We’re down to the second last episode of Kill Me Heal Me! We had to say goodbye to a personality, watch Do Hyun show his business prowess, and see some issues getting resolved. Do you think Do Hyun and Ri Jin will be able to face their past and say goodbye to the personalities? Discuss it with me, Wendilynn, and Cici!

Wendilynn: This episode is bittersweet on so many levels.


Amy: It was very bittersweet but I was loving Manager Ahn at the beginning of the episode. He was so assertive and funny! “Waist!”

Wendilynn: That is one way to get them to break apart. I loved that he pulled rank on her to send her home where she couldn’t be harassed.

Cici: I loved so much about this episode, but I almost feel like we need to go in chronological order to keep from missing anything. So this is a great start. What did you think about the news Do Hyun received about the suspicious nature of the car accident that killed his grandfather and Ri Jin’s mom? We’ve been getting all kinds of hints that it was more than just a simple accident.

Wendilynn: Yeah, it was fishy, but I’m thinking that the real switch of drivers was to delay them from ever getting on that plane. I haven’t seen anything to make me think the crash itself was anything more than an unfortunate accident.

Amy: I’m not sure what to think of the accident. So much conspiracy surrounds their family that I wouldn’t put it past anyone to plan the accident to prevent them from getting on the plane but I also think it could have just been a normal accident. Either way it is unfortunate and poor Ri Jin lost her mom because of it. I’m just glad a loving family adopted her.


Cici: Her life with her adopted family was definitely better than it would have been as the non-relation in her real family. Even if her mom had survived, grandmother had already heard her son denounce any biological relationship to Ri jin, so she was nothing more to that family than an inconvenient embarrassment. And just think--without that accident we never would have gotten to see her interactions with Ri Ohn. He’s still my favorite part of this drama, and his confessions this episode just cemented him in my heart forever.

Wendilynn: His scenes in this drama were sad though. That drinking session with Do Hyun where he talks about the twist of fate that made Ri Ohn her brother instead of Do Hyun being her brother was powerful. I have to hand it to Seo Joon, he’s totally holding his own against the powerhouse that is Ji Sung.

Amy: Seo Joon really is doing an awesome job. I want to see more of him, especially in a lead role! When he said that he has resigned himself to be Ri Jin’s big brother my heart broke; especially when he talked about his heart being torn because he kept going back to her. Will we get Ri Ohn at least an introduction to a love interest in the last episode?

Cici: /Mayyyyybeee/. He certainly deserves it! But while I felt sorry for him, I did admire his determination to be the best big brother he could be, once he decided that that was going to be his role in Ri Jin’s life. I have a fantastic big brother, so I could really relate to how important that role is. Just realize that if he doesn’t get a girl in this drama, there’s always "Witch’s Romance". End of spoilers for a totally unconnected drama, lol.


Wendilynn: There you go, salving those broken hearts again. lol Totally adorable drama, btw. That conversation and closure was important for Ri Ohn. And it allowed Do Hyun to treasure even more the special place Ri Jin was in his heart. I had to laugh when they were talking to Dr. Park. Holding hands, being cute with each other.

Amy: Hee hee! Dr. Park’s reaction was cute too. He knew better than to scold Ri Jin for starting a relationship with a patient. I liked that he encouraged them to support each other to heal Do Hyun too. He seems like a caring doctor who actually listens. They’re hard to come by.


Cici: I am not usually a crier. I just wanted to mention that, because this drama has made that statement into a blatant lie. So what got to me this episode? The scenes in the amusement park, where the present-day Ri Jin and Do Hyun face their seven-year-old selves on the rides. Oh my goodness. And when the children walk off into the light holding hands, I felt like there was some real healing going on.

Wendilynn: Oh yeah, comforting their child-selves with a trip to the park. That was a tear-jerker. Did you notice the birthday cake sequence? The matches (Se GI) and the sparkler? Then they later end up in the Cinderella carriage after their present buying trip talking about how to comfort Se Gi?


Amy: I actually did get a little teary during those scenes. I support their decision to forgive the person who hurt them to comfort Se Gi. It will be hard but they need to move on somehow and I do think that is the best way.

Cici: Remember how I was unsure about the dad getting a redemption arc in the last episode? I totally get why the writers did that now. I like villains to stay villains, but in this particular case I think one of the main “morals” of this drama is the importance of forgiveness as a healing agent. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself, not the person who has wronged you.

