Welcome back Drama Fans to the penultimate week of Jeju Island Gatsby. This week we are exploring the difference between Annoyance versus Straight Up Love. We find out what really happened that night 30 years ago, Geon Woo makes a decision, and someone swoons over a wedding dress. 

Marakeshsparrow: So...these episodes… //sighs// I really only have one thing I can do to express my feelings about them: //begins to bang head repeatedly against the wall// How can two characters both be so annoying!?!?! I was just waving the Geon Woo/Jung Joo ship flag last week, going on about how cute their interactions are, and now...well, I’m eating my words.


Jazmine: Annoying is a great word to describe how I feel...or annoyed rather. I was right behind you with the Geon Woo/Jung Joo ship but now I’m just like “uggghhhhh, can they please be in a room together without the sappy music playing”. Their interactions these past few episodes escalated past awkward and went into some third dimension of just plain weird. It’s like they couldn’t even have a normal conversation with each other. And while I sympathize about how having feelings for someone can make things a little weird when you interact with them….it was just too much this week. I’m more mad at Geon Woo though. He was everywhere and I felt like Jung Joo. -didn’t know if he wanted her or not.

Taleena: I had so many great feels this episode. I can’t even express how much I loved it. I am now OK with the Geon Won/Jung Joo ship because Geon Woo finally grew the heck up! I also, Jaz, was thinking that I just loved all the music these two episodes in particular. Give me lots and lots of slightly wistful cello-ing and I'm a happy girl.

Marakeshsparrow: Taleena, really? Haha--I don’t even know where to start with Geon Woo. He was too much for me this week. I mean, would it have been so hard to make himself clear to Jung Joo? No wonder she had no idea what was going on until the end, he was so confusing! I’d have emotional whiplash if I was Jung Joo--though that doesn’t let her off the hook completely. I had always applauded Jung Joo for being so straight-forward and open about her feelings, and now what’s happened? Has she regressed? Has love made her a sniveling idiot? //shakes head in disapproval// What drives me crazy is that by the end, I wasn’t even sure what the problem was anymore. So Geon Woo felt like he had to leave. Ok. But he made up his mind several times to take her with him (or at least ask her to come), so why didn’t he do that? What was the problem? Could it really be just that he saw her leaning on the Mayor’s shoulder? All they needed was to talk for a bit and clear the air, but even when they were locked in a house together complete with candles, food, and balloons--NOTHING. #Can’tEven


Taleena: Yes, Geon Woo had a hard time making up his mind how much to say to Jung Joo, but he was FIRM in his conviction to not put a hitch in his brother’s marriage plan. It seems to me that he finally came to the realization that there are things more important than his own comfort. And, AND he told off String ‘Em Along.

Marakeshsparrow: //sigh// Maybe you’re right. I’ll give him some credit. I think my heart is hurting because of my new-found Geon Woo/Jung Joo inclinations. I just want them to be happy! //sniffles// Is that too much to ask??? //weeps in front of framed photo of the Hong Sisters//

Jazmine: Emotional whiplash is great way to put it. I was also confused by what the problem was. Geon Woo leaving? Okay, got it. Jung Joo accepted it, but doesn’t want him to go. Geon Woo wants Jung Joo to go with him…...and yet he vaguely asks. Geon Woo is worried or doesn’t want Jung Joo to know about his dad. Cool. That’s not a problem though cause JUNG JOO DIDN’T EVEN ASK. Like she kinda dismissed the reason why he was leaving and focused on the fact that he was actually leaving. And then there was the fact that he might be leaving with Ji Won…? But Ji Won was pretty vague too. I don’t even know. I feel like these episodes were kinda filler. They could have cut out a lot and gave us more plot. Or more Resort Oppa and Lady Diver. Because they were adorable.

Taleena: But she did ask Jazmine and he brushed her off!  I loved everything about Resort Oppa this week. I loved how he and Geon Woo understood each other about Geon Woo’s dad with few words. I loved how he grabbed Lady Diver’s wrist and said, “You need to stay.” I loved him cheering three times for her at his wedding. Loved.


Marakeshsparrow: We definitely needed some more Resort Oppa and Lady Diver this week. I loved all their interactions, though I felt bad about the awkward situation with Geon Woo. (On a side note--I loved her wedding dress! I’m not typically one to go gaga over wedding stuff, but she looked gorgeous!) I’m worried though. Worried what’s going to happen when the cat comes out of the bag, because we all know it’s inevitable. I’m hoping Lady Diver isn’t too hard on Resort Oppa when she learns the truth.

Taleena: I think Lady Diver is more understanding than any of them are giving her credit for. As for Mr. Mayor, could we see a Mr. Mayor/Noona romance? I loved him telling her not to litter at the wedding.

