Well, this is it. The last episode of Kill Me, Heal Me. Join Wendilynn, Amy, and me, Cici, as we discuss all the final reveals, resolutions, and goodbyes that round out this drama. Be prepared for tears, laughter, and a few last-minute surprises!

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Wendilynn: I just want to start this off by thanking Dramafever for having a two-week delay in their posting schedule with this show. While anyone who knows me knows just how upset I was about that because it delayed our DC, it has allowed me to live in KMHM world two weeks longer than others. I was not ready to say goodbye to this show two weeks ago and this allowed me to get ready for the inevitable. *sniff sniff*

Cici: Resident non-crier here, but I have to admit that I shed a few tears as we said goodbye to some of my favorite characters. I have grown really attached to them, and it will be hard not having their shenanigans to look forward to. I’m not sure who I will miss more--Yo Na, Yo Sub, or Shin Se Gi. Oh, or Ri Ohn!

Amy: I cried a lot but I’m a crier when characters die or leave a show. I grow too attached sometimes. I will definitely be watching KMHM over again.

Wendilynn: As an interesting BTS note, the scene where Ri Jin grabs Yo Na outside the house and they do that funny bit about give and take was the last scene filmed in this show. I absolutely loved that we got such great goodbye scenes for Yo Na. Poor Ri Ohn, he may be scarred for life, but Yo Na got her kisses. lol


Cici: I laughed so hard at “Give and take-out.” And in true Yo Na fashion, she refused to admit that she had made a mistake. But poor Ri Ohn. He thought he had seen the last of her. When he tried to put her off by saying that he was going into the army, all I could think of was all the celebrities who are actually leaving this month. I could really understand Yo Na’s tears...till she called him out on the lie, lol.


Amy: I just thought it was awesome that Yo Na called him out. Poor Ri Ohn. He met his match. It’s too bad she had to leave.

Wendilynn: As fun as her torture of Ri Ohn was, her last conversation with Ri Jin was just as sad. Letting Ri Jin know that she appreciated having her to fight with and be a girl. She wasn’t a girl stuck inside a boy’s body. She got to be seen as a girl. Probably for the first time.


Cici: She appreciated Ri Jin as a worthy adversary and as a friend. But she still told her she couldn’t stand her, lol. Through her tears. Poor Ri Jin had such a hard time with her leaving. But Yo Na’s parting “shot” was hysterical.


Wendilynn: We’ve seen in more than one drama how Korean girls like play fighting with each other. I don’t get it, but it seems to be a thing they expect.

Amy: I think it is cute when they play fight, especially when you can tell it is just play. I don’t like it when girls are mean for real. It really tore me up when Yo Na met up with her brother to leave. Poor girl didn’t want to go. It was sweet, though, that they knew Do Hyun and Ri Jin needed space to figure things out and be together.


Cici: Yo Sub didn’t get to write his poem, but he did get to quote a beautiful one. I will really miss him! But a gentleman (and lady) always know when it’s time to go.


Wendilynn: They also knew that Do Hyun had a firm grasp on his life now. Ri Jin would be there to love him and protect him and give him stability. Their jobs were over. Speaking of jobs. What did you think of Mr. X’s role? and who he turned out to be?


Amy: I loved Mr. X’s role! It was the confirmation that Do Hyun needed that he was doing the right thing and so sweet that he created that personality to also comfort Ri Jin. Also, the magician outfit was adorable. Especially when Mr. X said he was glad he wasn’t dressed as Superman. Hee hee!


Cici: I was surprised that Do Hyun had created a personality representing Ri Jin’s father. It was sweet the way he imagined him as a magician with “super powers”, though. I guess that’s how all children view loving parents. And Yo Na let Ri Jin know that Mr. X would disappear when she smiled. He just needed to know that she was happy.

Wendilynn: That he created loving versions of the Dads really made me cry. One to comfort him, sort of, and one to comfort her. His love for Ri Jin was so deep and pure. His care for her just knew no bounds.


Cici: Ri Jin knew he loved her, but it wasn’t till this episode that she realized the lengths and depths of that love. When Se Gi showed up to protect her from Do Hyun’s father, I almost swooned. I loved her response to his plea for forgiveness. If she is ever able to forgive him, it will be for Do Hyun’s sake, not for his.

Amy: I feel like these two are setting up naive single people with unrealistic relationship expectations. Ha ha! I thought Ri Jin was awesome in that scene too and I was proud of Se Gi for holding himself back.

Wendilynn: Its not like this is a perfect relationship, because those personalities could come up again at any time. But, as a show wrapping up characters we loved, this was good. I loved the talk she has with her Alter Ego self. Where she lets her know how good she is doing. I found it interesting that they brought in the little girl actress instead of having Ji Sung play her the whole scene.

Cici: Both of the child actors were phenomenal. And I loved how they were able to leave holding hands. As long as they were together, they weren’t afraid.

Wendilynn: And that ended up being the lesson Mr. X was there to teach to help the final transition of personalities. To not be afraid. To not imagine worse things with his imagination but to use that imagination to look towards the future with a positive nature.


Amy: I really enjoyed the child actors too but I wanted to watch Ji Sung play her the whole scene. Ha ha! It was very sweet how they stuck together as kids and since they found each other as adults couldn’t stay away from each other even when they didn’t know their connection.

Cici: So...I've saved the best farewell for last. Shin Se Gi. I really could have dedicated the entire Drama Club to him.

Amy: Shin Se Gi! Do we have to? I cried. A lot.

Wendilynn: You know, Shin Se Gi came into our lives as a sexy stud and he left as a sexy stud. lol Recognized and loved by Ri Jin as he wished.

