Hello again, drama club readers! Welcome to the Joseon Gunman drama club, which will be the first time DramaFever Drama Club is tackling a historical drama, so please anticipate it. I'm Hallyu Tanya and I will be joined by ZombieMamma and Drama Debussie this go around. We have four episodes to cover, so let's jump in!

To recap all four episodes in one post will be a lot, so here are the highlights. The scholars of enlightenment are being hunted down by a gunman. We find out that the King's advisers are behind the shootings and have determined that Park Jin Han, the head of the Palace Guard, is too much of a liability so they send the gunman after him too. After a failed attack by the gunman, Jin Han moves his children, Yoon Kang & Yeon Ha, in with a longtime friend of the father, Jung Hwe Ryung, and his family consisting of his wife Lady Kim and daughter Soo In.

Yoon Kang and Soo In have had a previous run-in while Soo In was dressed as a scholar that led Yoon Kang to believe she is the gunman, or at least knows who the gunman is. Soo In is terrible at hiding her feelings of surprise and discontent at having to be around Yoon Kang. She eventually gives herself away when Yoon Kang see her, in scholar form, leaving the estate and they have a second run-in. Yoon Kang learns the hard way that never bring a sword to a gunfight, which results in his sword being broken and Soo In crying like a baby because she actually shot her gun. Side note: she really needs to step up her gender-bending game. Was anyone fooled?

Yoon Kang teases Soo In relentlessly after he realizes she is the scholar, however it lends to them becoming closer. We are introduced to an older scholar, Ho Kyung, who returns to the Jung's household after hearing the last of the scholars has been gunned down. Soo In calls him "brother" all the time, which irks Yoon Kang and we also learn the Ho Kyung is the illegitimate son of one of the King's advisers. Eventually Yoon Kang invites Soo In to a picnic to have some time alone with her, but is ambushed by his little sister, who comes along in the end. During a picnic, Yoon Kang and Soo In have their first kiss after watching fireworks. Although sweet, Yoon Kang's inattention to Yeon Ha results in her being kidnapped by the gunman.

Their father runs to the rescue after it is discovered Yeon Ha is gone, locking Yoon Kang in prison to keep him following. However, against the better judgment of a guard, Yoon Kang is released and immediately follows his father. While fighting results in Yeon Ha being rescued and running for help, Jin Han and Yoon Kang continue the battle and Jin Han is injured. After finding refuge in a cave, the gunmen approach and Jin Han knock Yoon Kang out cold to keep him out of the fighting, leading the gunmen away. I have decided that there must be a law against too much awesome in one character, because they always end up dead, which exactly what happened to Jin Han.

To further complicate matters, the advisers convince the King that Park Jin Han was behind the killings of the scholars and, although he is dead, he is sentenced to high treason, resulting in Yeon Hwa being taken to be sold as a slave while Yoon Kang is sentenced to beheading. Soo In decides to take matters into her own hands and seeks out Yoon Kang, who had left to confront the vice head of the merchant group, before he can be captured. With the assistance of Ho Kyung, a boat is arranged to take him away to safety and after they escape the city, they make their way to the boat.

After a short goodbye, the guards are approaching so Ho Kyung arrives via horseback to take Soo In away so she is not captured for assisting a criminal. Seconds later, Yoon Kang is shot by a gunman hiding in the grass and falls into the water. Soo In and Ho Kyung return to the house thinking that Yoon Kang is dead, however he find that he was rescued by a group of me on their way to Japan. One of the men states that he can stay with them until he wakes up, either at the port or in Japan, because of his luck. The compass that Soo In gave him had stopped the bullet from hitting him.

Yoon Kang must have stayed passed out until Japan. We are sent forward by three years to see Ho Kyung and Soo In watching a fight that takes place on the docks. It is ended with one shot, which was fired by a man from a boat.... who looks suspiciously like Yoon Kang in western clothing and glasses!

So, how do you feel about Joseon Gunman so far? Are you happy with the fast pace of the first few episodes? Where is this story leading us? Are Soo In and Yoon Kang going to run into each other again? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below! Stay tuned for the Part 2 discussion of the past 4 episodes coming soon!

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