Welcome back, drama fans, to the fifteenth episode of Kill Me, Heal Me. Greed takes many forms, and sometimes it even hides behind the pretense of protecting those we love. Join Wendilynn and me, Cici, as we delve into the motivations behind the actions in this episode.  

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Cici: Well, I really disliked Bio-Mom before, but I was actually surprised at the depth of her greed. She really has no clue how damaging her selfish priorities have been, or that she has even done anything all that wrong. Do Hyun’s confrontation after the kidnapping pretty much shredded my last hope that she might become a decent human being.


Wendilynn: She’s desperate. Desperate people start thinking that anything is worth it if it gets you what you want. Watching Do Hyun’s heartbreak as he realized there was only one way to stop his mother made me sad.

Cici: He kept offering her an alternative, pleading with her to just leave it all behind and go with him to America, and she could only respond by saying “how close” they were to her goal. She really gave him no alternative but to tell the world about his illness.


Wendilynn: I was fascinated by how since his head was hit with that 2x4, he was getting Se Gi’s memories. So he was able to remember that just like his mother, the chairwoman also couldn’t let the company go for her son.


Wendilynn: Both women have their eye on the wrong prize. And then this episode plays with us again and shows the regret Grandma feels about this whole mess while talking to her comatose son. The interplay of this story is just…. I can’t think of the word. Twisted? Unfortunate? Unbelievably human?


Cici: Just when I feel justified in really hating the “villains”, they go and do something that makes me realize that they’re just human. Flawed, yes, but complex and multidimensional. It almost makes them forgivable, which is probably where this drama is ultimately heading. I love that.

Wendilynn: The depth of this story is amazing. We now have Do Hyun and Se Gi with combined memories. Do Hyun now knows for sure that Ri Jin is the girl in his basement and just how ugly things were for her. My heart just wanted to break as he and Ri Ohn sat and talked about how they could protect Ri Jin from the hurt those memories will give her.

Cici: I am always impressed with the quality of the acting and the depth of the characters. And Ri Ohn has owned my heart for quite some time.

Wendilynn: Park Seo Joon is just as crazy talented as Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are. The dynamics they bring to these scenes and these characters just steals your heart and won’t let you escape.

Cici: Ri Ohn is finally being more forthright about his feelings for Ri Jin, even though he realizes that her heart belongs to Do Hyun. That’s why he pleads for him to let her go. It breaks my heart.


Wendilynn: It’s dual heartbreaks for the boys but then we have Ri Jin who is slightly excited by the idea that she and Do Hyun have a fated past. That she could be Do Hyun’s first love. While she knows the memories are also bad, she has hope that there are good ones too.


Cici: She may have hope, but it’s looking like Do Hyun is about to engage in some noble idiocy. That scene where he asks Ri Ohn to grant him just one day with her sounds way too ominous.


Wendilynn: Yeah, I think it’s a given he wants to take her on a goodbye trip. I normally hate noble idiocy because it’s usually pointless and all about the guilt a person is feeling despite the truth. In this case though, I don’t have a problem with it because they don’t know how much she knows already and they are honestly trying to protect her from a major horror. It’s not just mindless guilt on Do Hyun’s part.

Cici: That’s true. Plus he already knows just how heartless both his mother and grandmother are when it comes to protecting the company, so he is also worried for her physical safety. BUT doesn’t he realize that he is her last, best hope? That still qualifies as noble idiocy in my book. Or false modesty. Take your pick.

Wendilynn: Oh, he’s still being a noble idiot, but for the right reasons this time. I don’t think Do Hyun realizes yet that only through working with her can they solve the problem of the broken memories. She understands this already. Its why she can be so hopeful, but right now the men are scared for her. Men tend to do that when they don’t want their precious person to hurt or feel sad.

Cici: I understand, but sometimes it just seems slightly demeaning. She is stronger than either Ri Ohn or Do Hyun give her credit for. At least Dr Park recognizes that fact and supports her.


Wendilynn: Well, they don’t know how strong she is, but that’s human nature too. I like Dr. Park. He makes funny references to her being like his daughter but because he knows both sides of this equation, he is able to be more impartial than either Do Hyun or Ri Ohn. He already knows that the process has potential for good results.

Cici: Well, there is that hope. Not for Chae Yeon, though. However, I actually liked the way she dealt with Ki Joon’s mother. That whole “Don’t trust me” routine surprised me. She still won’t get who she thinks she wants, but she is not a pushover.


Wendilynn: Was I the only one who found it funny that Ki Joon thought his mom was supposed to be helping the situation but instead made it worse by chewing Chae Yeon out?

Cici: Yeah, that was pretty funny. But I’ve honestly lost most interest in what happens to Ki Joon. He’s the least sympathetic of all the characters for me so far. At this point I almost hope he gets Seung Jin Group and all the mess that goes with it. Do Hyun and Ri Jin would both be better off without it.

Wendilynn: I have to agree with you. When we were at the scene were his Dad was being told the truth about Ri Jin, I just felt that they deserved whatever they got. I have no sympathy for him.

Cici: Speaking of sympathy, did you notice how Do Hyun seemed to be on the verge of tears/actually crying for almost every scene in this episode? How do they do that? I would get dehydrated.

Wendilynn: It was very emotional for him most of this episode. Se Gi finally came clean, so to speak. That is a lot to take in. This may sound gross, but I was really impressed with the beginning scene where he’s dripping blood, tears and snot. Its not easy to get the body in that shape, faked or not.


Cici: I’ve always admired actors who are willing to be ugly when the part calls for it. I am /not/ a pretty crier, so I can relate, lol. That’s just one more reason I admire Ji Sung so much. But I do long for the scenes where he is happy.

Wendilynn: I love when he just holds her and strokes Ri Jin’s hair. That scene where he holds her and cries as he realizes what she is willing to do for him. He’s always so thankful for her. I just love him. That tenderness is one of the things that has made watching this show so amazing.


Cici: That was my favorite part of this episode, too. That, and the scene with her mom. In this episode particularly, I was grateful for the little bit of sunshine that Ri Jin’s family provided.


Wendilynn: You know, I love how much you can tell that Ri Jin was loved. You understand why she was never really curious about her adoption because she was so loved and felt so secure that there was never anything missing. There’s Ri Ohn trying to protect his family’s happiness but the family is already rallying around Ri Jin to love her as she takes these painful steps. More families need to take this role model to heart. 

Despite their painful pasts, Ri Jin and Do Hyun are making real strides towards healing and becoming whole. The question is, will Do Hyun's sense of guilt and desire to protect Ri Jin allow him to keep her by his side? Will they be able to defeat their shared demons together? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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