Cici: I knew I was in trouble when she told him that she had gotten farewell gifts for all the other personalities, but couldn’t find one for him. And then she kissed him. Sigh. That was what he wanted--for her to recognize him as not just a person, but a man in his own right.

Amy: That made me happy when she kissed him but even happier when he grabbed her and kissed her again because that kiss was even better even if it was bittersweet.


Amy: I was so happy when Do Hyun told Se Gi that they are the same. Do Hyun has been showing his Se Gi side more and more the last few episodes.

Wendilynn: Now that their memories were merged, it would stand to reason that the more confident side of his nature would start showing itself. Of course, I thought Se Gi was going to rip Dad apart there for a minute.


Cici: He was going to. Only Ri Jin had the power to pull him away and get him to leave. What surprised and pleased me was that Se Gi did not disappear when she did that--Do Hyun must have allowed him to stay long enough to make his final farewell. And that conversation they had between themselves was perfect. Se Gi left no doubt that he would be standing just off stage, making sure that Do Hyun never acted like a coward again. And that final fist bump…*sob*

Amy: Yep. Se Gi was too awesome. I still can’t choose a favorite though.

Wendilynn: We have to choose a favorite? nope.. not going to happen. I love them all. Besides, Do Hyun was pretty awesome when he stomped on Greedy Uncle and threatened him with jail time for his embezzling activities.

Cici: Well, between Uncle’s role in planning the chauffeur switch that resulted in the deaths of Grandpa and Ri Jin’s mom, plus the embezzling, he was really in hot water. Grandma was certainly impressed with the way Do Hyun handled him. She even offered to give him the company.


Amy: Yep! Grandma really turned herself around in my view. I still don’t care for her but she’s nowhere near as bad as I thought she was. I loved that Do Hyun is living freely though. He found a place where he is happy but still has a hand in what is going on in the company.

Wendilynn: Well, she learned that despite the DID he was going to be just fine and not someone they could all walk on. I loved how we had two episodes of Sec. Ahn telling him to not slouch around and Do Hyun would claim he was working hard. Then we find out he’d been digging up everyone’s finances to slay them all with. lol Secretary Ahn was like, “when did you?” and he replies, “I told you I wasn’t playing”. lol

Cici: I loved how Secretary Ahn got a promotion while Do Hyun became a part-time worker for Ri Jin’s parents. They still don’t have a clue who “Perry” is. Won’t they be pleasantly surprised when they find out that their daughter is marrying such a wealthy man--and that he’s actually a nice guy instead of an evil chaebol?

Amy: I’m not sure how I feel about Manager Ahn’s hair though. I liked that I could see his face but I don’t think they style suited him.


Cici: Manager Ahn channeling his inner Jang Geun Suk!

Amy: Hmm...Anyway! I think their parents will love that she is marrying a nice guy no matter how much money he has. It’s too funny that they still think he is Perry, though!

Wendilynn: The parents will need some adjustment time. They won’t be happy they were lied to about his identity or that their daughter is having ANYTHING to do with that family. But their loving natures will kick in and frankly that may be why “Perry” is working for them so long.

Cici: I’m sure that was a big part of his decision. His grandmother thinks he’s abroad getting treatment. Well, he /is/ getting treatment...and he gets to see his girlfriend every day. Weren’t those couple rings the perfect ending?


Amy: Psh. I wanted an engagement ring.

Wendilynn: As if their eventual marriage isn’t a guaranteed thing? I liked the couple rings, too. that scene was so sweet. Such a funny contrast to what they did to poor Ri Ohn. That boy just never got a break in this series. lol

Cici: Poor Ri Ohn. Obviously scarred for life. I may never be able to even think the word “Oppa” or see anyone doing that finger touching thing again, lol. Oh Yo Na, what a legacy you have left!


Amy: Ri Ohn can handle it! Ha ha ha! I died when they did that, though! I have a cold right now and when I try to laugh I cough so I was coughing and not breathing...my poor husband didn’t know what to do with me!

Wendilynn: There he was trying to schmooze a girl and she pulls a YoNa. Its a good thing he never claimed to be Omega. lol

Cici: I was really pleased that he did what Do Hyun requested, though. He told the story, and he made it into a best seller. Just like this drama.

Amy: Ri Jin wasn’t too happy about it, though! Hee hee!


Wendilynn: Well, it did look like he was up to his usual tricks. Remember why she went after him at the airport. hehehehe

Cici: I have so many fond memories from this drama. It really has been a pleasure watching and recapping it every week. I hate farewells, and this drama is no exception. But at least I know that none of the personalities I’ve come to love were killed...they were healed and successfully reintegrated into the man Do Hyun. Just like Ri Jin said they would be.

Amy: I didn’t get to catch this drama every week but I’m happy that I got to recap it when I did with you two. It was one of the best that I’ve watched and I can’t think of a serious complaint I have against it. It is definitely a rewatch and I would highly recommend it to someone fairly new to Kdramas.

Wendilynn: This is the drama that owned my soul for the last ten weeks. I loved it so much and I expect Ji Sung to earn many awards in the next batch of awards or I’m going to revolt. lol Not really, but I’ll seriously consider pouting. *chuckles* In any case, not only is this show a joy to rewatch, but also on my recommend list. As I told another viewer, this was a superstar of a drama. I also had a great time with you ladies and we will have to work together again.

Thank you, fellow drama fans, for joining us as we've shared our thoughts on this amazing drama. What was your favorite character or scene? Please share your comments below!

*And if you enjoyed Ji Sung's contribution to the OST, check out this article showcasing a fan-made video with English subs and the BTS here.

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