Welcome back, k-drama fans, to another exciting episode of Kill Me, Heal Me. Fasten your seat belts as the heat and the mystery get turned up. Who will you be rooting for--the resident bad boy Se Gi, the kind Do Hyun, or one of the other personalities who are yet to be disclosed?

Wendilynn: We didn’t mention this in episode one, but have you noticed that when a new personality takes over, there is an eye color flash/change? Not that we get to see the new color beyond the change, but Se Gi is blue, Do Hyun is white and Perry, at the end, came in with a yellow color.

Cici: Hmmm, I hadn’t noticed the color change, just the flash that crosses his eyes. That and the hand clenching and the disappearing/reappearing red dragon tattoo made me think of Bruce Banner. It is true, you wouldn’t like Se Gi when he gets angry.

Amy: I kind of do like it when Se Gi gets angry. Well, when he gets angry at the bad guys anyway. I don’t care for him beating up people just because. It was pretty awesome and funny when he got hit on the head and just sprang right back up and hit the guy back!

Cici: I have to admit that was my first laugh-out-loud moment in this drama. I saw him toppling over, and then poof! he was back up. How did he even do that?

Wendilynn: That’s what prop people are for. hehehe.. that fight did rock. Not a good way to keep ones cover though if you don’t want to blow your weakness to the bad guys. I found it a little funny when the Cousin was talking about him shedding his fur in a sexy way. lol

Amy: Hee hee hee! His cousin was right. The fur was shed in a very sexy way. I don’t think Dr. Oh knew how to feel about Se Gi though.


Cici: That scene in the hospital room, where she tells him to take off his clothes so she can examine his wounds---I about died. I mean, why did she get so upset when he complied? lol

Wendilynn: She’s a psychiatrist. I have a hard time believing that he was the first stripped patient she’s ever seen. All that screaming she was doing was a bit much. Although, considering Se Gi kept talking about playing with her, he probably liked it. lol

Amy: He definitely liked it! Ha ha ha! He told her that he was tired of playing pets and wanted to do something else so why not strip down? Hee hee! I think he was looking for that kind of reaction.


Cici: I thought it was also funny that her colleagues were all gathered outside the door, and even when she screamed, they thought it sounded like she liked it. The side characters in this drama are pretty entertaining.

Cici: It was also pretty cute when she kept commenting on how the genre kept changing. I love it when the characters in a drama refer to what’s going on like it’s a drama.

Wendilynn: That’s most likely an effect of her brother being an author. There were two moments at the hospital that I thought were telling. When she asked him if he was from prison and he commented how where he’s from is harder than prison to escape from.


Wendilynn: AND when he realized she was a psychiatrist and very dryly states, “We might be a poor match.” YOU THINK?!! lol

Cici: I love that he keeps pursuing her even though he fears being discovered. Or maybe he doesn’t actually fear it--maybe he hopes to be discovered so he can become the dominant personality. It certainly seemed that way in the other doctor’s office.

Amy: He may want Dr. Oh to get attached to him because he knows that Do Hyun is seeking treatment and Se Gi doesn’t want to leave. He might be hoping she’ll fight for him.


Wendilynn: It would not surprise me if Se Gi sees potential in having Dr. Oh help him get rid of Do Hyun. He had that whole speech about how anyone else with his face was fake and that she should pay attention to his eyes. Of course, that eye lock just about did me in. I shivered from the intensity on that one. He was so drop dead sexy at that moment. I’m sure ovaries were bursting all over the place. lol

Cici: Agreed. That is one intense guy. Although he may have carried his intense desire to be the “owner” a little far when he was in Seok Ho Pil’s office. He nearly strangled the poor guy. I was actually amazed at how well he took it. I’d have been, “Session over--don’t come back!”

2_putCDH to sleep.jpg

Amy: Seok Ho Pil doesn’t seem like the type that is shaken easily. He even made a joke about his nickname being Toad Neck! I think it will be good for Do Hyun to have a strong presence in his psychiatric care. Seok Ho Pil seems like someone who won’t back down.

Wendilynn: Except that he asked Secretary Ahn to find him a secret doctor. From the previews of this show, I think Dr. Oh eventually takes that spot. I was a little startled with how completely Do Hyun re-did his house till it became almost a vault.

