Have you all recovered from I Need Romance 3's epic trolling fake-out, my friends? It's OK if you haven't. It's also OK if you're still re-playing it, for, you know, to better appreciate the, uh ... cinematography. Yep, that's it. Those were some sexy... camera angles. In addition to setting the gold standard for fantasy sequences, the show this week has also presented some important messages that everyone, fans and kdrama characters alike, could benefit from hearing.

We will start off with words of wisdom from Shing Shing. Now, people, some of us, not me, who pretty much fell in love with her at the "I make noise when I have sex" remark, but some of us, have been slow to warm to our unconventional heroine due to her heart being encased in the ice of hyper-rational behavior. Which Joo Won has slowly begun to melt. But she's still Shing Shing, and she's still smart. And there are certain things we can all learn from her. Like equality in the relationship.


Seriously- how many times has a cold-hearted heroine just let her true love freeze because she failed to dress properly for the cold? Joo Yeon would never let that happen to Tae Yoon. They are finding their feet, this new couple of ours. And while we still think they don't belong together forever, I have to admit that these two quasi-robots make a good point. Taking your coat off might be romantic, but pneumonia isn't sexy. Well, maybe in Kdrama. But maybe not- since this is a world where getting a case of the sniffles or working 2 jobs can result in nosebleeds of doom and the need for IV fluids. Taking care of your guy, however, is sexy.

As is taking care of your ladies.

WE CAN DO IT! (As long as we listen and don't steal each other's stuff)

We love all the female friendships on the show. But I'm gonna start to lose my sympathy for the beautifully confused Hee Jae if she keeps violating that very written rule about not stealing other people's pretty stuff! If she wanted you to have those, kitten, she would have asked.

However, Min Jung and Joo Yeon make us smile all the time. Joo Yeon is still completely awkward, but sincere, in her attempts to be supportive. And Min Jung sets an example for ladies everywhere in how to express what you want. We may not have made the same decisions she did about keeping her baby-daddy in the dark, but we kinda love her post-freak out zen acceptance phase. Even if it is only temporary.

Speaking of examples for people everywhere, holy mother of pearl. Weasley Woo Young is our King.


See, there are men in kdrama, and then there are MEN. A male character espousing the importance of gaining consent? Marry this man immediately, I don't even care about his stupid haircut anymore. He's not scared of menstruation and he wants to listen to what you say. He's like a unicorn.

Hee Jae knows what I'm talking about.

Woo Young has also clearly never watched a single episode of Heirs: in which "female is within grabbing distance" was all the sign they needed.

Answering the phone? Not a sign of consent.

Begging to be released? Also not consent.

BT dubs, Joo Won- this-

is not real, and also not the sign you are looking for.

It's not Sanskrit. Need an example? Here is a pretty clear sign a girl wants to make out:

This also works.

Speaking of bad behavior romanticized in Heirs, this week also addressed another serious epidemic in dramaland.


If there isn't a runaway train or a speeding car coming straight for her, there is never a need to do this. Ever. Use your words.

Crying is OK. Being mad at you is OK. Wanting personal space is OK. Physically restraining her from going where she wants to go is not OK. Only you can prevent shaken female lead syndrome.

This is a tough one because it requires some serious reprogramming. Accept that your instincts are terrible. Forget everything you've seen in kdrama that tells you girls think this is rough and manly. It's not. Go talk to Woo Young, and for the love of GOD stop watching Heirs! Shaking your lady not only is a gross demonstration of how little you respect her or her choices, but it also makes it completely impossible to listen to any rational words that might later, miraculously, emerge from your mouth.

But if you find that you have been caught in the SFLS epidemic, all is not lost, there is a course of treatment.

Stop. Release. Then proceed to the next step...


If it looks strange and unfamiliar, and feels weird, that's only because this almost never happens. Don't be scared, push through it. Beg forgiveness, don't physically manhandle women ever again unless it is to remove them from imminent mortal peril, and you will be rewarded: by being a better person.

Joo Won demonstrated all kinds of warning behavior early in this show (including some that borders on the illegal). But we are all still pulling for him: however, NOT because we all know he had good intentions and a heart of gold, but because he's been pretty stand-up about about fixing things when he's been a jerk and putting Joo Yeon first. He not only figures out that his behavior was wrong (which male leads almost never do- they always think it is totally justified) but he sincerely apologizes for it. Which is rare.

