Not gonna lie, Fever friends, this week's episodes of I Need Romance 3 nearly broke up the band. And by band, I mean the drama club. So, what do you think? Is Sweet Potato just being cute and creative in an attempt to woo his prickly lady love? Or, is he a felonious spider that nests in a web of lies?


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This week Joo Wan and Joo Yeon got better acquainted. Much better acquainted. Intimately acquainted, you might say. Through a series of "meet cutes" (set up by Sweet Potato), our leading man and lady spent a snowy evening cuddling in the park, took a weekend drive to the shore, and canoodled on a deserted beach! Lets just say...lips were meeting...passionately.

....With one notable exception- Joo Yeon has no idea Allen Joo is the Joo Wan of her childhood and that he's been making himself at home not only inside her head- but inside her house! And Joo Won makes no move to clear up this tiny misunderstanding.

The three of us had very different reactions to our sexy spud's stud's smooth moves.

Although we all agreed that his kissing technique doesn't need any help. Whatsoever.

(Too bad kisses can’t be bottled up and kept for when we need a pick’me’up.)

Here's a condensed version of our conflicting opinions on Joo Wan's dating strategy. (Aunnie) Condensed being the operative word there...

Round 1: Is Joo Wan actually lying? He hasn't told her that he isn't Sweet Potato, so really, Joo Wan isn't lying lying to her at all, right?

Agree: He is Allen Joo. He’s not lying. It’s his stage name.

Disagree: He’s also Joo Wan. Not telling her he is Joo Wan is lying by omission.

Round 2: OK, maybe he's lying a little. But it's really Joo Yeon's fault for not figuring it out, he dropped her enough hints!

Disagree: It should not be Joo Yeon’s responsibility to uncover this truth. Dropping clues isn’t good enough.

Agree: She’s not helpless. He’s apparently famous. She could have done a simple Google search to figure out who he was. She’s capable. She’s supposed to be smart.

Round 3: He has a really, really good reason for it. She’s not giving him a chance. You’d do the same thing.

Agree: Give the guy a break. If someone kept calling you ugly, and annoying and said they didn’t want to see you or talk to you any more and you happened to run into that person unwittingly (unknowingly), wouldn’t you be a little hesitant---be honest--in admitting you are the very person they despise? I can understand anyone not wanting to announce who they were after being called ugly so many times.

Disagree: Honesty should not be conditional on whether or not she is nice to you. Telling the truth should not only happen when it benefits you. How could she ever trust him again?

Round 4: So maybe he's deceiving her a bit, but there's no harm (except to the Mustang).

Disagree: He is being manipulative by trying to change her perception of him through deceptive tactics. He is taking away Joo Yeon’s agency- because she is not being given enough information or the opportunity to make a decision on her own. Not to mention, Joo Yeon is gonna feel so deceived when she finds out he is “sweet potato”.

Agree: It’s important for her not to be blinded by her unprovoked prejudice against Sweet Potato in order for her and Joo Won to have a fresh start. Listen to how she speaks to him when she thinks she’s talking to Sweet Potato! She’s never given him a chance to make a friendship possible--let alone a relationship. There’s been a 17 year separation. She’s a different person and he’s trying to get to know her, the new her, which he couldn't do as "Joo Wan", thus the need for "Allen Joo". He’s wants to remind her that there is some good in the world and in relationships, he can’t do that when she’s being so stubborn about refusing to see "Joo Wan"!

Round 5: Entering her house like that wasn't really that bad. He got her groceries!

Agree: He was going to move in anyway. And he cleaned it up. And bought her an apron. And a hammer! Her mom put furniture there for him and everything.

Disagree: Joo Yeon's mom may own it- but that is HER house. She lives there and she should control access to the house. Invading her space, violating her privacy, and ignoring her express wishes that he keep out of her house, is both creepy and wrong. Very, very wrong. He should have respected Joo Yeon's choice about who enters her home, even if he didn't like it. When strangers enter your house in real life- you call the police.

Round 6: Kissing her before telling her he is also Joon Won was fine. She clearly likes Allen Joo.

Agree: We got nothin’. We all pretty much agreed that, technically fabulous as it was, that kiss made us feel a bit uncomfortable.

Disagree: The kiss didn’t settle too well. We know that Joo Wan loves her, but it’s the old her. And kissing her without having revealed himself? Morally and logically speaking, shame on him.

Hopefully, for all our sakes, that final scene is not a dream sequence, which means this can all be put behind us. Next week- the real romance begins!

And, as always, our thoughts and prayers are with the Mustang and it's lost side-view mirrors. We hardy knew you Mirror #2 +#3.

Let's share in a moment of silence...

So how did you fare this week? Were you enchanted by watching Joo Yeon get wooed by two men (who were the same man) at the same time? Or did you watch the episodes through a red mist of rage? Somewhere in-between? How many mirrors do you think Joo Won is going to go through in the rest of the drama? Let us know where you stand in the comments!

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