Welcome back to another episode of Kill Me, Heal Me! When Oh Ri Ohn puts pressure on Do Hyun to leave his sister alone once the two months are up, guess who shows up to handle the pain and confusion? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not Se Gi! Join Wendilynn and me, Cici, as we discuss the twists, confirmations, and revelations in Episode 13!

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Wendilynn: This episode is another awesome one. We get silliness and intriguing story lines. My head is both laughing and shaking at the twists going on.

Cici: This really was a fun episode, but it was also very touching in parts. I was happy that we got a little review of Do Hyun standing up to Grandma and refusing to high-tail it back to America.

13_Shatered heart.jpg

Wendilynn: I’m just glad to see Do Hyun finally standing up for himself. Thanks to what happened at the office while Se Gi made his appearance, it taught Do Hyun it was okay to have a little backbone.

Cici: It’s a weird combination of still feeling responsible for cleaning up Se Gi’s messes, and yet having the chutzpah to refuse to be bowled over when he’s Do Hyun. It really gives me hope for a successful reintegration, at least of Se Gi and Do Hyun. I loved the way he handled Chae Yeon.

Wendilynn: Yes, she’s completely falling apart. You feel a little sorry for her because it really wasn’t fair what Se Gi did to her, but again, she sort of left herself open for it too.


Cici: Sorry, not sorry. She just got a taste of her own medicine. How can someone so pretty be so selfishly clueless?

Wendilynn: Welcome to the spoiled rich? *shrugs* But it seems that the Cousin does actually love her. Even if he’s stupid about it. He wouldn’t get so territorial if she was just a possession.

Cici: Maybe. Don’t forget, he’s just as much a part of the “spoiled rich” as she is, and she’s a key to his being able to stay there. So, yeah, I despise them both.

Wendilynn: I agree she is definitely a piece he needs for ‘world domination” hehe. But he reacts to her on an emotional level like she reacts to Do Hyun.

Cici: I was probably just irritated at her because her drunken antics kept Do Hyun from going on the snowflake train with Ri Jin. At least they met up in front of the Tarot Reader. It was pretty hilarious how they both snuck in for a secret reading.


Wendilynn: That tarot reading was so funny. His was pretty straightforward, but hers was a mess. I laughed when she was talking about being loved by three or four men. Oh, honey, you have no clue. lol


Cici: My favorite part was when Ri Jin finally had enough and demanded her money back. And then when she met Do Hyun, she realized that he’d had his cards read, too. At least they both agreed that the results were “totally invalid!” Shades of Se Gi...

Wendilynn: Considering what we suspect about their childhood and the trauma involved with both of them, especially after her fainting spell, “catastrophe” and “destruction” are the least of the words the fortune teller could have used.

Cici: But it did set up some foreshadowing. We all know that the worst is yet to come. Although if Ri Ohn has anything to say about it, Do Hyun and Ri Jin won’t be in contact with each other much longer.


Wendilynn: Well, to have Ri Jin mutter the same words that Do Hyun heard in his dream, it’s going to take a massive pull for Ri Ohn to pull them apart. However, I think Ri Ohn was “punished” for his interference, don’t you think? *evil chuckles*

Cici: I actually expected Se Gi to emerge to deal with the pain of possible separation, but surprise! Yo Na to the rescue! ...er...attack?

Wendilynn: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yo Na. I mean, if she were a real person, she’d drive me crazy. After all we all hate the psycho fans. But as a character, played by a grown man, she’s a riot. Poor Ri Ohn was terrified when he realized that Do Hyun had switched. But they were right, she really doesn’t hold grudges, does she? She was mad at Do Hyun for a moment and then she just shook it off and took total advantage of her good luck. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think the word, “Oppa” the same way again. *snort*

Cici: Nope. Never even thinking that word again. But she is one persistent young lady, isn’t she? She really had to work for that kiss!

Wendilynn: *helpless laughter* Boy, did she. It's fun to note that both Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon were game for that scene. Notice that it’s Ji Sung applying lip gloss on Seo Joon.

KMHM e13 bts Yona kiss 2.png

Cici: I’ve heard that it was actually improvised on the set. They are amazing actors, lol!

