Wha-BAM! The truth has been revealed and we are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief! We are finding ourselves learning more and more about our characters and these two eye-opening episodes brought out just as many feels as ever before. We laughed, we cried and we seethed our anger so without further ado, let's get to what made us love and hate this week's I Need Romance 3!

Following last week's behind-the-scenes raging battle of opinions complete with a generous amount of Caps Lock and pointed exclamation points--which you folks were only privy to a small portion of--I (Aunnie) was surprised to find that we all pretty much shared similar opinions this week. I'll make a deal with you, Drama Clubbers: for every sad/angry feels, I'll give you a funny one!

Menopausal Eonni

YYYYYYEEEESSSSS! Finally, some vindication! I mean...good for you, Min Jung! You knew we had to start here and don't act like you weren't as enraged, vengeful, murderous, upset as we were. Being a nurse, I understand being professional in the workplace, I truly do, however if your friend comes up to you crying--even if you can't relate--you don't ignore it or brush it off. We all pretty much agreed that Joo Yeon, Hee Jae, Woo Young and Tae Yoon were being heartless, evil, inhuman, jerks in this scene. It's really rather amazing that my computer screen is still whole and intact but I think I might have frightened the kids next door...

Jocelle: It’s understandable that they had a deadline to meet but their friend was in need of comfort however I believe that work and personal life should be separated and for Min Jung to just leave the her work like that, especially since she knows Oh Se Ryeong is the enemy, kind of irked me.

Aunnie: I was telling her to quit myself, I was furious at this scene. Her friends, I mean, I can't even...*stream of expletives*

Mariam: Are we seeing a repeat of the (maddening) theme in this drama of testing how important you are to someone by “breaking up” with them, when, in reality, you don’t want to break up, you want to scare them into acknowledging how important you are and begging you to come back?

Friendly Fire

We loved how calmly Tae Yoon handled the situation and how he seems to be the only person in Joo Yeon's life who can embarrass our oh-so-stubborn female lead. Not only do we enjoy the friendship between Joo Yeon and her Sunbae but scenes like this, we all agreed, bring a good douse of hilarity to the show and allow us a brief reprieve from the otherwise, infuriating plot twists and character development.

B*tch Slapped!

Based off everyone's comments on the previous Drama Club: I Need Romance 3, it seems there are some pretty mixed feelings with regard to how Sweet Potato handled his unrequited love and hidden identity but Mariam, Jocelle and I all agreed that this--I mean what else do we call it but a B*tch slap[?]--had to happen. His unfounded arrogant way of assuming everything would have be okay once she realized he wasn't the ugly brat she remembered had me pulling at my hair and wondering if I wasn't completely wrong in defending his actions in the previous episodes. I think we all can agree in saying...Sweet Potato...you disappointed us...*tsk*tsk*tsk*

Aunnie: I would have slapped him hella-sooner (I don’t think I’ve ever said “hella” in my life before now but that's how strongly I feel!)

Mariam: I was glad she slapped him, because I sure as heck would have wanted to break something. I was, how to put this diplomatically, not thrilled with his attitude during that talk.

Jocelle: I agree with you guys on Joo Yeon's reaction when she found out Sweet Potato and Allen were the same person. Like don't expect her to act the same after the reveal because he did lie to her.

Shocking is Right!

Uwa! Jinjja? Don't you dare do this to us Kdrama! We do not need a love triangle! There are quite enough obstacles standing between Joo Yeon and Joo Wan, we do not need a handsome, intelligent and caring gentleman standing between these two. Please...Je-jebal?

Mariam: Sunbae was entirely too cute. I didn’t want a triangle, but I foresee a relationship. His making Joo Yeon face the wall while he told her she was cute was adorable.

Aunnie: Her sunbae...is remarkable. He’s a remarkable actor and he was remarkably written. . The way he makes her turn towards the wall, I agree Mariam, was ridiculously adorable. Just so long as it doesn’t become a SLS [Second Lead Syndrome] situation because I’m fairly sure my Kdramer heart would be devastated.

Jocelle: I really think I am going to be having SLS this whole drama (I had SLS for I Need Romance 2 too! They need to stop with the nice guy never getting the girl approach in dramas!

<You and thousands of Kdramer's across the globe agree with you, Honey...>

Watch: A shy, nerdy young woman wakes up in the bed of a prince in Last Cinderella.

Yeah...this Kdrama went there...

Aunnie: I pretty much wanted to cry right along with Sweet Potato. I’m super disappointed--the fact that the writers turned him [Tae Yoon] into a second lead love interest seriously..irks me. Did they really need to do that? They had a great thing going there and then...it’s ruined.

Jocelle: Called it.

Mariam: Now it will be interesting to see how Joo Wan reacts to the harsh reality that not only does his fantasy Shing Shing fail to fall into his arms, but that she’s actually in love with someone else.

Speaking of Triangles...

Drama Clubbers? Were you as shocked to see them kiss as we were? Or were you more shocked that something might come out of it? We found that our opinions differed across the board on this one but what we were all in definite agreement on was that the scenes with these two had enough feels to merit making this Drama Club posting!

Mariam: Oh the younger two- or the kittens as I call them. So awkward, so confused, so adorable. I thought Hee Jae and her boyfriend were super sweet- but these two are also adorable. And she seems legitimately confused and frustrated about what she wants. I don’t know how this will turn out. But he’s so totally smitten its fun to watch.

Jocelle: I do feel bad for Hee Jae’s boyfriend too that he has no idea that his girlfriend is confused about her feelings. Woo Young treats her so well too, even buying her a scarf because he knew that it would look good on her.

Aunnie: You know that song “My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes”? I literally feel that way (not sexually, of course) towards the Hee Jae/Woo Young relationship. I do and I don’t want them to become a thing. I think she’s great with her boyfriend and I think she’d be great with the co-worker. At this point, they could flip a coin and I’d be okay with whoever won.

What do you think about Joo Yeon being in love with her Sunbae? Do Tae Yoon's reaction to Joo Yeon's "failure" make him friend or foe in your eyes? What about our little domestic kittens? Will Jee Hae tell her boyfriend about the kiss or work through her confusion in silence? But more importantly, how will Sweet Potato handle his little revelation??? Leave your comments in the comments section below and tell us about your feels for this week's episodes.

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