Welcome back, drama fans, to the seventeenth episode of Kill Me, Heal Me. Hold on to your hats for some long-anticipated verifications as well as some surprise reveals. Join Amy, Wendilynn, and me, Cici, as we discuss the latest developments in one of our favorite dramas of the year. 

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Wendilynn: The start of this episode just had Do Hyun and Ri Jin rocked to their cores with the depth of the secrets between them. Finding out how Ri Jin’s existence was hidden from the world was a rough thing for them to find out.


Cici: I was a bit surprised to find out that Do Hyun did not even remember his real name, and neither did Ri Jin. It would be a shock to find out that the people who should have loved and protected you wanted you erased so completely that they gave not only your place but even your name to someone else.


Amy: I can’t imagine being in either of their places. The shock that they suffered as children would be too much for any adult but to live it again is awful. Ri Jin has a strong support system in place but Do Hyun doesn’t really have anyone right now. I’m feeling for him.

Cici: Amy, you’re so right. Did you notice how Ri Jin’s mom grabbed her and held on to her as she was going through the trauma of remembering? Poor Do Hyun only had a stuffed bear for comfort.


Wendilynn: No wonder Ji Sung’s voice went hoarse near the end of the drama. You cannot do all this crying without wearing yourself out. These scenes were brutal for them. What I did find interesting is that Do Hyun did not escape to another personality. He faced this new truth. He got working with Sec. Ahn to find answers and confirm things. He even was even willing to take on his grandmother.

Amy: All of the actors are doing such an excellent job of pulling me in each episode you can tell they’re really throwing themselves into their roles. I thought it was awesome that Do Hyun faced everything on his own without letting another personality come out. It’s very hopeful for his future. I liked seeing Ri Jin patch things up with Ri Ohn too. The poor guy has been suffering watching her be in pain so I’m glad they finally talked things out.

Cici: I was thrilled at the way Do Hyun took on Grandmother after he was informed that the company was in trouble and needed him. He’s finally up to demanding what he needs and living on his own terms.


Cici: And I agree, the scenes with Ri jin and Ri Ohn were some of my favorites. He always tugs at my poor heartstrings, though. I’ve had a pretty bad case of SLS all along, even though I love Do Hyun. Ri Ohn always knows just what to say to shock Ri Jin back to reality. It was pretty harsh to tell her that he didn’t want to be her brother if she couldn’t be strong, but it was exactly what she needed to bring her out of her funk.


Wendilynn: Ri Ohn proved why we love him so much. He knows how to shake Ri Jin out of her nightmares and bring her back into the warmth of her family. The love she has received has been the healing balm we knew she needed, it was just so much more than we ever imagined.

Cici: Yes, but it still tears me up when she tells him she loves him and thanks him for being her brother. I know that’s what he chose, but it’s still so obvious that that’s not really what he wanted. Sigh….


Amy: I do feel bad for him but all of this is showing us how awesome he’ll be when he does find the right girl. How desperate is Cha Yeon? I hate it when women pull that crap. She knows that she has no chance with Do Hyun so she is using her shares and his grandmother to get him. Sigh.


Wendilynn: She’s an opportunist. It goes with the territory. She really isn’t all that different from the Cousin. She’s in for a rude awakening, I think. Grandma is in a very tough spot though. However, she holds the last outside pieces of the puzzle and I have to admit, seeing what happened 21 years ago was just as surprising as learning about the name.


Wendilynn: However, I want to crow a little. I called it. I KNEW it was Se Gi who started the fire, and I knew it had to do with escape. I just had no clue, nor could imagine at the time, whose escape it was for.


Cici: That took me completely by surprise. I just have to give props to the child actor who has been playing the young Do Hyun. His expression as he prepared to throw the match chilled me to the bone. If I’d ever had any doubts regarding whether or not Se Gi had psychopathic tendencies, they were removed in that instant.

Wendilynn: I also have to send kudos to Lee Do Hyun, the child playing Joon Young. Now isn’t that a coincidence?


