You know those dramas that drive you crazy because the misunderstandings drag on long after their plot utility? That’s not going to happen here. We think. Thick and fast the secrets gave way to the gate of truth. Oh my! How many cards were played on the table! Join Taleena, Jazmine, and Marakeshsparrow for episodes 7 & 8 of Jeju Island Gatsby.

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Taleena: Criminy there was a lot going on! I think we can safely say we have moved into full blown Romance between the leads. Right? Right?


Marakeshsparrow: OH. MY. GOD. These last episodes got Real with a capital R! So much happened I don't even know where to start. I was going to try to build up to this, but I think it's on all of our minds: THE TRUTH IS OUT! GOOD GOD THE TRUTH IS OUT! Leads 'Em On finally pulled the ultimate B move and told Geon Woo that Jung Joo isn't actually sick. But--what was that reaction? He still won't leave her until she dies??? AAAHHH!!! That's not what I was expecting. I thought there would be a lot of angst and kicking Jung Joo out, but the hug! Those feels!

Taleena: But Marakeshsparrow, there is NO way we would have gotten so much angst from Geon Woo for two reasons: 1) Geon Woo is fair. It wasn’t a matter of her misrepresenting herself, but him leaping to conclusions. How many times did she say, “Are you sure?” “I feel fine!” He can’t say that she deceived him. 2) He kind of faced the truth of how he felt (as she did) during the arm wrestling schtick. Geon Woo realized he was jealous of Mr. Mayor and Jung Joo realized she wanted Geon Woo to win the necklace for her.

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Marakeshsparrow: We got really close to another truth coming out--that Jung Joo has feelings for Geon Woo! I like how she tested the waters with him, but then made it like she was just trying to distract him from his stomach ache. I'm still not sure how I feel about them together, I mean they have really cute chemistry...but I was still rooting for something different. Now drama's intentions seem pretty clear though: Geon Woo and Jung Joo are on the road to romance and Mayor--ssi is definitely getting the second male lead cut. OK favorite moment from this week's episodes--the amazing arm wrestling scene between Mayor-ssi and Geon Woo! HILARIOUS. I love how all the town office people had worked together to set the mayor and Jung Joo up, and then Geon Woo purposely throws a wrench in it (it's pretty cute how he doesn't like her with the mayor). And the we got that amazing knights fighting over the princess fantasy moment! Hahaha! I love the tongue-in-cheek humor and how they're already making fun of the stereotypical love triangle drama arc. This is what keeps me hopeful that the Hong's will give us something a little different. But I guess we'll have to see.

Taleena: I am disappointed that just as Mr. Mayor decides to go all in on romancing Jung Joo, Geon Woo suddenly had his eyes opened to him how awesome she is. My remaining question echoes Geon Woo: Just what are Red Clay undies? How many answers can we handle? Give us more Hong Sisters!

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Marakeshsparrow: And now Lady Diver knows the truth too, despite Resort Oppa's best efforts to play along with her belief that he was just some ordinary guy she'd saved from an attempted suicide. And what a way for her to find out--I was guessing it wouldn't be a pretty reveal. Lady Diver is a proud woman, I have a feeling it's going to be hard for Resort Oppa to get back on her good side after this.

Taleena: Of course, Resort Oppa handled himself absolutely stupidly around her. He’s acting like a 15 year old with Lady Diver, and it is just too bad that his big extravagant “i’m a gazillionaire” party reveal went sideways. I must admit the plum colored tie with white suit was totally snappy.

Marakeshsparrow: Can I just say, I LOVED the part where Leads 'Em On told Resort Oppa she thought they would make great partners? (Also that had to be the most unromantic confession I've EVER heard) I knew she had her eye on the older brother because of the money and power, but didn't know she'd be so stupid just to come out with it like that. The he gave a great "you're not a part of my calculations or my heart" moment--woohoo! Gold. She deserved it. But know she's probably going to peruse Geon Woo more because she can't stand losing out completely.

Taleena: Compare how directly and gently Resort Oppa stopped his little brother's grasping, gold digger friend with how stupidly, impulsively, and irrationally he has been pursuing Lady Diver. His pell mell chase after her time and time again was only comedically matched by his scared about-face when she came to the resort. I about laughed my head off when his whole flock of executives turned and followed him. It’s very hard to hide when you have 20 guys following you deferentially.

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Marakeshsparrow: But what is the secret of Geon Woo's mother and father? (And Jung Joo's for that matter--even if they're not blood related, there's is definitely some past familial connection) Kooky Blogger apparently likes to get Geon Woo's noona drunk and then ask about personal family history. She mentioned that his parent's love story was like the Great Gatsby--finally a connection! I can't wait until we find out the full story, it sounds like it's a juicy one!

Taleena: Well let’s see if we can parse this out from the clues. Geon Woo’s mother and father’s romance was epic - like a whole other drama epic. He was a local Jeju boy who had nothing, but was her first love. He went off to make major bucks and in the mean time she married and divorced (widowed?) twice - only coming back to Jeju as a visitor. When Geon Woo’s dad came back, they remet and had a whirlwind affair. Then....what?! I’m beginning to think that maybe Lady Diver had a connection to not Jung Joo’s parents but Geon Woo’s. There is still something connecting Jung Joo and Geon Woo, but with the major steps in their romance, I think we can safely take siblings off the table. Unless, you know, this drama gets REALLY dark.

Marakeshsparrow: Predictions/Hopes for next week's episodes: Resort Oppa finds a way to sweep Lady Diver off her feet, officially winning her back and starting their romance for real. Geon Woo and Jung Joo become closer than ever and then find out they're TWINS (hahaha, I know, I know that's probably not happening anymore, but I refuse to back down until I know for sure) so then Jung Joo realizes Mayor-ssi is really the best man for her and they share a passionate kiss. Finally Leads 'Em On falls off a cliff into the ocean below but no one is there to save her, and no one even realizes she's gone. Ta da!

Taleena: Or does she fall off a cliff, lose her memory, and have to work hard as a family-less orphan? Only to fall in passionate love with a cute, dimpled, kindhearted but mischievous boy named Poong San? O.o Speaking of Mr. Mayor can I just add what an AWESOME zoom he has on his phone?

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What do you think drama fans? Are you happy to have some things out in the open? Are you happy with the state of the the romances? Will we ever find out what makes red clay underwear so special? Let us know in the comments!

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