It is also why we desperately hope he learns how to fix his game- because we don't think his current strategy is making her think of him as a man so much as a little brother.


We were all glad this was a fake-out. While fantasizing is a healthier way to deal with your unrequited love than turning her into a backstabbing strumpet, remember that acting like you're still 10 also isn't really the best way to get said lady to fantasize about you, which is the rate limiting step here.

Less this:

More this: Not gonna lie, this was almost sexier than the fake-out make-out.

Or you're going to be stuck with this:Won, you have a long way to go if you want to turn Joo Yeon into your... er... giraffe?

To be fair, the ladies of the drama have been doing themselves a disservice. Last week also illustrated the ways in which ladies can improve their own lot in drama land. Mostly, by refraining from re-enforcing bad habits picked up in other dramas.


This is a potentially dangerous mistake made in many dramas. The assumption that when a woman says things like: "Leave me alone", "Stop showing up at my stunt person training center in that ridiculous tracksuit", "I don't love/want to marry you",or "Let go of my wrist", she doesn't really mean it. Real heroes disregard the lady's wishes because, well, obviously they know best. This is kind of insulting to the women, but our leading ladies have not been doing themselves any favors all drama by encouraging just this sort of behavior. Joo Yeon tells Joo Won to leave her alone when she really wants him to come drink soju, and Oh Se Ryung breaks up with people when she really wants them to chase after her.This week, however, our show was a shining example of this behavior backfiring when people take these women at their word (OK, so in reality Joo Yeon is being a little bit sneaky to Oh Se Ryung, but Se Ryung doesn't know that).

If you want him to stay- tell him so! Don't use "Leave me alone" as some sort of code for "come rescue me from my sorrows."

If you say you are going to break a legal agreement, be prepared to do so. If you tell your boyfriend you are breaking up with him, be prepared for him to BELIEVE WHAT YOU TOLD HIM. Expecting people to read your mind and know when you mean the opposite of what you say is both narcissistic and counter-productive. And frankly, you, Oh Se Ryung are capable of so much better.


Can we talk about how poetic this revenge is? How perfectly it accomplishes her long-term goal, which is to win him back- by forcing him to experience the same no-win situation that she did. She gets to exact little revenge AND make him better empathize with her. It's perfect. And totally mean to Joo Yeon, but as far as villainous plots go, if we have to have one, I'm glad it is this caliber of villainous plot. (Seriously, I suffered through weeks of amateur villainy on Deja Vu accompanied by Yo Xi's incessant scream-sobbbing when plots my 3 year old nephew could make unravelled, it is refreshing to be in the hands of such a classy devious lady.)

Will it succeed or will it fail, the way Oh Se Ryungs's other power-play of the week with Joo Yeon looks likely to? We'll have to wait and see, and maybe voice our preferences on the matter, because the final lesson we learned this week is:


Seriously! The more I watch the show this week, the more I felt like they were reading my mind. Our, at least my comments. And yours, take a look at how some of the user complaints posted to our blogs and the dramafever site have been addressed this week in In Need Romance 3!

Negotiatrix:"Okay, but seriously, is no one going to talk about Joo Won's image issue?...Because if he wants Joo Yeon to be uncomfortable and excited around him, he needs to ditch the fuzzy sweaters and flannel and get back into that hot leather number from the first episode."

I would also limit the stuffed animals.

puanani5: "As handsome as he is, I don't like him after finding out he was instrumental in making her coldhearted and unfeeling."

It's like he took the words right out of our mouths.

Jocelle: How can JY not fall for JW yet? He is always there for her giving her good advice, cooking for her, and unbuttoning her dress?

Mirna:"I don't like that Shin Joe-Yeon loves Kang-Tae Yoon when Joo-Wan is better and cute."

Clearly Oh Se Ryung has been reading the comments. And possibly the Drama Club's Google Doc? I told you she was an evil genius.

Which is to say, all the more reason for you to voice you likes, dislikes, and wild Joo Won fantasies in the comments! You never know when the show might listen! (Or I might scavenge for material)

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