Well, we’ve come to the end, dear drama lovers! And I decided what better way to reflect on the journey we have taken together than to reduce all those feels, squeals, and judiciously omitted expletives, to pure, corporate R&D? I give you: the I Need Romance 3 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

So I wrote up and submitted this questionnaire to the rest of the drama club. Unlike our normal work mode, in a shared Google Doc where our color-coded reactions to the episode often included our reactions to reading each other’s opinions, these were submitted without anyone knowing the others answers. Although I kept the color coding.

However, I did liberally apply the “Hammer of Benevolent Pith”, to ensure that everyone gave one and only one answer. I took the very first answer in any multiple- just-can't-choose- replies, to keep this at a reasonable length. I was merciless. So be aware that we I decided to sacrifice paragraphs of observations for gif space.

The only exception was that Min Jung and Min Suk*, those adorable scamps, were universally treated by all three of as a single entity in our answers, and I let that stand. Although I feel like Min Jung herself would be terribly disappointed in us…

*Yes, that was internet oppa’s real name although we, and I Need Romance 3 , almost never used it.

1. Why did you want to recap this drama?

Aunnie: I like Noona-romances, they're great at breaking boundaries.

Jocelle: I watched the previous I Need Romance Dramas and liked the female leads who were independent and strong characters.

Mariam: Sung Joon, he played my favorite character in White Christmas. I now wish he had kept the coat he wore in that show, which was infinitely better than any coat given to him by the cataract-ridden costume designer on INR3.

2.If given the choice to recap any other drama airing at the same time, which one, if any would you have picked?

Aunnie: My Love From Another Star: that would have been a great Drama to recap.

Jocelle: Emergency Couple! It's such a cute drama and I love where it's going.

Mariam: Miss Korea. It's a crime there was no Drama Club for that show to tell people how awesome it was. So I will tell you: it was awesome! Go! Watch it now! *** See full rave below.

3.What was your favorite aspect of this drama?

Aunnie: The Noona romance, usually for noona romances, the men are doing the chasing rather than the women and it's a nice 180 from the normal romances that are out there.

Jocelle: The character developments. I love how Joo Yeon slowly changed because of Joo Won and how Oh Se Ryung changed for the better because of Tae Yoon.

Mariam: That they made their female lead such a deeply flawed, damaged character.

4. What was your least-favorite aspect of this drama?

Aunnie: Joo Yeon, hands down…. I couldn't empathize with her at all, to be honest.

Jocelle: The slow push and pull relationships.

Mariam: That I was the only one happy they made their female lead such a deeply flawed, damaged character.

5. Favorite non-lead character?

Aunnie: Min Jung and Internet Oppa, for sure. It had an iffy moment when he was just being an asshole but even then it was easier to deal with because you knew where he was coming from, even if it didn't excuse his behavior.

Jocelle: Min Jung and Internet oppa!

Mariam: Oh Se Ryung. I equally respected and was frustrated by her. And I was more invested in her relationship with Joo Yeon than Joo Yeon's relationship with anyone. And I was most disappointed with how her plot line was just....dropped in the last episodes. Why show?

6. Actor/actress you are most excited to see in their next drama?

Aunnie: Nam Goong Min (Tae Yoon)….I'm definitely putting Nam Goong Min on the priority list.

Jocelle: Nam Goong Min (Tae Yoon). I simply love him. As much as I wanted to hate him, I couldn't. Even if he was a douchebag of a boss and boyfriend.

Mariam: Chu Alex (Internet oppa). Just more of him would be nice. He was cute and had good comedic timing.

7. Most favorite giffable moment?

Aunnie: Joo Wan trying to hide the giraffe behind his back when confronted with Tae Yoon. Too bad sounds don't come across on gifs cause the sound of the giraffe hitting the back of his head was priceless.

[OK- this was actually Aunnie’s second choice, but now I have an excuse to include giraffe gifs. You’re all welcome.]

Jocelle: Internet Oppa buying strawberries for Min Jung. I just found it cute!

Mariam: The first destruction of the Mustang. [This was also Aunnie’s first choice. Great minds people, great minds.]

8. Favorite kiss scene?

Aunnie: My favorite kiss scene is between the kittens [drama-club speak for Woo Young and Hee Jae], their very first kiss even though it was under questionable circumstances.

Jocelle: Joo Yeon and Joo Won kissing on the beach.

Mariam: The opening make-out marathon with Hee Jae and her old boyfriend. I don't think anyone expected it and it really set the stage.

9. How likely are you to re-watch I Need Romance 3?

Aunnie: Not likely, I mean, I'll go back and watch my favorite moments, but actually "re-watching" a drama for me is rare and if I do, it has to be a drama I consider to be absolutely perfect like"Panda & the Hedgehog". Not one moment I didn't love in that drama.

Jocelle: So-so. I would watch it if I ran out of things to watch.

Mariam: Maybe….after I finished all the 100+ episode segueks and every episode of Running Man and the entire series of Finding Elisa…nah, I’d still probably just re-re-watch I Hear Your Voice. So very unlikely.

10. Thing you learned from this drama that you did not know before about Korea (or more accurately- Korean dramaland).

Aunnie: Koreans have make-up sex. That sounds weird, I guess but honestly...I've never see two characters that shared...what...three kisses suddenly show up in bed after their "confession" of love.

