Welcome to the next installment of our It's OK, That's Love Drama Club. Episode one ended with Jae Yul abandoning their car. Instead we witness him opting to take the still unconscious Hae Soo on a trip through the Wicked Witch of the West’s flower fields of sleep. What will happen to our leads once they wake up? Join Ari, June and myself as we go over some of our favorite scenes from episode 2.

Firnlambe: Seriously guys . . . I am loving this drama so far

Ari: No words express how I feel about It's OK, That's Love .It grabs you and keeps you in its warm arms while telling amazing stories to entertain and entice. I want MORE!

June: This drama has already captured my full attention and maybe even my heart? It's so entertaining to watch and I love it!

Firnlambe: This drama certainly grabbed my attention right away. It’s not very often that the first 2 episodes of a drama suck me in for the long haul.

Now that’s an entrance

Firnlambe: I adore this scene . . . It really gives us a glimpse into Jae Yul’s real personality. Particularly when he was watching that video Hae Soo recorded . . . the look of honest joy plastered on his face was very refreshing.

Ari: It was refreshing, wasn't it. Subtle but very key. Speaking of keys, is it normal to hijack your employees car . . . and house. Talk about over time.

June: I'm really liking this Jae Yul character, to be honest. He makes me laugh and I love it! Haha!


Ari: I knew it. I knew it! It’s always the best friend. Or the person who’s quick to deny. Tae Yong happened to be both. Who ever said no new friends obviously was not in Jae Yul’s position.

June: I knew it too! I had a feeling it was him once the editor pointed Tae Yong out. Tsk, tsk Tae Yong tsk, tsk!

Firnlambe: Backstabber rule #654, If you're gonna be shady . . . make sure you clear your GPS history before lending your car to the man you just took for granted.

A battle of wills . . . Giraffe vs Peacock

Ari: “I’m Park Soo Kwang, age 28, male.” Male? I would've never guessed LOL. Lee Kwang Soo is doing GREAT job in this Drama. He is really believable as Soo Kwang and not just because their names are so similar (did anyone else catch that?)

June: Seriously! When I first heard his character's name, I laughed out loud. I was like "Did I hear that right?!"

Firnlambe: This whole introduction really solidified my like for Soo Kwang as a character. From his seizures, to his bluntness--he’s such a great source of comic relief. I just really hope the character doesn't get forgotten later on in the series, because that would be a real shame.

Nothing says our friendship is over like having your cars windshield smashed in

Ari: Bad breakups are the worst. Jae Yul did a number on Tae Yong’s car, and he did it . . . like a BOSS. Take notes.

June: YES! One of my favorite scenes from episode 2. Tae Yong got what he deserved, to be honest!

Firnlambe: I felt so bad for Jae Yul. You can see that this whole situation really did hurt his feelings. And you can see that the most right after he destroyed the car. He tries to give Tae Young an out and keep their friendship the same by telling Pul Yip to not let on that he actually knows what happened between them. Sadly it wasn’t a really great plan since Tae Young is on the ledge of the building and just witnessed everything.

Keepin’ it in the family

Ari: Boundaries? There are none. I could be appalled, I probably should be, but I’m not. Who am kidding, I kind of like it . . . Sign me up for a room, upgrades not necessary.

June: Well then, that was quite the explanation. Haha! Oh Soo Kwang!

Firnlambe: While Soo Kwang was explaining everything to Jae Yul, you really got a feel for how close everyone still was--regardless of their past relationships. Unfortunately that makes the hurt and betrayal for Hae Soo that much more impactful.


You've been framed.

Ari: Now this, I was NOT expecting. Way to brush it off Jae Yul. Did he do it? I don’t know . . . the verdicts still out.

June: And the plot seriously thickens and it's only episode 2!

Firnlambe: Oh I really hope the brother is just legitimately insane. If it turns out that Jae Yul honestly did have something to do with murder I'll be extremely sad.

What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

Ari: I have to address how well Hae Soo’s sister handled the situation. I didn't really know how to feel about this scene and still don’t. I will save any judgement until I know the whole story.

June: I agree! I am so curious to see how they will play this out in the drama.

Firnlambe: Ugh . . . poor girls. Like Ari mentioned, kudos to Hae Soo's Eonni--she handled having to divert her sisters attention extremely well considering her young age. But now I'm curious to know if mom honestly thinks she's been fooling her family all these years. I mean, she's not really even trying to hide the affection on her face while she was talking to Mr Kim.

Ahhh the stairwell . . . the perfect place for a kdrama confrontation that never solves anything

Ari: Seeing Hae Soo get so emotional was definitely a surprise and very powerful. After knowing a bit of her background with her mother and father I can see why she felt so deeply betrayed. That must be where her problems with intimacy originated.

June: I felt soooooo bad for Hae Soo when I saw her break down. I just wanted to go and give her a big hug.

Firnlambe: God this was heart wrenching to watch, Gong Hyo Jin is excellent at making the pain Hae Soo feels due to Choi Ho's betrayal feel authentic. From the shoe breaking, right up until she leaves, all I wanted to do was give Hae Soo a hug and let her know things will get better . . . I almost felt bad for Choi Ho--almost--the look on his face clearly states "I regret my decision", but I do need to give Hae Soo major props--even though she was going through so much emotional pain, she knew she had to suck it up and get back to work. And that takes a lot of effort, particularly from someone who has issues like Hae Soo.

Of course you know--This means war!

Ari: I didn't believe Jae Yeol when he said he gave as good a he gets. “You laugh,I laugh”, I thought he was all talk. But he is a man of his word . . . I like that. They will be fast friends. ;)

June: I seriously wanted to go and buy some wine after I saw this scene. Loved it!

Firnlambe: This was awesome! Just awesome! I love that Jae Yul is a man of his word and give just as much as he gets. It really sets up the relationship these two are going to have in the next few episodes. Both characters are so headstrong that I'm sure we're gonna get a lot of laughs out of them

Whooo! Things have certainly started to heat up between our leading couple and its only episode 2. Will Jae Yul finally start to fit in with the rest of the house, will Hae Soo ever recover from the emotional bomb her boyfriend let drop on her or will things get worse before they get better? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and we'll see you in episode 3.

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