Who needs romance when you can have great friends? Let's take a break from all the romance (because to be honest, it is kind of frustrating right now!) and focus on The Sisterhood of Trying Relationships.

The latest episodes of I Need Romance 3 showed us the strong bond that three unlikely ladies may share despite their hate for each other. The I Need Romance 3 Drama Club can agree that it was refreshing to see Joo Yeon, Min Jung, and Se Ryong bond over a drink as they go through the trials of their current relationships, work life, and the other probing issues the drama seems to throw at them.

Joo Yeon: She Won’t Say She's in Love

From the start of this drama, we all knew that Joo Yeon was oblivious of her relationship with men. I mean it took almost half the series for her to realize her feelings for Tae Yoon and now she caught again in the same predicament with good ol’ Sweet Potato Joo Won, but this time it is different since she’s in a relationship. Joo Yeon really reminds us of Meg from Disney’s animation "Hercules". Seriously Joo Yeon “you swoon, you sigh, why deny it~?!” Slowly, but surely Joo Yeon is starting to realize her feeling for Joo Won. But here are some points to help you out that she's falling deep for him:

You’re in Love with Won Evidence #1: Honesty is the Best Policy

If you can’t be honest with someone you’re in a relationship with that automatically has to sprout out a red flag! Joo Yeon was caught in the act with showing skinship to Joo Won with a simple hug (actually the hug was little lovey-dovey if you ask me). Tae Yoon does not want to hear about and let's the issue is simply go. However, Joo Yeon still probes around about the issue and still feels uneasy. She does not want Tae Yoon to get the wrong idea, but she still can’t bring herself to tell him the other things she does with Joo Won. Here's a tip for you Joo Yeon, you’re feeling guilty about something you’re doing, I really think you should re-evaluate yourself and change.

You’re in Love with Won Evidence #2: The Double Standard of Hugging

The song "Drawing the Line" by Royal Pirates keep playing in my head when it comes to Joo Yeon and Joo Won's relationship. “You keep on drawing the line, but it keeps getting bigger every time~” is exactly what Joo Yeon is doing. She draws a fine line between Joo Won and herself and says that they are in a strict noona-dongsaeng relationship. However, it seems she does not play by the rules (since she made them) and finds it acceptable to hug Joo Won even though she told him not to. MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN! You cannot keep this comfortable relationship with Joo Won on and not feel anything for him.

You’re in Love with Won Evidence #3: They’re comfortable, yet uncomfortable

Now that Joo Yeon finally caught herself in the act of not abiding in the rules, she still finds herself drawing to Joo Won for help. Yet, she feels uncomfortable with the fact that she depends on him. Joo Won has helped this woman turn from the cold heartless woman she once was to a sincere and caring person she is today. There is a saying that "the comfort will be afflicted and the afflicted will be comforted." Joo Yeon you're starting to get afflicted, meaning you're getting too comfortable with Joo Won. Joo Yeon needs to stop relying and seeking him so much since you're making everyone uncomfortable. She should go to her boyfriend, Tae Yoon, who you should be sharing your problems with.

Min Jung: Baby Mama Drama

What kind of women could be pregnant out of wedlock and still be such an awesome badass? Lee Min Jung! The Drama Club simply adores Min Jung and her efforts to keep her child despite having a man who is wishy-washy on whether he wants to stay by her side or go.

Badass Mama Proof #1: Bow Before Me!

If anyone has to feel sorry for a character that character you should feel sorry for should be Min Jung. But she doesn’t want your pity!!! She doesn’t fail to shove it on both Joo Yeon and Se Ryong’s face that their never-ending pride battle between them is a complete waste of time. Min Jung shows that Joo Yeon and Se Ryong should move past their "I'm better than you" facade towards each other and move on because they both need each other in order for their department in the Home Shopping Network and their careers to succeed.

Badass Mama Proof #2: She’s the Perfect Wife

Although, Internet oppa may still be going through some issues with himself like coming in terms with the fact that he’s going to be father, the guy obviously still cares for this woman.

Seriously, how many strawberries are you going to buy oppa? You look like a crazy ahjusshi who’s mad at strawberries in the marketplace!

Internet oppa, as Joo Yeon is coming to terms that she could possibly be in love with Joo Won, come into terms that Min Jung is a great woman. Min Jung is not afraid to let this guy in and update him with the progress of the baby. She has said it from the beginning that she can take care of everything herself like giving birth and raising the child, but his constant persistency to prove to her that she cannot do it alone has to mean something. Min Jung is a good woman and can take care of herself. Plus, she knows how to cook, which shows that she can be the perfect housewife. So why don’t you give in and marry her already Internet oppa?

Now the last character who will fulfill this sisterhood is quite an unexpected contender.

Oh Se Ryong: The Woman We Love to Hate But Can’t

As the drama is soon to come to an end, Oh Se Ryong is the character that has been most developed. First, we hate her, then we love, then we hate her, then we love her again! Finally, the old Se Ryong we once knew no longer exists. During the dinner with Joo Yeon and Min Jung, Se Ryong laid all her cards on the table and accepted her faith. Not only was she honest that her company was in financial turmoil, but she was honest with her feelings and her past relationship with Tae Yoon (Joo Yeon please take note!). Plus, who doesn't love to see this woman smile? It suits her better than the bitter front she holds against the world.

Becoming Part of the Team and a REAL Friend

We all have seen how evil this woman can become. Get on her bad side, she will definitely make your life a living hell, but get on her good side, you will live like a queen! We've seen the success Se Ryong brings to Joo Yeon's fashion department and now that they're "officially" friends again, you can expect more success to come! And now that Joo Won has moved out of Joo Yeon's home, Se Ryong has been the middleman in updating Joo Yeon of Joo Won's whereabouts. She gives Joo Yeon the necessary information she seeks and doesn't lie to her, which puts her down as a good person in my book. This unlikely foe has become a friend and we are all loving it!

Seeing these three women bond is simply heart-warming and refreshing than the frustrating romance they all have with their other-halfs. These three women showed us the importance of friendship amidst a romancing drama. So how do you feel about this blooming friendship? Did it take you by surprise and out of the blue? Will their friendship last till the end? Do you think these women will all have their own happy ending? Tell us in the comments below!

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