Oh manic-depressive Taiwanese drama! Why must you torture us with your wildly changing moods? How can an episode that started with so much laughter end with me on the verge of tears? Seriously! You're killin' me Smalls! (Sorry, just had to get that off my chest). Zombie Mamma here to kick of this week's round of posts...

What started out as an episode full of laughter and no shortage of warm-fuzzies quickly turned into a giant mess of family drama that spells out certain doom (or at least a whole lot of hardship) for our OTP. Since I'm not quite ready to dive into that whole family mess just yet, let's focus first on the happier side of this week's episode, beginning with Ying Ying and Gao Zhe Xuan.

We all knew the day would come when Ying Ying would finally be able to admit that she loves Zhe Xuan and I have to say, I'm happy that day is finally here. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the evolving relationship between Ying Ying and Zhe Xuan and I can't wait to see where things go from here. With Ying Ying being the outgoing and confident woman that she is, I can't see her hiding her feelings for long but how Zhe Xuan will react to this confession is a mystery to me. Part of me can see Gao Zhe Xuan being unable to accept Ying Ying because he's still holding out for Xiao Shu but another part of me can see Zhe Xuan admitting that his time with Ying Ying has dulled the pain of Xiao Shu's rejection enough to allow him to move on. I suppose what I can see him most likely to do is reject Ying Ying only to realize, not long after, that he's actually very much in love with her but at this point, it's really anybody's guess.

I was really hoping for a bit more development in the relationship between Fei Li and Jessica, in this episode, but alas, my hopes were all for naught. However, that doesn't mean I'm giving up hope. On the contrary, I can see all of Fei Li's attempts to right his wrong leading to a whole lot of time spent with Jessica. If only she'd lighten up on him a little I think she'd quickly see that Fei Li isn't half as bad as she thinks he is.

Before I dive into the deep family drama can I take a quick moment to mention how cute it was to see Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen having such a great time together, not only as a couple but also with Zhen's family? I loved watching them all together at the night market. So fun! And seriously, I'm taking Nai Nai to the fair with me the next time I go. She's a grand master league gaming queen!

And now, since I can't put it off any longer, let's get to the heart-wrenching, tear-jerking drama that we've all been expecting to show up eventually. It really shouldn't come as any surprise that Papa Zhou would end up being the one responsible for Xiao Shu's brother's death. It was all just too predictable from the start but what wasn't so predictable was how madly Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen would be in love when this bomb dropped. I've been saying to myself for quite a while now that for Xiao Shu and Zhen to make it as a couple, they would have to be so madly in love that the very idea of being apart would be impossible, because what they're going to have to work their way through was going to end up being beyond difficult. Unfortunately, I was right. What lies ahead for Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen is nothing short of misery but I have no doubt they'll make it through with a relationship even stronger than it is now. I'm just sad that these next few episodes are going to be full of a lot more tears and a lot less laughter. I really wish that all of the grace, forgiveness and understanding that's been displayed by so many up to this point would carry through to the end but I really don't see that happening. I suppose some things are just too big to let go and losing a son would certainly qualify. I suppose on the upside, it'll be interesting to watch Zhou Zhen gallantly fight his way through this massive family drama for the sake of his love and I'm sure there will be enough swoony moments to get us all through to the end. (Always gotta find that silver lining!)

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