9 Img 3 The big showdown between Park Soo Ha and Min Joon Gook was, as usual, not actually all that exciting, and the eventual outcome (along with the wrongful stabbing) was pretty obvious. Soo Ha’s revenge (protection) ends up going wrong and of course he hurts the person he cares about the most. This is another in the long line of “Park Soo Ha goes rogue in order to protect Hye Sung” actions we’ve seen in the past. He’s a good guy, but his actions are obsessive and often dangerous, although ostensibly done out of love. After seeing the consequences of actions, however, it seems clear that Soo Ha has given up on the idea of hunting down Joon Gook. And yet… I Hear Your Voice ep 9 Img 4 The time skip is a great idea for the series, as it allows us to see how the character’s bonds to each other have evolved. This is almost immediately undone by the reveal that Park Soo Ha has amnesia, and now he’s charged for murder. K-Dramas often are simply reduced to their plot twists, and any emotional resonance that they may be striving after is lost because of this. I Hear Your Voice, plotty though it is, hasn’t gotten to this point; but when it starts bringing up stuff like amnesia I start to get worried. Could there be a more overused plot device? Not only that, I kept waiting for the entire episode for someone, anyone, to point out the obvious: just because they found the hand doesn’t mean that Min Joon Gook is dead. Of course, that’s saved for the cliffhanger finale. Episode 10 did shake my confidence a bit with the storytelling in the series, but I’m hoping that they’ll be able to keep surprising me with more interesting developments. Quick Observations -          Apparently there’s a rumor going around that this might get extended for a couple more episodes? I really, really hope it doesn’t. -          Go Sung Bing’s hair! -          Has Park Soo Ha ruined his youth by dedicating himself to protecting Jang Hye Sung? When I see the other characters his age growing up and getting jobs and just being normal people, I wonder what the real cost of his has been. Is this another way in which he’s given up his life? More I HEAR YOUR VOICE Drama Club! Episodes 9-10: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 7-8:   [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 5-6:   [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 3-4:  [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-2:   [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ]