Greetings fellow Drama Clubbers! I don't think we can’t express enough how excited we all are for It's Okay, That's Love to finally air. We were given much to ponder over in this first installment. We’ve got jail time, mysterious siblings, rocky romances, crazy sasaeng fan boys, car chases, and probably one of the quickest time jump sequences in the entire history of K-dramas . . . . like, ever. Episode 1 starts us off with a bang, so lets get to it.

Firnlambe: Gong Hyo Jin is absolute gold while she’s portraying a quirky leading lady, so I’m looking forward to seeing how she acts with Jo In Sung who usually plays the stoic roles. Well that and Lee Kwang Soo is in it, so I know I’m bound to bust up laughing at least once.

Ari: I have heard amazing things about Gong Hyo Jin in The Greatest Love, and Master's Sun. Naturally, I did a little research and I must say have completely fallen in love. I just know she is going to shine in It's Okay, Thats Love. I am absolutely looking forward to chemistry, a little tension and LOTS of laughs.

June: I am seriously so excited for this drama. I’m a huge fan of Gong Hyo Jin, she was absolutely fantastic in Master's Sun, and I can’t wait to finally see a drama with Jo In Sung! I know it’s late but hey at least it’s with this drama. Also, I’m excited to see both Lee Kwang Soo and Do Kyungsoo, aka D.O. from the famous k-pop EXO. I really look forward to seeing Kyungsoo in his k-drama debut.

The best way to show brotherly love is to attack him with a fork of course!

Firnlambe: Well this escalated quickly . . . there I was, just jamming out to some wickedly awesome techno music, when BAM!! Fork to the shoulder!

June: Well then, this drama isn’t wasting any time now, are they!

Ari: Can we just talk about Jae Yeol’s reaction for a minute. One word, Shocking. It’s like he’s gotten used to this behavior. Makes you say hmmm.

And the award for the best boyfriend and best friend goes to . . . . . Not these people.

June: How rude! This is seriously the worst thing you could do to a person you supposedly “love”.

Firnlambe: No matter how sexually frustrated you are . . . this was wrong on so many levels. And then to act like everything is all fine and hunky-dory when you see Hae Soo. Yeah no. I might have possibly thrown the nearest pillow at the wall. But I will admit, I loved Jae Yul’s little smirk as he was leaving our cheating couple, it was adorable.

Ari: Like school on Saturday . . . No class. This is shameful. They were so comfortable with the whole thing, it made me wonder if Ji Hae Soo knew.

Nothing like spending some quality time in the bathroom with your idol

Firnlambe: Dear God nuuuuuuu!!!!! This was by far the creepiest facial expression exchange of all time. And is it just me? Or did D.O channel EXO’s sasaeng fans perfectly?

June: This scene was definitely a favorite of mine. Gotta love D.O. and that expression

Ari: I have to admit, I was a little confused at first (I know, I know). But once it hit me I didn’t really know what to think. A little uncomfortable, a little disturbing, and a lot of awkward. The relationship between Jae Yeol and Hang Kang Woo is one for the books.

Firnlambe: I would like to point out the adorable little boxing scene after this awkward introduction.

I feel that the writers definitely did their job correct and made me curious about how these two even got involved together. Jae Yul seems to know an awful lot about Kang Woo’s back-story.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

June: Seriously though, what is the right answer???

Firnlambe: Obviously you pick one and then swallow it. Has no one seriously watched The Great Queen Seon Duk? Those History Epics aren’t just for show people . . . I mean, I had to have learned something while watching all these dramas, right?

Ari: Deal or no Deal, eh? I pick box number 3. Not an option !?! Well, I give up then. Moral of the story? CHOOSE LIFE. But really, I can't get over how Hae Soo was able to mess with him.

Talk about your close calls

June: Traffic laws? What traffic laws! Those don’t exist in K-Drama land.

Firnlambe: Yeah traffic laws are almost non-existent aren’t they, but damn did I ever bump up the respect for Jae Yul in this scene, did you guys notice that he stuck his arm out to protect Hae Soo while they were spinning? . . . side note I’m like 110% positive this is the quarry they used in Triangle, but feel free to go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong lol

Ari: I didn’t even notice the hand gesture. How sweet! But, sweetness is not enough to distract me from that reckless driving. Who am i kidding . . . it was pretty epic.

Let's skip the formalities and get straight to the good stuff

June: Ouch! That wound has seriously got to hurt.

Firnlambe: No joke . . . I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did, driving and all that.

Ari: You guys, it’s just a centimeter deep . . . Okay, okay in all seriousness, Ji Hae Soo was pretty bad herself. Her arm was like a cooked ramen noodle but she still found the strength to help her ex patient. And I guess Jae Yul was pretty tough too. I guess. ;)

Firnlambe: Very true--I’m sure that was extremely painful. Probably didn't help that she was kicked down the stairs either . . . but she wasn't continuously bleeding from her wound while having to focus on driving at top speed down the freeway in the middle of Seoul like Jae Yul was--so he gets the brownie points this time around.

Ari: If Jae Yul gets the brownie points, Hae Soo gets the cake. :) Even in the midst of it all, she made her best attempt to fix Jae Yul’s wound. Hae Soo is full of character, surprises . . . and now cake.

Well readers? Lots of things happened in episode 1. Family attacked family, shady relationships have come to light, and our leading couple got pretty beat up--but what did you think overall? Did you love it, do you hate it or do you need a few more episodes to make your final decision? Let us know in the comment section below, and we'll see you in episode 2.

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Episodes 1-2 [Part 1]