Well it's one step forward, two steps back for most of our beautifully damaged characters here at I Need Romance 3- which might as well be named "I Need Therapy". Seriously, we can't be the only ones who think that the Home Shopping Network could benefit from an in-house shrink.

Or- they could just hire Obi-Won Joo Won, our resident emotional Jedi warrior, who has been using his light saber (of cuteness! Minds out of the gutters ladies, there wasn't a bathtub scene this week!) to melt the Hoth-like frozen hellscape of Joo Yeon's heart, while trying to keep his bewildered padawan from giving into the Dark Side.

"Much fear I sense in you... Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

OK- maybe he's more like a sexy Yoda. The point is that Joo Yeon, at last, is showing some interest in figuring out how to, you know, interact with people.

...clearly this is a work in progress. And with Joo Won being the only emotionally sensible person on the show (words I never thought I would write) she's under a lot of of pressure from the Dark Side. Particularly when it comes to the Vader to her Skywalker, Oh Se Ryung, whom, it seems, she just cannot stop competing with. Even going to far as to date her sunbae (more on that crazy bag of plot later) just so she can hurt Se Ryung. This doesn't thrill the Jedi master.

And while I thought that a little fight between them was long overdue, I was glad their anger didn't last long. All of us are really enjoying their happy domesticity. Especially since it includes opportunities for Joo Won to gain back the points he lost (with some of us) for his earlier boundary-issues by being very respectful of her wishes...

"You will know [the good from the bad] when you are calm. At peace."

Not to mention, respecting her decisions.

Just stop and appreciate the male lead respecting the female lead's decision even though it doesn't benefit him. Because this does. not. happen. often.

"The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side."

And then there's Oh Se Ryung. Who is more like Anakin cerca Episode 3. And, unlike Joo Yeon, completely immune to the sage advice she gets from Won. (Seriously- I'm recapping the show and I still can't figure out how they became besties? Does Joo Yeon know how often they chat?)

We have all been enjoying the time the show devotes to the Joo Yeon- Oh Se Ryung friendship/pseudo-friendship/sworn-enemy-ship. And it was all three this week! These two have such twisted motivations. They are totally frustrating Joo Won's plans to live happily ever after with Joo Yeon, and my plans for the two of them to join forces and rule the galaxy. I could totally use some Jedi mind control right about now.

"I can't believe it."..."That is why you fail."

Like Lando welcoming the Millennium Falcon in Cloud City, I've got a bad feeling about this.

So, friends?

OK, so not friends.

Friends? Not friends? GAH!

"You must unlearn what you have learned."

You and me both, honey, you and me both.

Exhausting it is. Seriously, the whole club is tired. While figuring out who was really friends with who this week gave us whiplash- I was actually really happy for once that Joo Yeon was being just as sneaky as Oh Se Ryung. Because, can you imagine if this was the moment Joo Yeon picked to finally be genuine? Sure, it would have been one shining moment of emotional development, but once she figured out that the person who's initial betrayal had caused her to become an emotionally-deficient robot in the first place has been playing her yet again? All the Sweet Potatoes in the world wouldn't have been able to turn her away from the Dark Side. She would have been gone. Slaughtering padawans gone. Emperor gone.

It doesn't help that the Dark Side sunbae is so darn sexy.

"When you look at the dark side, careful you must be. For the dark side looks back."

And it looks good.

We are all in agreement about this. We also agree about the fact that he has no place dating Joo Yeon. He doesn't like her, he's just trying to make sure that he doesn't end up dating Oh Se Ryung, whom he clearly still has feelings for, but doesn't want to have feelings for. Problem with this scenario, is that while sunbae has been in love before, Joo Yeon hasn't, she doesn't know any better. And it's all going to come crashing down faster than an X-Wing in a Dagobah swamp.

"Patience you must have my young padawan."

And we all thought that maybe after that first dinner she had seen the light. After all, she told him off, came to her senses, and sought the guidance of a Jedi master.

"Do or do not. There is no try."

But then the final scene of episode 10 happened, and our young apprentice pretty much took off, leaving her sage advisor in a swamp. For, this guy?

Sexy but evil. He's the Sexy Sith to Joo Won's Sexy Yoda.

After this scene I wrote many words that I cannot write on this site. Like I said, one step forward, two steps back.

Speaking of giving into fear...Min Jung came perilously close to sounding like her boss- and she knows it.

"Powerful you have become. The Dark Side I sense in you."

But all was not confusion and lies upon lies. We'll always have C3PO- he-kitten Woo Young. Who basically has set a gold standard for office-mates world wide.

"Truly wonderful the mind of a child is."

Rather than recoiling in horror at the unholy presence of three menstruating females- the man plans ahead. He not only has figured out their super-secret girl code and buys them feminine hygiene products, he also has them covered in case they ever get a run in their stockings. Someone needs to marry him, now. Especially now that he has a more flattering hairstyle.

Like the end of Empire Strikes Back, we're left in an uncomfortable place this week, our hopes for Won-Yeon seemingly frozen in carbonite, on their way to Jabba's Palace. But we must not give into fear it is the mind-killer. Hopefully next week sends us some warm and fuzzy moments., like this one:

And possibly Ewoks. Always in motion is the future. But what did you guys think? Are you as charmed by the many talents of Woo Young, or do you think Hee Jae should get back together with her boyfriend? Do we think finding out that Joo Yeon is dating sunbae will make Joo Won turn to the Dark Side? And if someone like Woo Young was so in tune with the girls' cycles, did he know Min Jung was pregnant before she did? Let us know in the comments!

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