Jocelle: Bosses who try to fire you because you're pregnant. I knew Korea was conservative, but I didn't know it was THAT conservative! I was pretty surprised.

Mariam: That the Home Shopping Network is like, a really scary place to work- where your colleagues would as soon cut you off at the knees as look at you and unwed mothers who refuse a forced marriage risk being thrown out on the street. It's like the Taliban of Korean television.

11. Character you most want to see make a cameo in I Need Romance 4? If it existed?

Aunnie: Oh, Sung Joon…hands down.

Jocelle: Oh Se Ryung because she's such a badass.

Mariam: Oh Se Ryung. I feel like she would be a source of experience in how to handle both love and heartbreak. And she just deserves more screen time!

12. Probability that you will watch I Need Romance 4? If it existed?

Aunnie: High. Because of INR3 I went back and watched the first season, I need to go back and watch the second one but yeah, high.

Jocelle: Likely, but I would probably wait till the series was finished. I feel all I Need Romance series dragged a little.

Mariam: Only if they cast someone else from White Christmas.

13. If a character from I Need Romance 3 could get a spinoff- which one would you most like to see?

Aunnie: Tough...cause I want Oh Se Ryung to be happy with Tae Yoon so I'd be cool with them being in the spinoff--if there was one.

Jocelle: Min Jung and Internet oppa....I would like them to progress to getting married and having their children together.

Mariam: Internet oppa and Min Jung raising their kids! It's like the Korean "Knocked Up". Practically writes itself.

14. Mystery/un-answered question/plot hole you most wish the drama had addressed more satisfactorily?

Aunnie: Would never have thought of this if it hadn't been for [random rant that Mariam got way too worked up over in the Google Doc] but...she's got a brother, Joo Yeon, I mean. Where the hell has he been this entire drama? Why didn't he show up at all? Why mention him at all? I feel like that could have been an omitted scene entirely.

Jocelle: Why did Joo Won have to live with Joo Yeon? I get that his family was rich and busy, but I was really confused on why he had to live with Joo Yeon and her mother rather than Joo Yeon's mother living with his family to care for him.

Mariam: What is up with all of the British flags? He went to school in America! Why does hishotel room have a Union flag fridge, and his room at Joo Yeon's place have a Union flag bedspread? Does he even know that is a flag?

15. Least believable aspect of the drama.

Aunnie: Joo Yeon's tundra attitude in the beginning and her naivity. There is NO way a human being doesn't understand the basics of friendships and communication. Unless you were raised with wolves...like...literal wolves....I just couldn't swallow that.

Jocelle: Hee Jae's ex-boyfriend gave up so quickly. Weren't they in a relationship for a long time? And after an argument, their whole relationship went down the drain.

Mariam: NO ONE has that many coats!

16. If you could change one thing about I Need Romance 3- what would it be?

Aunnie: I would change the regression of this kdrama. I honestly felt like just when the characters were moving forward at least ONE character would move backwards and drag the rest of them back. If it wasn't Joo Yeon, it was Oh Se Ryung, if it wasn't Oh Se Ryung it was Tae Yoon, even Joo Wan had his moment of regression and it was just like "Ugh, come on! I thought we were over this!"

Jocelle: Joo Yeon going back and forth on Tae Yoon and Joo Won. The progression was really slow and annoying for me.

Mariam: I would burn Joo Won’s entire wardrobe- the flannel dress, every single giant ajumma coat, and the Mr. Rogers sweaters. He gets to keep the leather coat from the club scene.

17. If you could steal anything from the drama what would it be (Non-human things only- no stealing Sung Joon allowed!)

Aunnie: But...if I steal the giraffe, Sung Joon comes with it, doesn't he? Like a buy one, get one? No...?

[Mariam: No. Sung Joon is too much perfection for any one person to claim. Like the National Treasure, and Yosemite, he belongs to the people.]

Fine...then just the giraffe

Jocelle: Oh Se Ryung's clothes! I have to admit, she is very fashionable.

Mariam: The Mustang.

So, now it’s your turn to weigh in for the final time! Are you also planning on drama-stalking Nam Goon Min to his next, preferably 100% less douchey, role? Do you think the drama would have been better if Joo Yeon had been all sweetness and light? What mystery/plot hole did you most want answered? What drama are you replacing I Need Romance 3 with?

And did I succeed in getting anyone to watch White Christmas? (Seriously, I need to know).

Let us know in the comments, and thank you for watching along with us!

*** Here continues Mariam’s Miss Korea evangelization: Seriously, you need to watch this drama. It’s the perfect time to catch up! We are entering a phase of more serious- suspensey dramas coming up on Drama Fever-I suggest you use Miss Korea as your "tide me over until next week's new episode of [insert crime/kidnapping/presidential conspiracy drama here]" fun, awesome Team Girl drama. And do I mean Team Girl. All of them. You love ALL of the woman on this show, even the rivals and potential villains are richly drawn and occasionally switch teams- to protect the girls. And the main couple, once they get through the first few episodes- are adorable together. I've never seen a couple be so damn smiley while cheering each other on. I grin just thinking about it.

Again, thanks for watching everyone, it's been a blast.

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