Finally, we're getting somewhere this week after plenty of the push and pull from the characters themselves. Certain parts left us satisfied while others...well, read on to find out.

It's the end of week number 2 of I Need Romance 3 and the writers went all out and have outdone themselves thus far.. Here were some of our favorite scenes from Episodes 3 & 4:

Tense Dinner Much...?

Aunnie: I'm totally loving these two when they are in the same room with each other--the club scene notwithstanding. I really like how the writer's are getting things out in the open as soon as possible (i.e. the history & on-going issues between Oh Se Ryeong and Joo Yeong).

Jocelle: We learned so much about Se Ryeong and Joo Yeon's friendship. I also like how Joo Yeon laid everything on the table and sacrificed her pride to have her company project follow through.

You've Got Me Yelling From The Rooftops Down....

Aunnie: I loved when Tae Yoon laughed about Hee Jae screaming on the roof and then to find out Joo Yeon did the same thing.

Jocelle: The yelling on the rooftop has to be my favorite scene! Woo Young's face when he caught Hee Jae is so priceless!

Mariam: Really, who hasn't felt like this at one point or another? Although, isn't Hee Jae calling Joo Yeon "foul-mouthed" a bit of the pot calling the kettle black here?

The Couch Dance Of Victory

Mariam: I like how Oh Se Ryeong kind of smiles when Joo Yeon is so excited about her finally saying "yes" that she demands Se Ryeong repeat it while she's recording the conversation. You believe that deep down these two respect each other.

Aunnie: I appreciate scenes like this because we see past her cold-as-ice outer shell and into who she truly is. A semi-vulnerable women with the same insecurities and triumphs as everyone else.

Solidarity For The Win!

Aunnie: I feel like these two need an honorable mention so that we're not just entirely focused on the late-blooming romance between Joo Wan and Joo Yeon.

Mariam: These two are just so darn cute. And sexually frustrated. And cute!

Aunnie: Yes! Yes they are! I almost panicked in ep. 4 when she frustratingly lashed out at him after the dorm incident. I like that despite their real-life obstacles, their relationship is solid.

Irony At It's Best

Mariam: Being upset that Se Ryeong is being less than truthful with Shing-Shing? That is just ironic. I applaud the sentiment Sweet Potato. Let's put it into practice...

Aunnie: least we know he's got a conscious...I kind of like Oh Se Ryeong's pouty face though

At....Laaaaasssssttttt.....My Love Has Come And--Oh...Wait...

Mariam: Please don't be a dream sequence...Please don't be a dream sequence...The light is kind of other-wordly and there's slow motion, but I NEED these shinanigans to stop NOW! Although, how cute was it that despite saying he was ugly and annoying for days--Joo Yeon still made him a breakfast for his birthday? See Sweet Potato! You did not need the web of lies. She invited you over all on her own without knowing you had grown into such a spud--er...stud...

Jocelle: I agree. He can't play the hiding game for long. Joo Yeon is going to feel so deceived when she finds out he is Sweet Potato. Especially since they're going to be living together soon.

Aunnie: Ugh, FINALLY! I didn't particularly mind the Joo Wan vs Allen Joo thing, I just mostly wanted to get this out into the open so we could move on to the "You lied to me"/"How could you?"-part to finally reach the subsequent relationship-part where we all fall in love with these two as a couple. I feel like they've been teasing us with glimpses of their potentially awesome coupl-age for two weeks! Although...I'm betting she slaps him...

How do you think Joo Yeon is going to take Allen Joo's real identity? Were you as surprised by the Oh Se Ryeong-Kang Tae Yoon match up as were? Which couple are you cheering for more MIn Jung's or Hee Jae's? Tell us your reactions to these episodes in the comments below.

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