It seems the theme of this week's I Need Romance 3 is regression, or rather one step forward and two steps back, particularly with the men in this drama. For every "yay" there was a "nay," and we at the Drama Club were feeling less than happy with the progression regression of our characters. However, I guess they say that it gets worse before it gets better and with only one week left to go, it really got worse, so I'm expecting an epic finale. Here are this week's I Need Romance 3 feels....

One Step Forward

We were all jumping for joy when this scene played out; it felt like our long-lost friends finally came back and honestly, we felt the writer's holding this scene out on us until the (almost) very end was just cruel. We knew these women had the ability to be great friends but the fact that we had to wait so long for it left us tearing our figurative-Kdrama hair out. The way Min Jung swooped in and made the other two feel silly was most likely the most epic scene in this drama so far. Now...if we could get the boys on track, we'd be two for two...

Mariam: Min Jung in the meeting with Oh Se Ryeong is AWESOME! She is a Queen!

Aunnie: She is Queen. She is Empress. She is the Almighty Female of Female Leads, as far as I’m concerned.

Jocelle: Min Jung is just awesome! I love how she points out everyone’s flaws and it leads to everyone’s secret being revealed. Guess the cat is out of the bag.

Two Steps Back:

Tae Yoon

Tae Yoon appalled us with this "handling" of the pregnancy situation and no amount of awesome boyfriend points will save him from the cutting block this time. The man needs to get checked for environmental bi-polarism (you know, if there was such a thing...) because his work personality needs a beating while his home personality should be praised. He was way out of line here and we hope he does some major redeeming next week otherwise our twisted love-hate for this character will all be for naught...

Jocelle: I don’t like seeing the cold and bitter Sunbae..I can’t believe he’s telling Joo Yeon that they should lie about the situation and pretend that she’s off to get married and to have a baby. And his attitude towards Joo Yeon is freaking RUDE!

Aunnie: Tsk Tsk so frustrating. I’m getting tired of this roller coaster ride. I want off and I want off now. Pick a side, you can’t be an...*enter expletive here* work to your Hoobae and be the best boyfriend ever at home to your girlfriend. Pick. A. Side.

Mariam: SUNBAE!! "Inability to manage your people"- I'm sorry, she's supposed to manage Min Jung's uterus? Isn't that a bit extreme?

Joo Wan

The only thing that would explain Joo Wan's regression in maturity is that he fell and hit his head so hard it broke his brain somewhere off screen and we'll find out about it next week because this week he was just absolutely hard to handle. Gently coaxing Joo Yeon into being a warm human being from the frozen tundra she started as is very different than putting her down for being who she is and that's exactly what he did. We liked him better as her kind and sweet life coach but his behavior this week was even making Tae Yoon look good-his work personality aside, that is. However, he did do one thing right, he left which allowed Joo Yeon the time she needed to realize what was in front of her...(we just hope he got this out of his system so they can live happily-ever-after next week)

Mariam: Oh what the ever-loving hell Joo Wan, why are you doing this to me? We were getting along great last week. Did the parasite that has been living in your brain that turned you into mature Yoda suddenly sicken and die?

Aunnie: Joo Wan….were….a…..git…..What happened to the Joo Wan of last week when you were all understanding and accepting??

Jocelle: I feel bad for Joo Wan. The look on his face when she said to no longer hug her or kiss her hand and that she doesn’t see him as a man. He looked like a sad puppy...Okay never mind. There’s a turn of events.

Mariam: It is none of your business who Shing-Shing exaggerates her gardening skills to. Dude- you kept an entire identity from her. Her claiming to have soup-making skills cannot even be plotted on the same chart as your lies without resorting to a log scale.

**As you can imagine, Tae Yoon and Joo Wan were the subject to many feels this week and many behind-the-scene expletives...**

Internet Oppa feels

**There were so many, he earned two "steps" himself...back or forward, the Drama Club hasn't decided yet...**

After his terrible handling of the pregnancy situation last week, it was very satisfying to see him so flustered this week. Although, we're not entirely sure a mental breakdown inside a busy grocery store was better or worse than his mental breakdown at her apartment when he showed up drunk...Feeling angsty aren't we, Mr. Internet Oppa? Couldn't be guilt or absolute shame, could it?

Aunnie: YOU. Pick a side. I don’t care which, but do it and do it NOW. And also...don’t buy so many damn strawberries. They’ll go bad before she even has the time to eat them. She’ll be peeing strawberry juice before you know it. Foolish, Foolish man.

Mariam: You tell him sister, Internet Oppa needs to decide if he wants to be in or out. Saying he’s out and then giving her stuff to take care of her own child when he has no interest in said child is inappropriate....

Jocelle: I love Min Jung and the Internet Oppa. He cares when trying not to care. The strawberry scene is cute! Obviously the guy still likes her.

The Drama Club gives him kudos for attempting to make amends for his abhorrent behavior last week but we don't agree with the delivery of said "amends". Pretending to be high and mighty, buying her vitamins, telling her she's eating wrong, being shocked that she can cook AND telling her she'll be a worse Mommy than he'd be a bad Daddy not only had this man stumbling backwards but crab-crawling in the process. However, his admission of cowardice took the words right out of our mouths so that's...well, it's not something. We mostly just want this man to get over himself and realize that his life isn't nearly as hard as Min Jung's is--accidental baby or not!

Aunnie: You bought her...a fake baby? ….have you completely lost your flippin’ mind, Oppa?? YOU should take that thing home right now!! You use it! She’s not having an issue adjusting to what’s going to happen to her life! She has no illusions about how hard it’s going to be.….ugh…Coward is the perfect word. “Knowing how you are...”??? You’ve had fabulous sex with each other. That’s about ALL you know about her!! Oh my god...oh my god...heart palpitations…

Mariam: He brought her a fake baby? Is that really necessary? You already gave her a real one. Two, in fact. Oh my god. Because he thinks she'll be a bad mother? Yes, you are a coward. But you are also a rude coward.He has just decided on this whole plan? I want a scene of him pacing his apartment, coming up with this elaborate plan that involves joint custody of a simulated baby and washing of baby clothes that he's had sent to her apartment. It's completely nuts.

Jocelle: No words....

With everything being so topsy-turvey with our characters, there is truly only one thing we all agree they need...
(except Min Jung because she's Queen and she's totally on top of everything!)

What did you think of this week's I need Romance 3? Do you think the character's regressed? What hopes do you have for the concluding two episodes next week? Do you think Oh Se Ryeong and Tae Yoon will be able to start again or as that ship sailed? How do you think Joo Yeon will break the news of her break up to Joo Wan? What choice are you hoping Internet Oppa makes? Will he stay and be a father or will he back out and be a coward? Let us know in the comments and tune in next week for the final week of I Need Romance 3.

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