This picture just about covers the ending of I Need Romance 3. It's that time again where we close out another Drama Club. The bittersweet ending to I Need Romance 3 had us equal parts happy and equal parts sad for the tumultuous characters that made up the I Need Romance 3 cast. Rather than mope about which characters didn't get the happy-ever-after we were hoping for, we want to focus on how far the characters have come in the short few weeks we've spent with them. This is the I Need Romance 3 highlight reel...

The Joo Yeon of old was a cold and heartless Home Shopping Network Guru that ruthlessly plundered the wallets of Ajummas across South Korea with her trendy but spendy clothes and paid no attention to the hearts and feelings of those around her. When she wasn't at work and being the great Guru we knew her to be, she was being an emotionless robot, striking out at anyone who upset her uneasy balance of terribly concealed contempt and anger at the world. Here is our Joo Yeon of old...

Hmm...brrr....just how we DON'T like our leading ladies, however! Through a series of triumphs and subsequent failures our Joo Yeon was able to remake herself into a warm and lighthearted person that was not only a treat to watch but also a strong, steadfast example of what a good female leads should be: stubborn and strong on the outside with a little bit of a gooey, soft center.

She's definitely come a long way but there is no way she would have done it on her own. Without the help of our leading man, Joo Wan, our Shing-Shing would never have made it home to where it's warm and loving...but Joo Wan also had a few lessons to learn. Lesson #1: Never think to change a woman...always accept her as she is but more importantly..Lesson #2: Never hide your identity or come into our homes without permission and certainly....Lesson #3: Don't look & talk at old's kind of creepy.

Although Joo Wan never gave up his "talking to the photo of the young girl" ways, he did finally put away the "little brother" charms and became the man Joo Yeon needed. He's grown so much that he uses his words now to tell Joo Yeon how he feels and what he wants rather than hoping she'll pick up on them because let's be serious...she's a little clueless in the love department which is exactly why we love that these two finally were able to make it work together. Hats off to the happy couple!

Even as we give these two a great farewell as being a happy couple, not everything ended the way we'd hoped in the beginning. Oh Se Ryeong, who has been the undeniably awesome thorn in our side for the past eight weeks, began as the antagonist who we enjoyed watching push Joo Yeon to her limits. The arrogant and conniving Oh Se Ryeong has been a jewel in our eye since the moment she called herself a bitch.

Our unabashedly honest Oh Se Ryeong didn't come out of this series unscathed. She loved, she lost and she lived to fight another day. Although she didn't receive the happy ending we all wanted for her--*cough*TaeYoon*cough* she did walk out with a whole group of new friends and her pride, which we all know is very important to her. Is it too much to hope that if there is a I Need Romance 4 that she be the star of it? *sigh*

This should be a shirt and passed out at high schools across the country. That being said, Yes you are Oh Se Ryeong! Although her love for Tae Yoon never failed--to which we endlessly cheer--she was able to put it on the back burner and save a hopelessly floundering friendship in the process. Of course, none of that would have been possible without Min Jung! The playgirl with style who never wanted to be married didn't start off as a character on our list of high interest. She just seemed like the girl we'd watch for comedic relief...

But who knew that this easily lovable character would grow into someone who would glue the rest of the Home Shopping Network team together in times of crisis...especially after receiving some very lack-luster support in her time of need. However, this spunky, flighty woman went from being menopausal to a mother of twins in a matter of eight weeks and still managed to knock some sense into people along the way. If there was ever a person who should be wearing a Superwoman's Min Jung!

For all her hard work and painful triumphs, Min Jung didn't get an unhappy ending, thankfully! Granted, the Internet Oppa had his moments where we doubted he'd be able to man-up and take more responsibility for his part in the making of the twins than just financially supporting them but it seemed to us at the end that he was making some headway into transitioning into a dependable father. At least we didn't end this drama worrying about Min Jung, this woman has it all together!


The Kittens have managed to stay out of these Drama Club posts for the last few weeks, what in lieu of all these main-lead self-discoveries and all, but hows about we bring them back into the spot light in our grand finale? We aptly named Woo Young and Hee Jae as kittens due to their soft and cuddly natures....ok, not really but it sounded good. They were called the kittens because we're convinced if you put these two in a box out in the rain, they'd look exactly like wet kittens. Their innocent and wide-eyed perception of the world made them appear to be soft and cuddly...

What started off as a bad haircut and friendly comfort turned into a great ball of patience and love. Granted, we were not pleased with the ending these two got, we at least got comfort with the knowledge that Hee Jae was leaving but with promise that she'd return in a year and come back to Woo Young. At first we were worried that when he said they'd broken up that it was well and truly finished for them but nothing says "I Love You" like a 12-month payment plan to use as blackmail, I mean come on...she'd have to be heartless to leave him with that kind of debt...right?

And while we're on the subjects of heartfelt goodbyes at the airport, we have just one more character that didn't receive the ending that we hoped and prayed for. Our rollercoasting and completely adorable Sunbae--you remember him? The guy who seemed to support Joo Yeon unconditionally. Same guy who was really charming with those random compliments he'd give Joo Yeon...yeah...him...

There isn't much we can say about him because we hated to love him. I mean, he was sweet, kind and caring and then he wasn't. Then he was sweet, kind and caring and then he wasn't He had us seesawing back and forth, it's a surprise the audience didn't get whiplash. However, at the Drama Club, we assumed and hoped and dreamed that he'd end up with Oh Se Ryeong .I mean, we did nearly everything except sacrifice a chicken for Oh Se Ryeong and Tae Yoon's relationship to work out but all we got was a measly half-promise that whenever Tae Yoon got back from his assignment in Hong Kong that he might, maybe, at some point, reconsider his relationship with Oh Se Ryeong.

We held hope to the last second that he'd chase after Oh Se Ryeong but I guess, Tae Yoon's happiness just wasn't meant to be. He did, however, redeemed himself in the last episode for the whole Min-Jung's-Utuers-Needs-To-Be-Managed debacle by telling the Big Boss Lady that Min Jung is an exceptional asset as well as Superwoman. At least he got a stoic final scene...

What did you think of the ending of I Need Romance 3? Was there anything you felt the writer's left out? Any plot lines that were dropped that we may have forgotten? Were you as disappointed as we were with Tae Yoon and Oh Se Ryeong's ending? Was the ending for Joo Wan and Joo Yeon everything you'd hoped it would be? What did you think of us at the Drama Club? We sincerely hope you were able to laugh, cry and get angry right along with us for this series. Please leave your comments below and tell us what you thought of the ending to I Need Romance 3. Thank you for staying with us these past eight weeks.

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