Well Ladies and Gents, the crayola has hit the fan and there is no character untouched by the colorful mess that has become I Need Romance 3. We've had some break-ups, some hook-ups, plot twists, and oh so many feels! What we, Mariam, Jocelle and I, can't figure out is who we have the most feels for!

Joo Wan Is The Good Guy

Aunnie: It’s all fine and dandy that he’s supporting Joo Yeon's decision no matter what but she needs to be aware and reminded that she’s got two options, so I’m pleased to see he’s stepping up and asserting himself has a viable option for when she decides to open her eyes and really see him.

Jocelle: Joo Yeon and Joo Wan's relationship is getting too cute. How can she not fall for him yet? He is always there for her giving her good advice, cooking for her...Although their relationship is in the "comfortable" stage, there has to be some sexual tension between them.

Mariam: What really impressed and turned me around on Joo Wan was the way that, despite how it frustrates his own personal hopes, he has put Shing-Shing first in terms of coaching her along in the emotional-honesty department.

Tae Yoon Is The Bad Guy

Mariam: [Joo Yeon telling Tae Yoon off] Good, you tell him sweetie! He's being an ass. [When Tae Yoon asked Joo Yeon to be his girlfriend] Do not tell her that you like her. I won't believe you. I'll think you are doing it to hurt Oh Se Ryeong....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jocelle: I’m glad that Joo Yeon realizes again that Sunbae is out to use her to get back at Oh Se Ryeong. I like Joo Yeon's line: “You still don’t know?”

Aunnie: I can’t even tell you how many times I said “Tae Yoon!!” in my best noona-scolding voice. (Not that I’m technically his “noona” age-wise but he’s being childish) Gah! The Tae Yoon Rollercoaster continues on this week and I hate that I love him...like so much. Why is he being so evil...?

Oh Se Ryeong, Even When We Don't Like You, We Like You

Aunnie: Oh Se Ryeong, I do feel bad for her but this is the eye opener she needs. None of them have actually moved past their history. They keep reliving it and reliving it and hanging on and I can definitely see the “Even when we’re not friends, we’re friends” line. I’m glad Oh Se Ryeong is getting her pedestal knocked down block by block. It’s one thing to realize you’re a horrible person and another to try and love someone with your horrible ways.

Mariam: At this point I can't tell when Oh Se Ryeong is doing something to get what she wants and when she is genuine.

Jocelle: I did not feel bad for Oh Se Ryeong when she found out that Joo Yeon asked Tae Yoon out on a date. I agree with Aunnie about kicking her off her pedestal. I feel like she deserved to be hurt because all this time that’s what she’s been doing.

Joo Yeon Has Feelings *Happy Dance*

Jocelle: I do like how Joo Yeon is changing for the better. Her starting to take Joo Wan's advice and be a friend-I like how she was able to comfort Min Jung and support her when she decides to stay and still work. Joo Yeon still has a lot of work to do when it comes to social interaction with friends, but I can see her owning up to it and becoming a good friend in the future.

Aunnie: This episode showed me that I guess I might have...somewhere along the way...started to hope….that Joo Yeon….would maybe...be...a good person.*hangs head in defeat* Aish! I wanted to keep hating her...but..but..she's got feels!! I teetered for a bit with her scene with Min Jung, however she earned some SERIOUS redeeming points with how she handled that whole situation. THANK YOU SWEET POTATO!!

Mariam: I like how the drama is allowing the characters to grow, so I was glad we got to see Shing-Shing make strides towards trying to help Min Jung- even though her trying to listen looked like she was trying to translate Sanskrit

Can't Tell If Cute Or Awkward

Aunnie: Yeah, I felt the bowling and the hand holding was weird...it really didn’t sit well with me. Like he’s super eager to have Hee Jae, which is great, but yeah...you kind of sprung this date, this “She’s my girlfriend” and hand holding in a matter of what...ten minutes?

Jocelle: Hee Jae and Woo Young continue to be cute. But I don’t like it how Woo Young just dropped a date on Hee Jae. I mean the girl is still kinda coping with her recent break up. How are you gonna let your friends misunderstand that she’s your girl???

Mariam: Much better hairstyle on man-kitten. Look how happy he is. She-kitten is such a mess. But she did kind of make her boyfriend feel like his job was the only thing that mattered.

"Oh There For Sure Is Something You Should Know"

Mariam: GAH!!! Internet-Oppa found her! "Your feelings have nothing to do with me"- careful Min Jung, you're starting to sound like the boss!

Aunnie: Umm..you're staying quiet because...? The man said he liked you after you lied to him, gaffed him off and disappeared. He took the time to find you with barely any clues...You should be grasping this opportunity with both hands! He has a right to at least know, he is the father, after all. And the knocking...Love.

Jocelle: Min Jung and Internet-Oppa are my current favorite couple. I'm actually happy that he found out who she really is and still admits that he likes her for her and that all her lying didn’t matter. I mean her lie was all sorts of tangled mess. I found it cute after she read the letter and went to the wall to hear if he was there. I can’t wait till she drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant with his baby on him.

Did we miss any feels? Please share your feels with us in the comment section below and tells us what made you laugh, scream, cry and/or otherwise enjoy this week's I Need Romance 3. Are Tae Yoon and Joo Yeon really good together or a disaster in the making? What did Oh Se Ryeong want with the contract? How will Sweet Potato take Joo Yeon's new relationship--will he really support her no matter what? And what about them kittens? Will Ex-Boyfriend make an appearance of will the kittens live happily-ever-after?Let us know in the comments!

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