Once again, it's the end of another emotional week of I Need Romance 3 and we have prepared a stream of feels that I am sure you can all agree with. This week's episodes presented more unhappiness than happiness and the Drama Club had a hard time finding happy feels but we did our best.

Feels: Confusion

This mostly just confused us. It was nice to see and it certainly was cute but...wasn't he just...hating her like...yesterday?

Jocelle: Tae Yoon has no backbone. He goes from being cold to Oh Se Ryeong to being all lovey-dovey. Did I miss something? Because I feel this escalated quickly. I really don’t understand what was going through Tae Yoon’s mind at that moment. I really think I missed something.

Aunnie: I agree with Jocelle. I felt like his reaction to Oh Se Ryeong came out of NOWHERE. I mean, weren’t we just hating her at the beginning of this episode and then they’re kissing and he’s saying he misses her and they’re playfully spending a day together and...like...what?!?!

Feels: Understanding

Mariam: I'm loving Sweet Potato as Joo Yeon's life coach. Loving. It. Not just adorable, but also such a good sign that she's seeking him out to listen to her and asking for help. Of course, she has no idea what it means that she's doing it- but at least he seems to accept that as a part of loving Joo Yeon.

Jocelle: Joo Wan comes to Joo Yeon's rescue to help her realize she did something wrong and needs to apologize to Min Jung. Throughout this episode Joo Yeon and Joo Wan got closer though what Joo Yeon needs to improve on is her feelings.

Aunnie: I was so hoping he’d beat her with the water can...

Feels: Disappointment

Mariam: I did not like sunbae using another woman to hurt Oh Se Ryeong- it's petty and mean, and unnecessary.

Jocelle: I also agree with sunbae hitting a new low. Like really? How can you use someone like that? I give him props for being honest to Joo Yeon about it but still.

Aunnie: His character has me going through a roller coaster of emotions. I don’t want to like him, I don’t. I think he is being a rude bastard but I’ve seen him be a sweetheart, I’ve seen him be a good friend, I’ve seen him be a good boyfriend. So it’s hard to adjust to this new image they’re putting on him. But he’s a bastard nonetheless.

Feels: Sadness

Jocelle: The whole Woo Young, Hee Jae, and now ex-boyfriend thing got me sad. I totally understand where Hee Jae’s boyfriend was coming from. It’s really hard to be in a relationship with someone if you’re not on the same page with them. Especially if you’re not willing to accept and support their dreams.

Aunnie: Watching the scene between Hee Jae and her boyfriend was eye opening for me. I no longer want a coin to be flipped, I want Hee Jae to be with her (ex) boyfriend. That isn’t to say that Woo Young and her aren’t adorable and cute and puppy love-ish but...I think she’s ruining a good thing she’s got with her boyfriend.

Mariam: I have no idea what is going on with the Kittens. Hee Jae breaking up with her boyfriend at least makes her dating Woo Young above board. But by basing whether she wanted to date her boyfriend on whether he passes the civil service exam it seems she's still sort of clinging to the same hyper-rational ideas about relationships she's learned at work.

Are you as about done with the unhappy feels as we are? Let's get to the goods!

Feels: Free

We all pretty much agreed this was awesome. It was heartwarming to see them back as a team and working together--doesn't really make everything that's happened between them ok, but it's good that they can take a few moments and just enjoy each other's company.

Feels: Joy

We all have to admit that scenes between these two are entertaining to say the least however, it's no secret that Oh Se Ryeong usually walks away with the last word and we know how frustrating that can be for our leading lady. It was very refreshing to see her finally get a little victory over her enemy and wipe that smug smile off her face.

Feels: Hugs All Around!!

Ok Yes, this technically isn't a feel but for the sake of this drama, we'd all like to see more hugs, especially for Joo Yeon. It was very nice to see Joo Wan be unconditionally supportive of Joo Yeon. We are hoping to see more of this in the future and we hope you are too.

Just where are the writers going with our beloved characters? Just who are the good guys? Who should we trust? When will Min Jung confess to her "Fling-Bling" that she's pregnant? Will Joo Yeon finally admit to her feelings for Joo Wan? What will become of the kittens? So many questions with so little answers! Leave your comments below and tell us of any feels moments you encountered during this week's I Need Romance 3.

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