Zombie Mamma here to share with you several important facts I've gleaned from this week's episode as I wrap up our discussion of episode twelve.

First on my list is the fact that Jessica isn't being completely honest with herself, or Fei Li, when she says that she's perfectly content being alone. While it's true that some people in this world really are content to be alone, I'm not convinced Jessica is one of them. If she were, why did she accompany Xiao Shu to the matchmaker god's temple and participate in the ceremony?

Even more curious is why she carried her love candy around with her just as much as Xiao Shu did hers. True, Jessica wasn't planning on handing her candy to anyone in particular but she must have had some sort of hopes for that candy, otherwise why would she freak out so much when Fei Li ate it? It seems to me Jessica is really just afraid to admit Fei Li may be the one for her.

Second on my list is the fact that Xiao Shu and Zhen make the cutest couple on the face of the planet. Every time we see these two together, I automatically start thinking of roly-poly puppies, cuddly kittens and chubby giggling babies. They're just that cute; which is exactly why I love seeing them together, they just make me smile. Of all the couples in drama land, I can't think of another that seems so completely perfect for each other.

Third up is the undeniable fact that both Xiao Shu and Zhen have families that love them very much. I love watching the interaction between Zhen and Papa Zhou because they have such a fantastic father/son relationship. I love the fact that Papa Zhou accepts his son completely and treats him as an equal, rather than a child; which is more than I can say for Mama and Papa Liang. The more episodes of this show I watch, the more I want to scream at Papa Liang on Xiao Shu's behalf. While I understand that Papa Liang is only trying to look out for and protect Xiao Shu, there comes a point when enough is enough. That being said, I can see the love behind the actions and I can understand the compulsion to be overly protective, given the circumstances. Still, there comes a time when you have to admit your children are old enough to take care of themselves and you have to let them go.

Fourth and finally, is the fact that your past can either help you or haunt you and we have both Papas Zhou and Liang as proof. Papa Zhou is a perfect example of how the past, no matter how awful, can shape you into a better person. I have no idea how bad Papa Zhou was as a gangster but he’s now a perfect model of what a loving and caring father should be. He loves his kids, he hates that his past has the potential to hurt them and he’s doing everything he can to ensure they never suffer because of his mistakes. Papa Liang, on the other hand, has allowed his past to haunt him and as a result he carries a lot of baggage around with him which makes him overly protective and just plain grumpy. Yes, losing his son and then dealing with all of the aftermath of such a traumatic event had to have been hard but there has to come a time when you just need to let things go, for your own sake and for those around you. Things would certainly be easier for Xiao Shu and Zhen if Papa Liang could move beyond his past and look instead toward a brighter future.

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