Wendilynn: Is it just me, or does anyone else laugh whenever Ri Ohn screams “sister”?  I loved it when he was begging, “I’ll be good” just to be saved from Yo Na.

Cici: Yep, he finally realized that Ri Jin wasn’t kidding when she warned him about the most dangerous personality. And the way that they portrayed the aftermath of Yo Na was equally hilarious. Ri Ohn slipping into calling himself “oppa” was hysterical. They do awkward so well!

Wendilynn: When poor Do Hyun finally woke up from that right hook Ri Jin planted on Yo Na, it was so funny. You are right, they did awkward so well.

Cici: Every time I see Ri Ohn, I think about how he keeps trying to explain how he feels about Ri Jin, and she never gets it. Even though he couches it in brotherly advice or humor, sometimes the pain in his face is palpable. It squinches my heart.


Wendilynn: He needs to face that he will always be a brother to her. Never a man. But his explanation about how a man’s heart is torn to pieces is not only a good explanation for where Ri Ohn is emotionally, but what may have done Do Hyun in, too. Because we know that Chae Yeon isn’t actually Do Hyun’s first love.

Cici: Ah, so true. I almost missed that connection. Geez, these writers are good. I also had a heart squinch when Ri Jin thanked her parents for loving her and Ri Ohn equally, even though she is not their biological daughter. What a way to let your parents know that you’ve recovered some of your memories, and that you are going to be all right, huh?


Wendilynn: I love their family unit so much. Every family should be this way. I can’t ship them hard enough.

Cici: For sure. They are definitely the family I would most want to spend Thanksgiving with, should that poll ever come round again. Plus, maybe I could get Mom to bring her duck stew in place of turkey?

Wendilynn: Amen. I’m so glad the writers have given us the balm that is the Oh family to counteract the terror that is the Cha family. However, it’s really looking like that evil Uncle and his wife, and the Cousin have no freaking clue about this nightmare.

Cici: Well Evil Bio Mom has certainly shown her hand. I may have felt the teensiest bit sorry for her at one time, but that was long ago and far away. Now she’s just completely despicable.


Wendilynn: Agreed. After her little monologue with coma dad I can’t respect her at all. She flat out lied to Do Hyun to his face. And he knew she was lying and she still kept it up. I have to wonder about that picture though in the book. I know its the first wife, but if he really loved her, how could he lock up her child like that? I want those answers explained.

Cici: Love doesn’t always transfer from person to person, especially when jealousy and anger are involved. That is his first wife’s child, but she certainly isn’t his.

Wendilynn: I know you're right. And with the child being a lover’s child and not his own. In their culture.. yeah. It’s bad. This just keeps getting worse and worse, no wonder Do Hyun fell apart.

Cici: I’ve got to say that while I’ve always considered Bio Mom fairly pathetic, the fact that she is willing to do anything to keep her life from falling back into the gutter actually makes her pretty scary. Desperation like that knows no bounds.

Wendilynn: She allowed her son and another child to be abused so she could be rich. Grandma has a good reason for loathing her. Not that we loathe Grandma any less.

Cici: And the worst part of that crazy horrible family? Just when Do Hyun is about to “corroborate” their stories with a kiss, he spies a partially burned picture of First wife in the fire pit. Which means no kiss. I’ve been robbed!

Wendilynn: They built up to that scene well. When he went looking for her and then she goes to walk away and gets all upset he doesn’t call her back right away. lol She turns back to him with bogus “information” 3 times before he finally calls her. lol He really has fallen in love with her. She wormed her way into his heart pretty securely. He’s asked her twice now to let him be a man to her.

Cici: Yes, and he really does want to protect her.


Wendilynn: Especially as he now suspects that she’s the little girl in his dreams.

Cici: Please, don’t let noble idiocy ensue! We’re so close to an awesome happy ending!

So, loyal KMHM fans, what do you think? Has Do Hyun actually incorporated enough of Se Gi's toughness to have successfully reintegrated that part of his personality? And will he be able to do the same with Yo Na? Will the combined efforts of Do Hyun and Ri Jin's amazing family be enough to protect her from the traumas of her past? And will Grandma and Evil Bio Mom finally get their just desserts? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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