Wendilynn: That’s actually something that runs through quite a few dramas. The act of forgiveness. Asian culture stresses how you are responsible for the effect of your actions in the world. Intentional or not. So often, people either take responsibility for things they have no control over or they feel the need to punish someone they have assumed is responsible. There is rarely forgiveness given instead of punishment. This show really has stressed how important it is for Ri Jin and Do Hyun to forgive themselves and to forgive the abuser so they can leave it behind. Because as it stands, they are stuck if they don’t.


Amy: I cried the most when Perry Park left. I’m going to miss him! I loved that they showed him with his boat and fishing pole and that he got to drink God’s Water Balloon. Sigh. I’m proud of him for taking the lead as the oldest.

Cici: I’m with you. He was the sweetest of all the personalities, and the one with the best sense of humor. I loved his message to Do Hyun as well. “Live freely” summed up his personality, as well as the positive memory he still held of his father.


Wendilynn: I love that Perry was the embodiment of the good person that had been his dad. And I got all mushy when she connected his bomb rescue to her fire incident 21 years before. He got to have his special beer and chicken, give his words of wisdom and then leave on his boat with his name. When I saw that boat, is when I lost it. I was a goner from that point.

Amy: I thought that Do Hyun handled the situation with Alex really well. He told Alex that he regretted keeping his disorder a secret to begin with and even went on to pay off Alex’s debt and put him in rehab. Seriously. Could Do Hyun get more awesome?


Cici: It’s like Wendilynn was saying about having a sense of responsibility. Most people who have been blackmailed for years would not take responsibility for their antagonist’s poor use of the pay-off money, lol. No, I don’t think Do Hyun could get any more awesome.

Wendilynn: Do Hyun took responsibility for it somewhat. He recognize that he put too great a burden on his friend by giving in to him. He was right, he should have been brave and just punched him. lol I was not expecting that the apology would stop Alex from blabbing the secret though. Even if he did pay off the debt and get him back to the States, I wasn’t expecting that to be enough, but apparently it was. I do hope Alex puts his life back together.


Cici: Meh. I don’t really care, as long as he leaves Do Hyun alone. See? Bad person, here. Alex has ruined his own life. If it gets better, great. If not, oh well. But what did you think of the reactions of Ki Joon and Chae Yeon to the news of Do Hyun’s DID?

Amy: I don’t think that Ki Joon will be able to do much with the news honestly. Do Hyun has accepted it and doesn’t want to keep it a secret anymore so I don’t think Ki Joon knowing gives him any more power than what he had before. I’m just glad Do Hyun’s DID got Chae Yeon away from him for now. I would not enjoy watching her continue to go after him.


Wendilynn: Yeah, I’m glad they got her to give up, finally. As for the Cousin, he doesn’t know he’s too late to use teh DID as a threat. What I thought was lame was his attempt to bribe Ri Jin to his side. I realize there are a lot of greedy people in these shows, who only care about lining their pockets, but it seemed to me like his approach to her was rather lame.

Cici: See? Despicable people tend to remain that way. His arrogance knows no bounds. It’s almost as if he is incapable of realizing that there are people out there who can’t be bought.

Wendilynn: Granted, around rich families there are probably not many of them. Even Secretary Ahn talked about how flies swarm stinking meat. *evil chuckles* And what better description of that family, eh?

kmhm19_23.jpgCici: I love how well this episode is starting to wrap up the drama. Either personalities get their satisfactory ending, or bad people are left to dwell in their self-created misery. Or something like that, lol. But what did you think of that ending? Mr. X!!!

Amy: Just when we thought Do Hyun would be saying goodbye to his personalities we got introduced to a new one. Hee hee! I’m interested to see what Mr. X is like.

Wendilynn: I had to admit, when I first heard the spray can shaking, I thought maybe we were going to get to see Yo Sub again. Maybe to make that poem he wants? I was sort of shocked when the X was there instead. But talk about pulling stuff in at the last minute. We’ve known X was coming since the beginning. So it makes me wonder what his job is in Do Hyun’s psyche.

Amy: I got so wrapped up in the other personalities that I forgot about Mr. X. It will be interesting to see what they do with him in the last episode!

What do you think drama clubbers? Will Ri Ohn find his match? Is Do Hyun ready to take over the company? Will all of the personalities leave? How will Se Gi react? Sound off in the comments below!

A helpful explanation of the personalities' names:

Shin Se Gi = New Century Matches

Perry Park= Name of Boat and represents teh free life Dad wanted to live

Ahn Yo Sub= Baptismal Name and wish to die

Ahn Yo Sub = desire to live

Do Hyun/Na Na = 7 yr old girl he mistakenly thought died in the fire

Mr. X = Can’t reveal till ep. 20

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