Episode 12 of Love Around was heartbreaking. I know I completely predicted from the beginning that Zhen's dad was involved with Xiao Shu's brother's death, but it didn't make the situation any easier for me to handle. I just hate to see Zhen-Shu's romance interrupted by an external force that wasn't either of their faults.

On a positive note for this episode, though, Ying Ying finally realized and accepted her feelings for Zhe Xuan. After doing her best to force him to eat lunch with her, she got lighted headed and started falling over. Zhe Xuan, being the motherly-type that he is, decided to spoon fee her so she could regain her energy. Now, I like a cute rescue story just as much as the next drama fan, but the feeding just felt awkward to me. If my boss/co-worker was light headed and fainted, even if they were attractive, you can best believe that I would not be spoon feeding them. At this point, how could he not be interested in her also?

But the important story in the episode was the introduction of the Zhou and Liang families. It all started with Xiao Shu visiting the Zhou household.

First of all, the Zhou's house is very big and over-the-top. Pretty much everything is gold or has gold accents. It's like a house that a poor person decorated imagining how a rich person would live. Well, I'm poor so I guess I don't really know what a super rich person's house looks like either, but, from watching MTV's Cribs back in the day, I don't think it looks like this.

The best thing about Xiao Shu's visit was when Zhen and her were left alone in his room which Nainai was secretly heating to encourage their "affection." As the two innocently sat on Zhen's bed and practiced guitar, Nainai walked by and overheard some slightly suggestive phrases which made her believe she'd be getting her great grandson soon. I just love that rascally little grandmother.

After her visit, Xiao was delivered home safely before 10PM by the chivalrous Zhen. Honestly, I feel bad for Xiao Shu, though. She has to be around the same age as me, in her early/mid twenties, but she has a curfew of 10? One time when I was 18 my dad asked me to be home before 2AM, and I threw a HUGE fit. Anyway, I guess her dad was a cop and it's a different culture they live in, but I just can't even imagine having a curfew at this point in my life. How can a woman handle all of her business before 10PM?

Also, just the site of Zhen's bare shoulders caused her to cover her eyes. Girl needs to realize how lucky she is to have that view and act her age. How can she run a radio station but act like she's 15? I love your kindness and heart Xiao Shu, but I would also love to see you grow up a bit and gain some more independence.

The biggest event of the episode happened towards the end when the Liangs met with the Zhous and realized that Zhen's dad is the gangster who killed their son 14 years ago in a car accident. The flashback scene of papa Zhou being shot by papa Liang and then running the kid over is so strange to me, and I have so many questions. Why was Mr. Liang stupidly shooting at a gangster who was driving down a street where his family was standing? Was he so determined to catch the criminal that he would risk the lives of his entire family? What did papa Zhou do as a gangster that made papa Liang so determined to catch him?

I can understand why papa Liang is upset with papa Zhou because his direct actions did result in his son's death, but he must realize it wasn't solely papa Zhou's fault. Even though it seems bad now, I predict that papa Liang, at the very least, can come to not hate papa Zhou by the end of the drama. I'm still hoping for a Zhen-Shu wedding in episode 15!

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