Jazmine: Okay I also loved her wedding dress so much. I was fangirling because she looked so beautiful. I also think Lady Diver will respond just fine. I think she’ll be mad that they hid it from her, but I don’t think she’ll hate Geon Woo or Resort Oppa at all. She’s been such a strong character this whole drama. I agree Taleena, they need to give her more credit. I also saw a budding romance for Mr. Mayor/Noona….I don’t think it’ll go anywhere though. Or rather I just don’t like Noona for Mr. Mayor as of right now.

Marakeshsparrow: I would totally be happy with a Mayor/Noona union. I feel like he wouldn’t be afraid to put her in her place, something I think she needs from time to time. It seems like the “salt-of-the-Earth” Jeju Islanders have a way of leveling these rich family members out. That’s why Resort Oppa and Lady Diver’s relationship works so well. I think Mayor would be good for Noona. (And though Jung Joo isn’t technically a native, she’s scrappy so I’m going to put her in the same category)

Taleena: Jung Joo is definitely down to earth. In a pivot to Realtor - we find out that it is Geon Woo’s MOM that is responsible for the Mr. Lady Diver’s death - they really are going all Great Gatsby on us.

Jazmine: That was kind of a shocker to me, but it's definitely an interesting twist because if we're following Geon Woo’s logic then Resort Oppa should also disappear (Noona too) cause they all share the same mom. Of course I am opposed to that, but something tells me that the truth about it being their mom who is responsible won't reach the ears of Lady Diver.

Marakeshsparrow: I seriously didn’t think about the gravity of the fact that it was his mom until you just said it. So now, the connection to Mr. Lady Diver’s murderer is even closer. I definitely want to believe that Lady Diver will be big about things, but I don’t know. I have a feeling it’s not going to be pretty since they were almost too happy in these episodes.


Taleena: One of two things will happen: 1) One of the siblings (Noona is my guess - through Kooky Blogger) finds out that it was their mom that caused the death and blabs. This will cause huge consternation, but Lady Diver - being extremely cool - will handle it with grace. 2) Lady Diver will find out that it was Geon Woo’s dad (whom everyone thinks killed her first husband) who bought her house by way of reparation and finds out that way. And procedes to handle it with grace. I can’t see Lady Diver being anything other than awesome, because she is written awesome.

Marakeshsparrow: I hope you’re right! I was disappointed by the turn a couple of our characters took this week (//cough//youknowwhoyouare//cough//) so I’m honestly preparing for the worst. But I’m going to hold out some hope! Lady Diver really /has/ been consistently awesome.

Jazmine: Marakeshsparrow, you're like me. If there is too much happiness for one character I always think something terrible is going to happen because kdrama land has me conditioned that way. I do hope Lady Diver handles this with elegance. I'm just a little skeptical given this week's episodes.

Taleena: See, I had ZERO problem with these last two episodes. I know that you feel like Jung Joo turned weak and whine-y but I disagree. She stopped playing the stupid games with Geon Woo - and then realized that Geon Woo was being genuine too late. When he was leaving his brother’s wedding he tried to play that stupid “ha ha just leading you on game” and she didn't engage in it. It was only when Mr. Mayor and Poong San convinced her of Geon Woo’s genuineness did she fall into the typical Must Run To an Airport!!!!11!! K drama heroine style. Golly, I hope he gets on a plane and flies away and they come back next episode to a grown clementine tree.

Marakeshsparrow: Well you know there’s going to be a jump in time. I’m thinking he’ll be gone a year because Realtor said he’d think about whether Geon Woo should meet his father or not for one whole year and then contact him. I don’t know though. I’m frustrated. I kind of wish they’d actually turned out to be brother and sister, because I don’t enjoy the games and k drama cliches (leaving for a year towards the end of a drama) so much anymore. I wanted something fresh! I guess I shouldn’t make up my mind on the story though before we see the way it ends.

Taleena: A year or more break makes sense though for the story. It gives time for Resort Oppa and Lady DIver to firm their relationship. It gives Jung Joo a chance to think about Geon Woo without the immediacy of his presence. Think about Jung Joo’s ghost story: the most tragic ending is that she forgot the man who went away. I think that Geon Woo really does fear that. He has always been the hanger on, the stupid little brother who gets in trouble and is always making mistakes. Now he has a chance to leave for a good reason, but he is petrified that Jung Joo only really cared for him because he was helping her. It was right in the insult that came out of his mouth. She isn’t that kind of person, but that is how Lead’s ‘Em On is, and LEO is the only person he would commit to in the past. Geon Woo wouldn’t trust in Jung Joo’s love unless she waits for him.

Jazmine: As soon as they mentioned the clementine tree I knew there was gonna be a time jump. I feel like it'll come after everything is revealed though and we get that exciting climax (maybe....). I think that's what they all need. Time. I agree with what you both said. So hopefully everything will turn out peachy.

Well, what do you think Drama Fans? Will Lady Diver remain cool? Will Geon Woo be stopped in the airport in time? Will realtor spill the 30 year old beans? Will Poong San win the Mayor's niece? Were you annoyed by or did you love these episodes.  Let us know in the comments!

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