"A person in love sees only what they want to see; hears only what the want to hear, and only believes what they want to believe." This applies to so many of our characters, throughout the drama. This week was a pretty big week for I Need Romance 3: stakes have been claimed, gauntlets have been thrown and who will be left standing in the aftermath? We've made our bets and all that's left is to watch the bloodbath...This is this weeks I Need Romance 3 Feels...(Warning: it's slightly longer than my previous posts)

Tae-Joo Confrontation (Part 1): Battle in 3...2...1...

Tae Yoon Flawless Victory. I'm sure we are not the only ones that appreciate this scene: I mean, first off--Joo Wan's holding a giraffe! His failed attempt to hide it behind his back had us all laughing but ultimately lost him the battle. Tae Yoon expertly goes for the heart and challenges Joo Wan's manliness by commenting on his childish nature. There is a serious gauntlet exchange between these two characters and it's about time they had their face-off--even though Sweet Potato lost this round.

Jocelle: The confrontation between Tae Yoon and Joo Wan was entertaining. (Joo Wan was cute with the giraffe) Nice to know that he is still trying to win Joo Yeon with old memories. I really like Tae Yoon’s character. He is really straight forward and doesn’t beat .around the bush

Aunnie: Hello 1490--the only thing missing is a lace handkerchief to present to the Lady as a favor...oh wait..Joo Wan does have a giraffe so at least it's something. I like that these two have no qualms about what the other one is attempting to do in Joo Yeon's life.

Mariam: That's a leopard print scarf he's wearing...

Aunnie: Yes...Yes it is...kind of indicative of their roles...I'm not entirely sure if Leopards would eat a giraffe for breakfast but I know they could...Ahhh, Writers...I see what you did there...

To Be Or Not To Be...Uncomfortable?

We mostly agreed that Tae Yoon and Joo Yeon would be cute together if they didn't have Joo Wan & Oh Se Ryeong in the mix and although we definitely don't want these two together we think they definitely deserve to be with someone...like maybe Joo Wan & Oh Se Ryeong!

Mariam: Nice make out scene. And way to respect her boundaries Tae Yoon.

Jocelle: So glad Tae Yoon has some self control! I was not willing to see him push Joo Yeon to her limits! Glad he understands NO! Still I don’t like him telling her to close her eyes.

Aunnie: *cries* They really do look so cute together....wae! Ya! You let go of her shirt!!! THANK YOU Joo Yeon!

That's a Federal Offense, Mister!!!

Internet Oppa Mistake Number 1: Anything that makes you jump in guilt means you know you shouldn't be doing it, Buddy...and we all know you shouldn't be doing this. Needless to say we were less than happy with the Internet Oppa this week. For many reasons...

Mariam: Holy lack of boundaries Batman- that is a FEDERAL offense (OK maybe not in Korea) Internet Oppa! How could you go through her mail?

Aunnie: OH no! Do NOT let this sweet man find out about the baby through your mail...woman!

Defining Moment...?

Before locking these two in a closet so they can battle it out to their hearts content, we'd like to hit Oh Se Ryeong over the head with that big baby book Min Jung has at her apartment..you know..after she beats Internet Oppa with it. There is so much love-infused hatred between these two that they can't focus on anything else and that includes the people they hurt in their selfishness and we, at the Drama Club, have had just about enough of it.

Jocelle: Oh Se Ryeong is not considerate of anyone. She’s willing to let people misconceive and speculate about her relationships with people, especially Tae Yoon. Oh Se Ryeong still has Tae Yoon at the palm of her hand and still is controlling the relationship. She’s kinda evil, even with her way with words,

Mariam: Oh, Oh Se Ryeong dropping the bomb at the party is both poetic and cruel. She's on a roll. I have no idea what's going to happen with Oh Se Ryung. but for once I want her business manipulations to not work like a charm!

Aunnie: Mad super points for Oh Se Ryeong! Her “rumor” conversation with Tae Yoon could not have come at a better time and was much, much needed for Tae Yoon to hear (for the sake of their progression). I can appreciate that she finally got that rumor issue off her chest and she had a very valid reason but her purposeful manipulation of the situation made me feel like she took a step forward and immediately hightailed two steps back. Why do you do this, Oh Se Ryeong?!?!?


Despite the manhandling--(that's a whole different argument)--we all kind of found this scene pretty awesome. We like Tae Yoon but he seriously messed that situation up and Oh Se Ryeong was of no help. Joo Yeon is lucky that Joo Wan is there supporting her even if she doesn't recognize it for what it is. The fact that she left the party is a sign of how much she's changed since Joo Wan made his first appearance.

Aunnie: FINALLY! Aish...SOOOOO been waiting for Joo Wan to just break down and be real with her.

Mariam: "He's bad, he'll always be bad." Careful- when you make that judgement about Sunbae- you're also kind of saying that about Shing-Shing. They have the same flaws.

