I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha - Teary eyed

Judging by Jhon, June, and my reviews this week, episodes 9 and 10 of "I Hear Your Voice" were tough to endure for the drama club members and the fans. We have a lot more mysteries to solve and our main characters look beaten or confused.

I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha - It seems as though I might have killed someone about a year ago

I began this week by discussing the showdowns between Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) and Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In), which turned disastrously bad for Soo Ha in many ways. Not only did Soo Ha accidentally stab his savior, Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young), Soo Ha was also stabbed in the shoulder by Joon Gook. Following those events, the police charge Soo Ha for murdering Joon Gook due to Joon Gook's dismembered, floating hand found in the water at a fishing spot in Yeonju. If Joon Gook really severed his own hand in order to frame Soo Ha for murder, all I can think about is Joon Gook's inscrutable pain. Soo Ha is found by the police one year later, but Hye Sung realizes that Soo Ha has amnesia and lost his mind-reading powers.

I Hear Your Voice - Jang Hye Sung - It really feels awkward having you speak to me in honorificsKim Choong Ki - Drop the honorifics you scoundral we're classmates

The fact that Soo Ha has amnesia really confused all of us. June brought up a good point and wondered if Soo Ha was faking it. Honestly, I had that thought too, but it looked like pretty good acting if Soo Ha was indeed faking it. I had fun watching Soo Ha use jondaemal (polite speech) towards Hye Sung and classmate Kim Choong Ki (Park Doo Shik). Jhon is worried about the way amnesia is used to further an already interesting story line.

I Hear Your Voice - How many times did you stab him where did you hide the body

There is a drama club consensus that we don't like an overdone amnesia story line. Many of our drama club members and fans, however, have been speculating about what happened leading up to the events of Soo Ha's amnesia. My favorite comment so far is a comment about Soo Ha being hit by a truck.

I Hear Your Voice - Jang Hye Sung - I think I'm becoming more and more like a loach

Both June and Jhon thought that the scene where Hye Sung is texting messages to her deceased mother, Eo Choon Shim (Kim Hae Sook), was meaningful. I thought it was bittersweet, but a part of me wants Hye Sung to move on because Choon Shim would have wanted Hye Sung to be stronger and not haphazardly defending her clients. Even rival and prosecutor Seo Do Yeon (Lee Da Hee) thinks winning every case is a bore. Jhon even mentioned that every client had a right to a caring attorney and I agree. Hye Sung's character leaves a lot of room for improvement. We like her and then we are disappointed with her. While reading her text messages, even Hye Sung knew she has been demoted to being a loach when she should become the dragon she was meant to be.

I Hear Your Voice - Go Sung Bin waiting for Kim Choong Ki

Some fans might not agree, but June and I are still holding on to the possibility that Soo Ha and his classmate, Go Sung Bin (Kimi Ga Eun) can be a couple, though that is becoming more and more unlikely. Did you notice that Sung Bin and Choong Ki have a lot more scenes together? If Soo Ha doesn't change his ways, Sung Bin might cave into Choong Ki's half-hearted advances even though she can't control how she feels about Soo Ha. Jhon also mentions Sung Bin's present hairstyle in his post.

I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook - So my eyes are already used to the dark and I can see you very clearly

I think our Drama club members and fans have come to a consensus that Min Joon Gook is not dead and had planned Soo Ha's demise. Could we have it any other way? I can't wait to watch the story unfold.

I Hear Your Voice - Choi Yoo Chang sees Shin Sang Duk

Rest assured, the comedy aspect of the show has not disappeared, but because of Min Joon Gook, the mood became more serious than what we're used to so far. The comedy is still alive and friendships will mend once again. What can we expect from future episodes? We can certainly expect Hye Sung and regular attorney, Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) to fight for Soo Ha's innocence in court. Kwan Woo will also fight to restore his image as an attorney who made a mistake and a man who betrayed his girlfriend. Soo Ha, in the meantime, will have to deal with his memory loss issues.

I Hear Your Voice - ultimate enemy friend

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