Tanya: Can I just throw this out there? For someone who is trying to remain hidden, Yoon Kang needs to go through a lot more effort to hide his hair in Joseon Gunman. Men don’t have bangs in Joseon, yet there he is in disguise with them hanging out of the headband.

Zombie: But it looks so cool! Who cares if everyone knows it’s you, as long as you look good, right?

DD: Thing is, apparently all he needed to do was cut his hair and add glasses. No one really had any idea this was the guy that was living there. The bangs must make all the difference.

Tanya: He’s just giving himself away! Not that he’s really all that great at hiding anyway.

Zombie: Well, to be fair, he did have pretty much everyone in the world revealing his identity so I don’t think the bangs really made that much of a difference.

DD: Sad but true. Last week we talked about lessons we could learn from this show. Remind me never to pretend to be an explosion expert. Seems like that’s something that would blow up in my face. Pun intended.

Tanya: Ah yes, our butterfingers is teaching us something else. Honestly, did they not remember that they took the lid off the box in the shot before? And then it was magically there again for effect when she dropped it?

DD: Continuity is hard apparently.

Zombie: I choose to believe she put the lid back on while walking because the dust was making her sneezy and we all know sneezing around gunpowder can be dangerous. Though apparently dropping a box of it is okay...

Tanya: Let’s just roll with that, otherwise I’m going to lose my mind here. Here’s another lesson for the world: Never leave a random dead guy in the woods. It gives you away.

Zombie: I really don’t think Yoon Kang is going for secrecy here. I think he wants the world to know he’s back and why not? When you’re so awesome bad guys just have to kill themselves in your presence, why not warn the rest of them that they’re next? I think dead bodies send a pretty strong message.

DD: Honestly, I wouldn’t want to hide myself in that Joseon Gunman getup he’s donning. He looks the cover model for Assassin’s Creed! Get this man a video game!

Zombie: I’m all for that! With the way Yoon Kang does all his crazy ninja flip and shoots baddies in the knees, he’d make a pretty awesome video game hero and we all know his secret identity looks mighty fine in those glasses! It’s perfect!

DD: Speaking of badassery, can we talk about Choi Hye-won? I know she’s the bad guy’s daughter, but come on! She’s awesome! Not sure what side she’ll ultimately end up on. Hoping it’s the good side, but not for the obvious reasons. I’m hoping her awesomeness rubs off on Soo In. She’s cute but so annoying! Stop giving away Yoon Kang’s identity!

Tanya: Hye Won will definitely be the wildcard of this drama. We probably won’t be able to determine her loyalties until the very end, but that will make things interesting. I love her cool and collected demeanor.

Zombie: Well it’s certainly not secret she’s developing a bit of a crush on Mr. Hanjo. Not that I blame her. He was pretty awesome, taking out all of those thugs at once and saving her life all while maintaining his perfectly coiffed hair… How could a girl resist?

DD: No girl could! It also seems like no one could resist going after Yeon Ha because the entire town decided to go down to the dock when they heard she was being shipped off to China. The question is WHERE THE HELL HAS EVERYONE BEEN?! She’s been going through hell for three years and NOW everyone hunts her down?

Zombie: Seriously! I can’t think of a single thing to say in response to that. It doesn’t make any sense at all but such is life in Drama Land.

Tanya: Didn’t Soo In say she would rescue her? Shouldn’t she have known where Yeon Ha was the whole time? I call shenanigans on the whole deal.

Zombie: I kinda feel like Ganemaru, just sitting quietly in the background, looking down my nose and shaking my head at all of the nonsense going on around me… Just because I can.

DD: Oh, the Ganemaru in all of us would be judging so hard. That’s a fact.

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