Jocelle: I like how Joo Wan points out Joo Yeon’s worth. He sincerely cares that Joo Yeon has a good guy to take care of her, whether it be him or not. Joo Wan’s character is too lovable.

Tae-Joo Confrontation (Part 2): Battle in 3...2...1...

Joo Wan Flawless Victory. We are so glad this is happening. But where is the typical KDrama *Female lead eavesdrops from a distance* cliche when you need it? Why does Joo Yeon have to be drinking with the Soju-Unni right now rather than listening in on these handsome men battling it out over her? Joo Wan clearly has the upper hand in this scene and can just as easily sink to Tae Yoon's level but if we know one thing about our male lead, it's that he's honorable and fair...even when it pains us to watch.

Mariam: Awww- good for Joo Wan telling him where she is. That's very big of you and it is putting her first. Good Sweet Potato, that must have been hard.

Jocelle: I love the way Joo Wan confronted Tae Yoon about sincerely liking Joo Yeon. “You have to like her enough to show the world.” TRUE DAT!!!

Aunnie: Just once...I want Joo Wan to be selfish and not tell Sunbae where she is..please...don’t tell him where she is…but of course he does. You don't need to be perfect all the time, Sweet Potato!

Bad Internet Oppa, Bad!

Internet Oppa Big Mistake Number 2: Put simply...he could not have messed this situation up any worse than he did. Granted, Mr. Lack-Of-Decency did come back once he was calmer and explained his reaction but I think we can all agree on the lesson learned here--Don't look through people's mail and you won't be suddenly hit with a baby. That...was the lesson right?

Aunnie: And you completely #@%$&* that up, Mr. Neighbor. You failed...so..so miserable...oh I hope she hits you...with that baby book. I hope the word baby gets imprinted on your cheek. “How could you get pregnant without my consent?” are you joking?!?!

Mariam: "How could you have gotten yourself pregnant without my consent!" OH MY GOD. LET ME SET YOU ON FIRE. You already gave her your consent- when you inserted tab A into slot B.He just totally is like- "I have no responsibility. The witch stole my manseed by magic."

Jocelle: Ahhhh! I love how his parental instincts just jumped in and was like “we” need to make a decision about “our” baby! I still think she should tell him the real reason that she’s keeping the baby – it may be her first and only child. She isn’t being fair to him by keeping him out of the loop. It just looks like she used him to get pregnant.


We all agree that Joo Wan is the best fit for Joo Yeon. We all agree that Joo Wan is absolutely adorable. What we don't agree with is his way of "Wooing Said Strumpet" as Jack Sparrow would say. We worry that his affection/love towards her is too cute...almost Dongsaeng cute...He insists that he's a man, and we all agree, but his actions belay his manliness. Where was the jacket-grabbing, find-someone-who-appreciates-you person from last night? Aigoo..

Mariam: That smile when Joo Wan realizes Shing-Shing was upstairs is precious. But I mean- look at their interaction- super aigoo- he's totally acting like a little brother without realizing it. This is gonna backfire Joo Wan!

Aunnie: Seriously...I need a giraffe...if only because of Joo Wan...I wonder if I could order them as a pair...you know, like a buy one get one free type of deal. hmm…*day dreams* The propensity of these two not sleeping in their own beds has reached an all time high. So high, in fact, that they miss each other coming home. Maybe ya'll should just invest in one bed...just..you know...a thought?

Jocelle: Aww they slept in each other’s rooms!

Yay! Wait..Busted..

Ah...the "wrong moment' cliche has never been so satisfying. Joo Wan made a big step at the end of Episode 12 and we were totally on board with it. It's about time he dropped his misconceived notion of "changing" our Leading Lady. In order to truly love someone you must accept them as they are and Joo Wan has finally earned this Boy Scout Badge. Too bad the moment was ruined by Tae Yoon...does this count as a Flawless Victory for Joo Wan as well?

Mariam: "I realize that is just wishful thinking based on my own greed." Better late than never to have this realization about loving the person she is now and not the person she might have become. Big hug. Big uh oh

Aunnie: Wow...Joo Wan...that was a major step. I’m proud of you..Oh...terrible timing..I mean..Yay! But I’m sure Tae Yoon is thinking “Not again..”

Jocelle: I am forever loving Wan’s character! Loving Shing-Shing just the way she is and not trying to change her! And the jealousy love triangle starts! Just when I thought I was getting tired of the series, it gets good! It’s getting more exciting!

See what I mean by super big post? There was just so much going on in these two episodes that the Kittens didn't even get to make it into the post this week but...something tells me they'll be here next week. What do you think of the evolution of Joo Wan's Character? Or the de-evolution of Oh Se Ryeong? What about our resident meany, Internet Oppa? Was his reaction to the baby news justifiable due to the shock or are you hoping Min Jung kicks him to the curb? Please tell us in the comments section and let us know what feels you found to be important in this weeks I Need Romance 3!

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