Hello, Joseon Gunman fans! Drama Debussie here for another week of, “Wait...what just happened?” We learned very quickly that Yoon Kang is not the only one with secrets as the rest of the characters seem to be dealing with their own internal battles, some of them especially unexpected.

Yoon Kang’s motive for hiding his identity from Soo In may be her protection, but I’m starting to think it’s more for his. Being the curious person she is, Soo In WILL figure out his true identity which makes me think it would ultimately be better for him to put it all out on the table. Although for every person he reveals himself to, he is forced to return to the person he was and Soo In would be the final nail in the coffin for his life as Hasegawa Hanjo, a life he would much rather mask his former self behind.

As much I may find Soo In’s curiosity disruptive, I can appreciate that her presence incites the feelings that he had for her and these feelings only belonged to the past Yoon Kang who wasn’t hardened by betrayal. Her naivete is disarming for him and juxtaposes his need to be the revenge seeking Joseon Gunman we’ve all come to love.

On the other hand you have Choi Hye Won who is certainly not naive or nearly as curious. This we now know can be blamed on her surprisingly traumatic childhood. I always wondered what made her so strong and confident from the moment we met her. Now we know that she simply has survival skills that she had to adopt very early on in her life.

Hopefully these survival skills will carry over to Kim Ho Kyung who is in the battle of his life as he prepares to go to battle with his father who just so happens to be the opposition that Ho Kyung has been tasked with overthrowing. The next family dinner is going to be awkward to say the least

It helps that he will have a king, who’s having his battles on a political level, behind him that wants change for everyone, not just the nobles. So far with the main characters we’ve been introduced to, we could have a revolution on our hands.

Something I’m not sad about as it’s never a good idea to let men who want unlimited power to stay in power. They’ll never be satisfied and change, which is ever constant, can be stalled indefinitely. Never great for a country as whole, but even worse for the plot line.

A plot line that kept taking a rather heart wrenching turn every time we had to witness Yoon Kang tell Yeon Ha that he was not her brother and then later having to watch his emotions melt his resolve leaving us all in puddles of tears with him. This had to be the internal battle of all the battles this week. Yup, hands down that was the winner.

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