Finding ourselves on the downhill side of Joseon Gunman, things are really picking up as court officials are murdered, identities are revealed and big pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. With so much going on, there's no time to waste so let's get to it!

Can I start off by asking if anyone out there is at all surprised that Choi Won Shin would beat Yoon Kang in their race to learn each other's identity because honestly, I wasn't surprised at all. Being the shrewd, wily and well-connected business man that he is, Choi Won Shin was always the man I put my money on, when it came to uncovering the truth. No offense to Yoon Kang but Won Shin's got home-court advantage here and it has paid off on more than one occasion. That being the case, I have to applaud Yoon Kang for never being more than half a step behind Won Shin. Every time Won Shin seemed to one-up Yoon Kang, he was right there, ready to retaliate which means that we, as the viewers, have a lot to keep up with and this whole tit-for-tat thing is just a small part of a much bigger picture! (Does anyone else's head hurt right now or is it just mine?)

To make things even more interested (albeit a little more difficult to follow) we have all of this political plotting and scheming going on that drives me absolutely batty. I don't understand how the king can keep so many corrupt officials around, especially when he knows they're plotting against him. To me this is one of those no-brainers, when it would just make sense to wipe the whole slate clean and start over with a new set of officials but I suppose that as a just and reasonable king, that's not really an option. (Dang it!) Since disposing of every rotten toad in a place of leadership isn't a viable option, I would think that the king would at least be smart enough to keep the enemies he has managed to kick out, well, out but it would seem I am wrong. I can't believe that the very people that should be celebrating the banishment of Kim Byung Je are the ones pleading with the king to bring him back. Does anyone else think this is a really bad idea or do I just really not have a clue what's going on here? I get that by bringing Byung Je back, he would, in theory, be indebted to the king but this guy doesn't seem to be the type who honors any sort of debt and certainly doesn't seem to be like the type of guy who's going to have a change of heart at the eleventh hour and miraculously save the day. Sorry but this guy is evil to the core and I cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would bring this man back. He's evil and should be banished for life. End of story.

I think what I found most intriguing this week was watching Choi Hye Won finally step up and make her move. I've been waiting for her to drop her innocent front and show her true colors and this week she did, not only to Hye Won but also to Yoon Kang and her father. (Which, for the record, I thought was fantastic!) I'm not quite ready to declare Hye Won the evil second just yet but she certainly has a hit of malice in her which, obviously, she isn't afraid to unleash, just a bit, when she sets her heart on something. I think blackmailing Yoon Kang into giving up Soo In isn't the nicest way to get a guy to stick by your side but it is effective (at least for now). I'm sure there'll come a point when Hye Won will have to decide if she wants to cling to her selfish ambition or give up Yoon Kang for the greater good but for now, she's playing the part of the forceful second very well and by that I mean, I'm not a fan of the way she confronted Yoon Kang and threatened him to give up Soo In or else but I haven't come to hate her... Yet.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on this week's episodes of Joseon Gunman? Was there anything that happened this week that really shocked you? Do you think it's wise for the king to bring back the Second Vice Premier? Will Yoon Kang give into Hye Won's demands or will he ultimately be unable to go against his heart? As always, I'd love to know what you're thinking so be sure to leave me a comment below!

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