The making out! The one night stands! The propositioning of ajummas! And that's just the first two hours! Rinse the taste of high school chaebol repressed teenage angst right out of your mouths, my friends, because it's time for a noona drama! The players are older, the stakes are higher, and the kissing is infinitely better.

We are Aunnie, Jocelle, and Mariam, your I Need Romance 3 Drama Club!

We're all excited to be watching another drama with Sung Joon, and this show promises to give us not only a leading man with an irresistible voice and eyes you could drown in, but also a truckload of secondary and tertiary couples to cheer on and an awesome heroine who is...unlike any we've ever seen.

So let's dive in to cutthroat world of...the home shopping channel!

(Because really, why not? If it's good enough for Jang Geun Suk, it's good enough for us!)

Here were some of our favorite antics from the first two episodes:

Episode 1 & 2: The Streams of our Feels

Ugly baby?

Aunnie: I’m sorry...I would love to see what a “cute” baby looks like if an “ugly, sweet potato” baby turns into Sung Joon….

Mariam: They are insane. This baby is adorable. And I'm someone who tends to think they all look like fish before 2 yrs old.

Jocelle: The baby was so cute. Even the kid who played kid Sung Joon was cute!


Aunnie: would you make sex sounds on the phone to someone you barely remember, while you’re in public? That’s horrifying. Did you guys see his face?!

Mariam: I have never heard a kdrama heroine speak so openly about her sex life in public. Wow. That’s kind of awesome.

Aunnie: There is probably more macking in this singular episode than I’ve ever seen in all the Kdramas I’ve watched (50+)....that includes “Me Too, Flower” and the diner kissing scene!

Jocelle: I’m surprised that people aren’t staring at her or even hear her?! If I was that couple behind her, I would be shocked!

The Break-up

Aunnie: Ok...most awkward dinner ever….*closes eyes* it over yet?

Mariam: Seriously- she sells clothes for a living, but she goes to a "proposal" dinner in a turtle neck?

Mariam: I'm sure she's putting on a brave face and is more hurt than she will show- but could she maybe SKYWRITE this for the dozens of other heroines who need to hear these words of wisdom and self-respect?

Jocelle: I loved her in this scene! We need more independent characters like this who don’t cling onto a man or need a man to make her happy.

Aunnie: I think her overtly blasé attitude is why she's being broken up with to begin with...I think some serious reflection is needed here...

She gave me her heart and I gave her a....

Aunnie: That’s kind of cute. All he had to give her was a tooth.

Mariam: OMFG is that a tooth?!?!

Jocelle: I found this to be a bit weird and unsanitary!

Speaks her mind

Mariam: Can she teach a seminar for the timid, kind heroines about how to effectively communicate to men when their courtship is not desired? LOL. I love her.

Jocelle: She is not afraid to curse and tell someone she doesn’t like you. I think that’s why most of us independent ladies can relate to her!

Aunnie: I don't think she's even let him say more than 5 words to her--there's a fine line between effectively communicating with men and being outlandishly rude, I'm reserving judgment on her.

Sweet Potato

Mariam: You’re cute Sweet Potato- but if you use the code you just heard to enter her apartment uninvited, I will see you boiled, mashed, and served with marshmallows. Also- why haven’t you told her your real name?

Jocelle: That was a totally creepy move! He opened the door and just smiled and closed it. I know she’s your first love and all, but you don’t do that! I’m surprised she didn’t hear the door unlock since it beeped.

Aunnie: I feel like I'm unintentionally playing devil's advocate but...well...I mean, she did announce it to the world! And it's not like he went in...ok...I guess even I have a hard time justifying this action.

Online dating in Korea is...kind of awesome?

Mariam: What online dating service does she use? My God! Because I’ve been on a few and none of the men look like this. It’s like Kdramas are giving me unrealistic expectations of dating or something. Shocking!

Jocelle: Where can I sign up?! You barely meet handsome men like this in real life! And he gives her flowers! No one does that anymore.

Aunnie: I think Kdramas are giving us all unrealistic expectations of men...haha

Do not tell them to calm down.

Jocelle: I like how Joo Yeon was like “I don’t think I got enough hits in”! You know the fight’s real when you start counting punches! LOL.

Mariam: Look at that animal passion- totally puts the Young Do/ Kim Tan fight in Heirs to shame. I also like how the guys were totally dumbstruck.

Aunnie: I definitely preferred this fight to the slapping match that took place prior to this scene. What woman do you know would just stand there calmly whilst getting slapped...more than once!

no...No...NO...Not the Car!


Aunnie: As much as I enjoyed the cat fight upstairs, I much preferred Joo Yeon's fight with Joo Wan's car downstairs. He forgave her for the damage done to his car a lot faster than I would have, that's for sure!

Mariam: She was just so proud of herself! Like, really, really savoring her revenge. I think, if she hadn't accomplished it already, she shattered his idealized image of her right along with the side-view mirror.

What were your initial responses to this calm, collected, rather timid group of characters? Does “Shing Shing” make you want to buy her a drink, throw her a parade, or run away screaming in search of Hai Lin? How many episodes until our little Sweet Potato Joo Won tells her who he really is? Let us know in the comments!

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