Three weeks into Joseon Gunman and we've already had conspiracies carried out, a family destroyed, hearts broken, heroes murdered, villains victorious, plots for revenge brewing and heroes running around, masked and cloaked, like the Joseon version of Batman... Can this drama get any better? Why don't we dig into this week's episodes and find out!

So we left off last week with a very dashing Japanese merchant coming into port, wielding a pistol like he was straight out of the Wild West and looking mysteriously like Park Yoon Kang. Presenting himself to Lord Choi as Hanjo, this Yoon Kang lookalike makes it very clear that he's arrived in Joseon for a very singular purpose, to solidify the business deal between Lord Choi and his boss in Japan. Swaggering around Joseon as if he owned the place and looking down on pretty much everyone around him, Hanjo doesn't come across as the nicest of men but it doesn't take long for Hanjo's true identity to be revealed and wouldn't you know it, he's actually Yoon Kang come to exact his revenge upon those who ruined his life three years ago.

With a little of Yoon Kang's back-story thrown in throughout these two episodes, we learn that Yoon Kang did, in fact, survive being shot three years ago and was taken to Japan by the men who dragged him out of the water. Taking a bit of sound advice from a kind stranger, Yoon Kang cuts ties with his past, his homeland and his own identity, in order to develop a plan that will avenge his father's death and save his sister from slavery. While coming back to Joseon under the guise of Hanjo seems like a good idea, I'm a little worried about how things are going to work out for Yoon Kang when everyone under the sun seems to recognize him the minute he steps foot on Joseon soil. Jung Soo In recognizes him right away and very nearly blows his cover, as does the bumbling policeman, Han Jung Hoon. With so many people crying "Yoon Kang" it only makes sense that Lord Choi would start digging into Hanjo's past, in an effort to uncover his true identity. After all, if Hanjo really is Yoon Kang, Lord Choi's entire business deal could go up in smoke if Yoon Kang's goal in coming back is to sabotage the entire thing. (Of course everyone might go up in smoke if Lady Butterfingers can't keep a better grip on her box of gunpowder. Lesson #3 of Joseon Gunman: Pretending to be a gunpowder expert could blow up in your face!)

I think what might save Yoon Kang/Hanjo more than anything is the fact that he saved Choi Hye Won from certain death when they were jumped by those men in the forest. It's obvious that Lord Choi cherishes his daughter more than anything and the fact that Hanjo saved her means Lord Choi is deeply indebted to Hanjo. It's also not going to hurt Hanjo's position any if Hye Won starts to develop a little crush on him and really, how could she not? The man pulled out all his super-ninja moves to save her which makes him pretty much irresistible to Hye Won (and every woman watching this drama... Or is that just me?) Now all Hanjo has to do is keep from being discovered while attempting to rescue Park Yeon Ha which, I'm sad to say, doesn't really look possible, with the way things were left at the end of episode six but I'm choosing to be optimistic and believe Yoon Kang will find a way out, somehow…

So tell me, what are your thoughts on Joseon Gunman so far? Do you think Lord Choi will uncover Hanjo's true identity? Will Yoon Kang be able to carry out his master plan for revenge or will the whole thing fall apart before he can even get started? Will he be able to save his sister before she shipped off to China? Will Yoon Kang ever admit his identity to Soo In or will he try to keep his secret until the very end? I'd love to know what you're thinking so be sure to leave me a comment below and be sure to come back for our group discussion of Joseon Gunman, coming soon!

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