DD: Welcome to another week of Joseon Gunman! Here’s my question: What does a guy have to do keep a secret identity around this place?! Seriously.

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Tanya: For someone that tries so hard, he really, REALLY sucks at it. Honestly.

DD: Doesn't help that everyone that comes in contact with him makes a huge scene. Granted everyone thought that he was dead so I understand the shock.

Tanya: I can see that, but I don’t understand why they keep freaking out once he says he isn't Yoon Kang. You should just be weirded out that they look so similar and walk away. Can I just say how much I love Ganemaru? He’s adorable and judges so hard. My two favorite traits in a person!

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DD: This entire show should just be a montage of his judging face. They seem to mirror my face on many occasions. Especially with all the reveals that happened this week. First off, Jung Hwe Ryung is the illegitimate son of Kim Byung Je? And I thought the fact that he will forever be friendzoned by Soo In was his biggest problem.

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Tanya: They has said that he was an illegitimate son in the past episode and showed who his father was, but I was upset that dad actually felt the need to reprimand him? If you have never claimed the kid publically, why make a fuss over him being at the palace? No one knows he’s linked to you so as far as they’re concerned he is just a random scholar.


DD: Well, logic seems to be something many of these characters seem to be lacking. Just like it didn’t make sense that they expected Soo In to be a convincing explosives expert for such an important deal where Yeon Ha would be sold to the resident pervert. What exactly happened there? Did they just stop looking for a legitimate expert?

Tanya: I know they lost their expert to someone who was willing to pay more, but I don’t understand why they stopped? I seriously wouldn’t keep telling some random girl who knows nothing except how to make fireworks to keep pretending. And after she had her little freak out over Yoon Kang vs. Hanjo-san, I certainly wouldn’t keep that girl around an important business contact. So much is riding on Soo In’s act and she sucks quite frankly.

DD: You know what doesn’t suck? Jung Hoon and Yoon Kang’s renewed bromance. I can’t say Jung Hoon excels at his job, but he excels in loyalty to his friend which is adorable.

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Tanya: Wait, can we trust who he is? Let me test you. Sorry, that scene was hilarious. He’s already confirmed and answered so many things. Walk away with dignity before he has to talk about you throwing dirt in his face so you can win!

DD: He makes some questionable choices that’s for sure. Although there was nothing more questionable than Choi Hye Won’s revelation. She was a child slave? So, is she adopted? Why did the writer think it was okay to drop that bomb and leave us in a haze? A haze that was very similar to the smoke that escaped Soo In’s explosive.

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Tanya: I can’t even with that. I was have a “wait, what?” moment. Just randomly leaving that there completely blew my mind because everything that they had put in place in that father-daughter relationship no longer made sense. That could explain why Choi Won Shin has so much of a sense of respect for her though? Like when Hye Won told him to let them search for the gunman in the first few episodes. Normally a child would not even speak up and I found that odd, so maybe that could have something to do with that dynamic. And didn’t it seem like she was the one that did the selling of Yeon Ha? Maybe I’m wrong.

DD: She certainly didn’t stop it. Maybe she’s been hardened by her previous life but it still seems she has some moral compass. At the very least she should understand how painful that life is, so for her to escort Yeon Ha to that same life is baffling.

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