In this week’s I Need Romance 3, we see two different couples develop. Both have a history, but will their past impact their future to make each couple work?

Joo Wan’s love for Joo Yeon is unconditional

In the beginning of this week’s episode, we see how much effort and time Joo Wan gives to Joo Yeon. He cooks for her, feeds her, cleans after her mess, and even puts her to bed! (Umm… where can we find a man like this?) He even comforts her after her Home Shopping sale disaster! Joo Wan is now aware of Joo Yeon’s feelings towards her sunbae. Yet, he still sticks around and showing her love through the simplest things.

Woah there tiger!

Seriously? Did the Drama Club miss something? Tae Yoon goes from being cold and hating Se Ryong to being all lovey-dovey and spending the night trying to find "allergy medicine" *wink* *wink*. That relationship escalated quickly and left the Drama Club utterly confused. We all know what before Tae Yoon and Se Ryong's breakup they had a nice loving relationship, but how can a man go from cursing the woman he hates to kissing her in a split second? Or is he being oblivious to things she's done to him?

A Whole New Level of Insensitive

We all knew Joo Yeon was insensitive, but how insensitive can she get?

Jocelle: First, Min Jung was menopausal, now she's pregnant. Joo Yeon was not compassionate about Min Jung's whole situation at all. The doctor emphasized that this may be her first and only pregnancy. The least Joo Yeon can do is comfort Min Jung through her situation!

Aunnie: I can't BELIEVE she told Min Jung that. People can spout off that she was being honest but no... that's just rude. If they were strangers, then I'd understand, but they're not. This woman has had SLEEPOVERS with her co-workers. They've sat around in pajamas eating and drinking, she's lent Woo Young her ex-lover's pajamas. You don't do this with co-workers you don't consider friends!

Sweet Potato to the Rescue!

After the Min Jung mess Joo Yeon created, the Drama Club can agree here the Joo Wan has been Joo Yeon's life coach throughout this week's episodes! He always has been there for her. Joo Wan points out that she's living a life like a robot and that she's oblivious of her feelings. Joo Wan teaches Joo Yeon that the first step to being a good friend is to say you're sorry.

How to Love

Joo Wan is a real trooper! He has earned our respect through his change of actions in this drama. What kind of guy would stick around a girl who love another man? This sweet potato sticks around to make Joo Yeon a better person. Despite all her flaws, he is still by her side trying to bring the old Joo Yeon he once loved when he was a kid. The Drama Club agrees that Joo Wan's character just became awesome, still a little clingy, but awesome nonetheless! He makes Joo Yeon a better person by making her realize her own feelings.

What do you guys think of Joo Wan? Do you think he did a good job being Joo Yeon's life coach and making her realize her own feelings? Was Tae Yoon and Se Ryong's sudden reconcile a little too sudden? Do you think Joo Wan will succeed in making Joo Yeon a better person and the person she once was? Tell us what you think of these two relationships in the comments below!

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