Now that we've seen the first two episodes of I Need Romance 3, let's discuss those scenes that made us smile, broke our hearts and/or otherwise made us feel the feels that only K-dramas can!

While it's no surprise that a K-drama starring Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon would capture our attention almost instantaneously, I think we can all agree that the amount of emotions these first two episodes brought out in us was a little startling so lets get to it!

Aunnie: I think we can all agree that as great as episode 1 was, episode 2 has the most feels in it. With that being said, there are a few scenes that made me go "awww..."

Shing-Shing....I Missed You

Aunnie: I can't be the only one upset by this scene! I was just as stunned as he was by her incredibly harsh treatment on the phone. From the moment she called him she was rude, calling him "Little boy" and "Creep". Couldn't she just have explained that she felt uncomfortable having a person she hasn't seen in 17 years stay with her in her house? I think he was so shell shocked that the only thing he could say was that he missed her. I loved and hated this scene because it clearly defined these two people within the first ten minutes.

Mariam: But...seventeen years! That's a really long time! Even by drama standards where leads are regularly separated for 1-5 years. "Hi- you haven't spoken to me in 17 years, but it's totally cool that I move into your house. Thanks." Isn't it a bit of a stretch that he expects her to be thrilled that he's going to live with her?

Aunnie: LIke I said, she could have politely said "Yeah...seventeen years is a long time...maybe you should look into a hotel? And by "maybe" I mean I strongly suggest it." It would fit her personality and still get her point across. LoL

Mariam: There was something very deliberate about what she did. Like, she sounded a little resigned when she was telling the girls about her parent's request- until her co-worker said "A year? Isn't that gonna mess up things with the boyfriend?" And then she got this "Aha!" look. I think despite the 17 years absence, she knew exactly what she had to do to put him off wanting to live with her. Seems like she was deliberately as forward and shocking as possible. That whole shot of her walking and talking non-stop was funny. Shocking- we don't normally hear our heroines talk like that- but I think this was way more effective. I mean- we've all seen how well most male leads respond to reasonable requests for space (see: all of Heirs).


Aunnie: “That woman...was my Shing-Shing” If you listen very closely, you can almost hear the idealistic pedestal Joo Wan holds Joo Yeon on come crashing to the ground. Honestly though, I’m glad the writers cut through the BS and Joo Wan was able to figured out who Shing-Shing was right away rather than leaving it in question for two or three episodes.

Mariam: But why didn't they let her find out who he is as well? Where do you think this is going?

Aunnie: I don't think the opportunity has really presented itself. It's pretty clear that she really doesn't like Sweet Potato, I'd be hesitant in saying "Hi, we met in the club the other night. You know, the time I told you that you were "rude" and "Catty" before I knew who you were? By the way, I'm Sweet Potato. How have you been?"

Mariam: But, should being honest with someone you profess to care about really be contingent upon what you think is best for you? Like, when he found her drinking, a little "Hi Shing Shing, it's me," could have worked. By continuing to keep her in the dark he is manipulating her. There is now never going to be a good moment, because as soon as he fesses up to who he is, he's also gonna have to fess up to lying to her, repeatedly. (This has been tried before. It never goes over well. See: Office Girls, Marry Him If You Dare, Cheongdamdong Alice, Heirs,I Miss You.)

Jocelle: It's going to be interesting on how their characters develop as a couple, especially since he hasn't confessed who he really is. Joo Wan had many opportunities to confess who he was. After this scene, he followed her to the restaurant where she was drinking and home.

I Wasn't Born To Be Loved...

Mariam: This whole scene made me cry. First, because Joo Yeon was insisting she was fine- when she was so obviously not fine. And then again because the more she pretended to be ok, the more Joo Wan looked like he was going to cry! I was a mess! And I definitely liked him more.

Aunnie: Ok good, I wasn't the only one! This scene made me like her more because we finally get to see a peek of what's under that thick shell of hers! I could definitely relate to her feelings and it was a big step in redeeming herself from the first episode.

Jocelle: Agree. I love Shing Shing’s character. I feel bad for the continuous front she puts up to hide her feelings.

I never again believed in the word "friendship." Because it was so painful.

Mariam: I was already intrigued with Oh Se Ryung from the club scene- why does someone whose actions hurt Joo Yeon insist that she likes her? But the whole cute friendship montage makes me want them to work things out! Do you think she is telling the truth when she says she likes Joo Yeon?

Aunnie: For me, the scene where Oh Se Ryung tells her history with Joo Yeon with Joo Wan that nearly made me like her character. Strangely, it was the fact that she didn't apologize for stealing the first boyfriend because in a situation like that..."I'm Sorry" really doesn't cover the betrayal--especially if the wrongdoer isn't sorry at all. So I give her kudos for that.

Mariam: What I don't understand is her dating Joo Yeon's boyfriend, again! Because I believed her when she said that she likes Joo Yeon and I think she was also a little hurt by how easily Joo Yeon seemed to move on from their friendship years ago. But then, if that was true, why would she date another boyfriend- is it like, a cry for attention? And, if Joo Yeon's refusal to respond when people hurt her is a cause of her often-concealed pain, does this mean we can interpret her tearing Oh Se Ryung's hair out and attacking her car as ... character development?

Jocelle: Maybe? Joo Yeon can't conceal her feelings all the time. I guess she finally snapped when she Oh Se Ryung stole her boyfriend a second time. For some reason, I feel Se Ryung's character likes fighting with Joo Yeon. Like how a younger siblings fights with their older siblings because they think it's fun.

Which fictional character's emotional well-being are you the most overly-invested in? And which was the greater crime: showing up to a proposal dinner in a turtle neck or dressing Joo Won in ajumma coats straight out of Joo Yeon's closet? Say it loud and proud in the comments!

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