Wendilynn: We also got to see where the name Perry Park comes from and we got to see the bright, happy relationship he and his father had. His face was so bright and happy and then in those final scenes when he was facing his mom and his dad, his eyes were just so dead. You could already see that he was fracturing. That final beating was the last straw. My heart just broke as I watched that child’s sanity die.


Amy: Ooooh. Do Hyun’s mother. She infuriates me. Why is that stupid company more important than your son’s father’s sanity and then your son’s sanity? Her selfishness leaves me speechless.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I think we all pretty much feel she needs to be strung up by her toes and left to feed the birds.

Amy: I kind of want to get some backstory on her so that I can try to understand where she is coming from but I know I won’t like her even if I understand her better.


Cici: Well, we know she worked in a restaurant, so she probably grew up poor and desperate. That’s enough back story for me to understand her attempt at climbing the social ladder, but not her greed. I will never understand any mother who would be willing to sacrifice the well-being of her child for her own personal gain. It just is incomprehensible to me. I don’t even want to understand it.

Wendilynn: What a contrast we have between Do Hyun’s mother and grandmother and the two mothers of Ri Jin. Where Ri Jin just dealt with memory loss, her heart was protected. Where with Do Hyun, nobody was looking out for him.

Amy: I know. Do Hyun needs someone who will love him and protect him. I get that Do Hyun’s grandmother wanted to cover everything up to give him a chance but he needed love more than a chance at the company. Maybe that was her way of showing love? I don’t know.

Cici: Nope. Sorry, that was just her way of protecting her company, and by extension, herself. She consistently chose the company over both her son and grandson, which is just another way of saying she chose to protect her own position of power over her family.

Wendilynn: No, she was protecting the company and her son’s reputation.

Amy: I guess you’re right Cici and Wendilynn. I don’t know anymore. I just want to see the good in everyone. Why can’t they all be good and happy? I guess we wouldn’t have much of a drama if that were the case.

Cici: See, I actually prefer my villains to stay villains, rather than having some feeble attempt made at the last minute to redeem them. I appreciate being able to understand their motivations, but in my book, both Bio-Mom and Grandma are evil. And I’m still wondering about Grandma’s rumored link to the death of her husband and daughter-in-law. Guess I’m more heartless than you guys.


Wendilynn: Good intentions don’t fracture a child’s sanity. I feel Grandma got in over her head, but she still chose the company and her son’s reputation over loving her illegitimate grandson. How did you guys feel about where Se Gi’’s name comes from? I have to admit. I was expecting Shin Se Gi to be his real name, not the name of the matches used to start the fire.

Cici: Holy cow, how did I miss that? Oh, I see. 세기 (SeGi) is the Korean word for century, the brand of matches used to start the fire. I was so busy focusing on the adult Se Gi standing behind the child Do Hyun that I missed the significance of the matches completely. No wonder he has such a fiery disposition, right?


Amy: I missed that too. I was distracted by how good Se Gi looked. I haven’t seen him for a while!

Wendilynn: Those matches were used to also provide warmth and light to Ri Jin’s dark and cold existence in the basement. They have enormous significance to caring for Ri Jin. So it really does make the personality of Se Gi make complete sense.

Cici: I was actually surprised that Se Gi was able to appear to Ri Jin at the end of the episode. I wonder whether Do Hyun finally cracked from the pain of that final reveal and let Se Gi out….or whether he did it so Se Gi could say goodbye one last time?


Wendilynn: Oh, Do Hyun definitely needs some quiet time as he deals with this. He was barely holding it together, with the help of Ri Jin’s cute video, but to add the news that he started the fire? yeah… it was time out time for Do Hyun. There are no barriers between him and Se Gi now.

Cici: Maybe he was just overwhelmed. Don’t we all have days like this?


Amy: Almost every day is like that for me. Ha ha!

So many questions have been answered, so many details revealed! Were there any surprises for you? And what do you think of Se Gi's return? Has Do Hyun finally crumbled under the weight of his memories and his Grandmother's revelation? Will he have the strength to return, or will Se Gi remain in control? Be sure to join us next time as we approach the exciting conclusion! And meanwhile, share your thoughts in the comments below!

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