Drama Debussie: Hey, Shooters! Is that what we’re calling the Joseon Gunman fans or I have I lost part of my memory due to the mind blowing that happened in this week’s episodes?

ZombieMamma: I must have missed out on naming the fans but hey, it works for me!

DD: First, welcome back, ZM! You were missed. Good part about you coming back this week was that you got the good episodes on your return. Yay! The story was cranked up quite a bit and surprisingly enough I was a Soo In fan this week. Hell DID freeze over.

Zombie: So that’s why it was so chilly while I was gone… I have to say, I was a fan of her this week as well. She’s certainly proven she’s made of some pretty tough stuff! Good grief! I have no idea how she even managed to walk after all of that! Yowzers!

Tanya: Eh… I still found her obnoxious. People are obviously trying to save you. At some point, just do what you’re told. I get where her heart was, but he said he would save her and he did so all’s well that ends well I suppose.

DD: I found myself swelling with pride while watching her put her life (and her father’s) on the line to protect Yoon Kang. Takes a certain person to do that and I never thought Soo In would be that person. Most would say she’s a dumb person. Nevertheless, I’m glad she’s a person that is willing to do that.

Zombie: Me too! It means she may actually be a female lead worth cheering for and I’m all for that. I’m not a fan of the helpless, clueless female leads, so if Soo In can step up her game like she did this week, I’ll be more than happy to back her up which is probably a good thing, seeing as how I’ve got this sinking suspicion things are going to get a lot tougher before the end.

DD: At least Soo In has finally figured out Yoon Kang is, well, Yoon Kang. Curiosity got her tortured and almost killed, but at least it confirmed all her suspicions so that they can get back to whatever was developing all those years ago. Of course Hye Won may not like the idea of that.

Zombie: I have a feeling Hye Won is going to drop her nice girl act, as soon as she sees Soo In as a rival for Yoon Kang’s affections, and make life miserable for them all.

DD: Ugh, I know I’m not ready for that. Of course I also wasn’t ready to get another side of her dad, Choi Won Shin. We’re now finding the reason he’s so determined and it all stems from his fear that he’ll have to go back to being a slave. This also explains why he adopted Hye Won. He saw himself in her. Dear me, is this...sympathy I’m feeling for him? Who am I?!

Tanya: I don’t think he adopted her actually. They said that he was a slave too. I think they are biologically connected and when he got out of servitude he managed to find her since she had escaped…. Or they escaped together? I hate just getting bits of the puzzle. Their story doesn’t need this being drug out thing.

DD: So there’s a possibility that he and Yoon Kang share almost the same story?!

Zombie: Patience Cricket, all will be revealed in time and who knows, maybe their story will play some part in the way things work out in the end.

Tanya: If it doesn’t somehow, we’ll be sending furniture factories everywhere long letters of apologies! So… who had the bright idea to lie to the Emperor? Does that sound like a REALLY bad idea to anyone else? I’m pretty sure I still have marks on my forehead from all the facepalming that happened.

DD: If lying to the Emperor brings on the reaction we got, can someone keep lying to him? Just seeing him show up and finally putting everyone in their place was magical. The Emperor will no longer stand for foolishness!

Zombie: This is the part that always confuses me when it comes to dramas with a monarchy. Why in the world is the king always treated like the red-headed step-child when he’s the leader of the entire country? Shouldn’t he be given a bit more respect? He’s the king and as such he can do whatever he wants, right? So why are all of the other officials treating him so badly? Isn’t that pretty much the worst idea ever, seeing as how this guy can have you executed anytime he wants, just because he can? Maybe he’s being too nice to everyone. If I had a group of officials around me who never did anything but lie, I’m pretty sure I’d be doing something about it. Chop off enough heads and they’ll eventually get that you mean business. Right?

DD: Henry VIII comes to mind...

Tanya: I understand that they are in the world of everybody using others for their own agenda. Even the Queen told the King to watch his step around certain members of his court, but he wants to bring about change so there is no reason to think that he wouldn’t go with extreme measures. Putting a Vice Premier in prison is pretty extreme.

Zombie: I wonder how long that Vice Premier is going to stay in prison? Do you think he’ll find a way to weasel himself out or will he rot there? Maybe the head toad will get him out?

DD: My money is on Head Toad. He’s sneaky. Good thing is that we absolutely know who the bad guy is now.

Tanya: They said he was being exiled, which is why the old guy got so angry. That doesn’t mean they won’t manage to save him, but for the trouble he’s caused, I say let him go.

Zombie: I certainly won’t be sorry to see him go. There’s enough going on in this story, we don’t need his shenanigans messing things up more than they already are. Head Toad is going to make sure things fall apart for the kind, all on his own and Won Shin may soon come to regret siding with him, not because he’s against what Head Toad is doing but because he’s going to get sick of being treated like a dog. If you kick a dog long enough, you’re going to get bitten. I think it’s only a matter of time.

Tanya: I’m happy Soo In discovered the compass. Now that she has an answer to the lingering questions in her head, she probably will calm down a lot in terms of annoyance. It did also make her a bit stronger during the whole almost-losing-her-life ordeal.

DD: Stronger and on the brink of martyrdom. Anything for love, I guess.

So tell us, what did you think of this week’s excitement? Have your opinions of Soo In changed now that she’s risked her life to protect Yoon Kang? Are you feeling any pangs of sympathy for Won Shin? What do you think will happen to the Vice Premier? We’d love to know what you’re thinking so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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