Welcome, drama clubbers, to episode 3 of Kill Me Heal Me! In this episode we got to meet Perry, see an awesome rescue, and get to know Do Hyun a little better! Join Wendilynn, Cici, and Amy as we talk about it!

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Wendilynn: Perry is a hoot. I love him. I guess I’ve got three crushes now? I think I’m in trouble.

Amy: I’m in the same boat, Wendilynn! Boat. Hee hee. Perry likes boats. ANYWAY, I don’t know what I will do when the other characters show up and I love all of them too. I’m getting too attached already!

Cici: I kind of loved the bomb-building nerdy part of Perry, but am I the only one who found his voice a tad annoying?

Wendilynn: I’d love to know what accent he was affecting. Perry was funny. This guy just wants his own boat but knows how to make bombs with household appliances and instead of just killing the guys, he chews them out first. I laughed so much.


Cici: It was hilarious when he was so surprised that the timer from his rice cooker failed to detonate the bomb. At least, the first time…

Amy: I actually liked Perry’s accent. I just think he is hilariously adorable. I thought Do Hyun was pretty cool in this episode too. The way he learned how to get out of those ropes because of past experiences...he must have had a lot of practice!

Wendilynn: I have a question. Shouldn’t Se Gi have shown up? He was getting beaten up by a gang and tied up. Isn’t that usually the exact situation Se Gi hates? Why didn’t he show up?

Cici: I think everyone expected Se Gi to show up in that situation, but Perry made it clear that he hadn’t made an appearance in quite some time, so he must have been just waiting for his chance! I can only imagine the pushing and shoving that must go on inside Do Hyun when several other personalities are all waiting for a chance at freedom!

Amy: I actually wanted to see Se Gi but that may have been because of my inner fangirl. I think that Perry was actually the right guy for that time.

Wendilynn: What I found interesting is when Perry was looking for his clothes and found “his” box and said “he” is loyal. Is he referring to Se Gi since he sent everything to Korea? And if Perry asked him to pack everything, does that mean they talk to each other on the inside?

Cici: I wondered who “he” was, too. And it does appear that the personalities are all in communication with each other, and only Do Hyun is out of the loop.

Amy: You think Do Hyun is out of the loop? I’m not sure. It seems like he is but I think Wendilynn might have a point too. So many mysteries to slosh through in this drama! Speaking of mysteries, I liked how Doctor Oh’s oppa figured out her code. They have quite the connection!


Cici: I was all worried about the gang showing up at Ri On’s place. And then it turned out that the work party involved every type of cop you could imagine. HILARIOUS! And oh so clever!

Wendilynn: That work party was a crack up. Wrong group to go hussle. lol

Amy: I was laughing too. I actually cracked up quite a bit during the whole episode which I didn’t expect with this drama.

Cici: So I’m a little confused. Did Perry turn into Do Hyun, who then turned into Se Gi? Who actually tied Dr. Oh to the back of the motorcycle and rescued her?


Wendilynn: That was Do Hyun. The white flash of light was the clue. Se Gi never showed his face while the factory was blowing up. Do Hyun was Mr Awesome in rescuing her and taking her to the hospital.

Amy: Yep! I love that he has that side to him! It’s cool that he isn’t just a nice guy who isn’t very brave. I thought it was pretty awesome how well Doctor Oh took everything once she started piecing together the clues of Do Hyun’s behavior. A lot of people would have shied away from Do Hyun.

Wendilynn: Well, his changes between personalities is a bit startling.


Cici: It was so touching when he asked her if she was afraid of him. He must have experienced that reaction frequently.

Amy: I loved it that she was only afraid because she didn’t know him well and when he told Doctor Oh his name their smiles were just adorable. I can already tell I’m going to enjoy watching their relationship develop. I don’t want Do Hyun to be lonely anymore, poor guy.

Wendilynn: Well, she was already briefed from her conversation with his real Doctor. She went to go ask him about his past case of D.I.D and discovered that they were talking about the same person. And thanks to the gifts, she knew that at least one personality was a good guy.

Cici: I almost bawled when Do Hyun channeled Se Gi by telling her that the person with this face and these eyes is...Do Hyun. Forget Se Gi, I love this guy!

Amy: So touching. Do Hyun is so sweet and I think Perry is a good guy in his own way too. He gave up his boat to rescue Doctor Oh after all.

Wendilynn: Dr. Oh had mentioned earlier how Se Gi had talked to her, so seeing Do Hyun copy that to make his own distinction was also very moving to me too. Ji Sung is so good in this role. You have no doubt in your mind that he is each person sincerely. And they are all characters we are falling for.

Cici: At the beginning of this drama I expected Do Hyun’s character to be much weaker and more timid than he is. He certainly cleared up that misconception when he rocked the board meeting in front of his grandmother, cousin, and uncle, didn't he?


Wendilynn: I found it interesting that he used “identity” as part of what he would use to be a good VP. I was also surprised by how angry his grandmother reacted. As I watch to see which family member was the one who locked him up and abused him, she’s now at the top of my list.

Amy: I don’t even understand his grandma. Yes he was late but he rocked the meeting and nobody seemed to be complaining. I guess she is so desperate for her son to recover from his coma and take his position that she is sensitive to anything to do with the company.

Cici: I suspect his uncle. He just has an evil, ruthless vibe. His grandmother is fierce, but I think that’s only because her son is in a coma, and her got that way trying to protect Do Hyun.

Wendilynn: All we can do is make a list of suspects. Goodness, this story is so good. I noticed that the Cousin saw the blood from the cut on his arm. I’d love to know what he knows about their childhood. What did he see? They are around the same age. What secrets does he know?


Amy: I’m sure he knows enough to piece together what is going on with Do Hyun. I don’t know when he’ll figure it out but I know it will happen! Ooooooh! Did you catch the look on Chae Yeun’s face when Do Hyun rejected her? He does not want her to cross the line! I know it was because he is trying to protect her but I got some kind of satisfaction from the look on her face.

Cici: Watching him interact with Ri Jin,I don’t think he’s going to have a very hard time getting over that first love.

Wendilynn: What I found interesting about him rejecting Han Chae Yeun, and telling her she can’t handle him, is that this will only make her more determined to have him. It will cause a lot of static between him and his cousin. Now, when he found out that Dr. Oh was actually a psychiatrist and not a mental patient, like he thought all along, he got alarmed. Not knowing Se Gi had fallen for the pretty doctor, he thinks Se Gi has asked her to get rid of him, the Do Hyun personality, like he’s tried to get rid of Se Gi.

Amy: Chae Yeun is going to see it as a challenge, the boys are going to fight, and the personalities are going to be in full force!

What do you think Drama Clubbers? Will Chae Yeun chase after Do Hyun now? Did Do Hyun surprise you with his bravery? Was Grandma's reaction too strong? What else do you think about episode three? Let us know in the comments below!

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