Cici: He did make a brief reference to Jekyl and Hyde--so it’s not too surprising that he’s effectively built a cage to contain the other personalities, especially Se Gi’s. I don’t see how he hopes to control them all when he’s out in public, though. It’s not like he can stay in that condo forever.

Amy: I don’t think he can control them unless he keeps himself really calm but you can’t control what other people do. If he gets hit for example, Se Gi might make a visit.

Wendilynn: The personality that worries me is the 17yr old suicide nut. Se Gi kept talking about giving him a blade if Do Hyun succeeds in reintegrating any of them. I have to wonder, it sounds like Se Gi is fully aware of the others and what goes on with Do Hyun.

Cici: The way he is aware and able to influence them all almost made me wonder if he’s actually the owner. It doesn’t make sense that he would have that much more power than Do Hyun. And if he really does, that would certainly be terrifying for Do Hyun. Se Gi’s highjacking his life.

Amy: I was beginning to wonder if Se Gi is actually the owner since he does know so much and seems to be directing Do Hyun’s life. That would definitely be interesting!

Wendilynn: I don’t think he’s the owner. There’s always a personality who is the protector. Se Gi knows the trauma, it's why he’s the angry one. I find it interesting that we got those flashes of a child being thrown into a room and beaten. And getting hit usually brings Se Gi out. But clearly Se Gi has a plan and is determined to make things happen.

Cici: Wasn’t it interesting that Do Hyun assumed that Se Gi’s first was Han Chae-Yeon, rather than the psychiatrist? He has no idea where Se Gi is actually heading. And Han Chae-Yon tipped her hand a little more in this episode. She’s engaged to his cousin, but she’s still playing with Do Hyun. She is not the sweet innocent young lady Do Hyun seems to think she is.


Amy: No she isn’t. Han Chae Yon even said Do Hyun would find her sexier since she is playing the field. Not the innocent type at all, unlike Dr. Oh. Even Dr. Oh’s relationship with her family is wholesome and adorably funny.

Wendilynn: Her family is adorable. I understood how Dr. Oh could be such an over-reactor once I saw her mom. And her Dad thinking that the leather jacket was for him. Yeah, you need a drug filled biker jacket, doesn’t everyone? lol


Cici: It made me wonder if her father’s condition--adorable as it was--might have been the reason she chose to go into psychiatry. But hey, if you’ve got to have a nut in the family, that’s the kind that you’d want! And her mom is both sweet and funny about her family. I really like how much love clearly dictates these relationships.

Amy: I liked the brother and sister interactions too. It was fun to watch them tease each other but also support one another in their own way.

2_DID Bro.jpg

Cici: That scene where Dr. Oh “diagnoses” her brother with D.I.D. was so funny. But it did make me wonder if Do Hyun isn’t the only one with that condition, lol.

Amy: Dr. Oh’s brother is hiding something about Do Hyun from her for some reason though. I wonder what that is all about.

Wendilynn: Finding out he was the one collecting all those stories from the beginning of episode 1 was a bit of a trip for me. Just what obsession does he have?


Cici: How did I miss that? I saw him trying to hide the poster of Do Hyun on his wall, but some how I didn’t put that together with the bulletin board with all the articles. Interesting.

Amy: Don’t feel bad Cici. I didn’t catch that either. That IS very interesting though. I wonder if Dr. Oh’s brother has been using those clippings to write his mystery novels.

Cici: Whoa. I bet you’re right. And with seven different personalities to choose from, he has a nearly inexhaustible supply of material.

Wendilynn: Now there’s an idea. We may end up with an unusual love triangle of sorts. lol. However, they will need to rescue Dr. Oh first and I’m not sure how Perry is going to handle that since he showed up instead of Se Gi. I’m curious to see what Perry does though because he gets described in episode 1 as a bomb maker.


Cici: So the next episode should be...a blast?

Amy: That physically hurt me Cici...no.

So which explosive personality do you think will save the day? Be sure to join us next week for the next exciting episode of Kill Me, Heal Me. And while you're waiting, share your reactions to this episode in the comments below!

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