Joseon Gunman returned this week a little less action-packed, but still eventful as different situations led us towards the darker side of the Joseon era. Let's jump in and see what happened!

We are at the halfway point of the series and the pace of our story seems to be slowing down a bit, but it is leading us towards some dark moments, as well as some heartfelt scenes. Yoon Kang successfully rescues Yeon Ha from the clutches of the Court Justice even though a gun battle ensues between himself and the other gunmen. Yeon Ha is stashed away at a temple for safekeeping so Yoon Kang can continue his act as Hanjo-san. I have a soft spot for Yeon Ha for making fun of Yoon Kang's hair, which has been a constant discussion for this drama club since the beginning.

Hanjo takes Soo In to a gunpowder technician to learn more of the craft. Initially, the technician refuses because Soo In is a woman. After stating that the technician's stories are only myths, Hanjo orders the technician to teach Soo In anyway because he is in charge of the operation.

The head of the Gyeonggi merchant group, Choi Won Shin, still questions if Hanjo and Yoon Kang are different people. While he is correct in his suspicions, Hanjo finally manages to convince him that they are different by having Sang Chu pose as the gunman and break into the merchant group's document storage to steal information about Won Shin while they are away for an outing. Feigning offense, Hanjo calls off all deals with the merchant group.

While convincing the gunpowder technician that he is a precious teacher, he is arrested for a possible connection with the gunman. Soo In runs to Hye Won and overhears that she has been lying to her about knowing Yeon Ha's whereabouts. While Soo In starts to connect that Hanjo and Yoon Kang are the same peroson, she runs off to see Hanjo and discovers the compass she gave Yoon Kang while snooping through Hanjo's room.

In tears and before Soo In and Hanjo even get a chance to speak about it, the officials storm into Hanjo's house and arrest Soo In for stealing gunpowder from the storehouse. The gunpowder technician had told the court he caught her stealing, which lead to her arrest. She admits that she had tried to steal, saving the technician's life, but leading to her questioning and subsequent torture. While trying to remain strong, the court decides to use this opportunity to frame her father and drags him in for questioning as well.

There is so much more to discuss from these episodes... so join TheZombieMamma, DramaDebussie, and I for our group discussion in Part 2! What do you think of everything that has happened in the Joseon Gunman universe so far? Are you a intrigued by Soo In's newfound strength? Are you happy Yeon Ha has finally been rescued? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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