Welcome back to the It's OK, That's Love Drama Club! This week's episodes have definitely gotten us way more into this drama, and we are absolutely loving it! This drama has definitely brought some great laughs but also the perfect amount of drama as well. Come join us as we discuss our favorite scenes from episode 3.

Firnlambe: I have to admit . . . the writers for this drama have surprised me with how intricate they have been weaving all of the character’s back stories together. Everything is so thought out, and it's only episode 3 o.O

Ari: I am impressed. The depth of this drama is almost unfathomable, It’s very engaging. I can almost hear the writers saying “You’ve been warned . . .

June: Seriously, I can just imagine them saying that!

Keep cool man . . . keep cool

Firnlambe: I really liked how you we see Soo Kwang trying his best to keep his tourettes under control when he’s in front of others. I like it when drama writers show a lot of depth to their side characters.

Ari: I really am enjoying Soo Kwang's growth as a character. It's subtle now, but I feel like we are going to see a lot of it throughout the series. Did anyone else notice Jae Yul's lip twitch?

Firnlambe: HA! I loved his lip twitch . . . so entertaining to see something get under his skin like that

June: I love Soo Kwang's character so much! He's always so entertaining to watch.

Sure buddy. If you say so . . .

Firnlambe: Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with Jae Yul on this one. Is that so? . . . . I couldn’t really tell since you put up suuuuuuuch a hard fight when she came onto you backstage.

Ari: Best thing he never had. Hasn’t anyone ever told him lying is next to douchiness. #yabooshutup

June: This boy need to take a hint and leave her alone.

Hmmm, is this the beginning of something?

Ari: This is very sweet but more than that, it’s super thoughtful. The fact that Hae Soo’s well being was on Jae Yul’s mind shows that he really does care about her. Do I sense a future relationship between these two?

Firnlambe: I loved his internal war in front of the cabinet. “Should I bring her some of my towels . . no, no I’ll just ignore the whole thing . . . ohhhh who am I kidding, I can't do that” //leaves towels at the door//

June: Oh, I see you starting to care for Hae Soo, Jae Yul!

Keep your friends close, and your enemies fed.

Ari: I really loved this. Not only did he cook, but he offered to clean up afterwards. This really shows what type of person Jae Yul is. Yes he made them breakfast, but not as a peace offering, more like a 2 weeks notice.

Firnlambe: Ha! Jae Yul is so cheeky it’s adorable. Definitely the type you need to be wary of when they start being nice towards you.

June: Haha I love Jae Yul so much during this moment! It was like "Ha! You all thought I changed my mind!"

안 내면 술래 가위바위보 - If you don't participate, you are the loser, rock-paper-scissors!

Ari: Okay. I like Hae Soo and all, but she was definitely starting to work my nerves. Her pride and ego were so big I’m surprised they didn’t become main characters. Just apologize!

Firnlambe: I loved this scene . . . It had me honestly laughing out loud . . . her defeat was so quick that it makes me wonder if the boys had it all planed out. I mean, all this is her fault anyways.

June: This scene was so golden! I feel like this is where it all begins with Hae Soo and Jae Yul's relationship.

And the race is on!

Ari: Friends don’t let friends run alone. Soo Kwang only asked for her number, not the name of her first born child. Geesh! All she had to do was say no. Overreact much? But they all had his back and this just warms my heart. They’re becoming a family...

Firnlambe: I found it so endearing that Soo Kwang called Jae Yul Hyung, I think that may have something to do with how Jae Yul felt the need to defend him.

June: That girl and her friends were so over the top! I'm glad and was happy to see them all defend Soo Kwang, especially Jae Yul.

Seriously drama, way to pull my heartstrings!

Ari: Watching this really helped me see the severity of Kang Woo’s situation. The fact that he was barefoot means it was too dangerous for him to do something as simple as putting on his shoes. He just had to run, and run fast. This really broke my heart.

Firnlambe: If I hadn’t already been curious about this character’s back story, this scene would have been the one to pique my interest.

June: Just who is Kang Woo? I really can't wait until we get more information and backstory on him.

Putting on the moooves

Ari: Gasp! Did he just? No . . . He did! Jae Yul, you sly devil you. I have a feeling he’s been waiting to do that for some time.

Firnlambe: *squeee* it's only episode 3 and we’ve already got a kiss between our main couple! Granted it was totally one sided . . . but still! . . . Jae Yul is obviously interested, regardless of how small, at least on some level with Hae Soo. Now--if only Hae Soo would put Jae Yul on the same table of interest, we’d be all set.

June: YASSSSSSS, let's get this romance started, shall we?

Wow! Things have definitely taken off and it seems like a new relationship is on it's way! First off, will Hae Soo's ex-boyfriend ever leave her alone, what exactly is going on with Kang Woo and last but certainly not least, what will happen to our favorite leads in the next episode! How will this kiss effect them from now on? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and we'll see you in episode 4.

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