For thirteen weeks now I've been singing the praises of Zhou Zhen, admiring his honesty, sincerity and unwavering love for Liang Xiao Shu and in one episode...one stinking episode...all my love for Zhou Zhen has vanished. It's gone...completely gone and it's quite possible it may never return again. *Excuse me while I curl up in a corner and cry.*

Why the sudden change of heart? *sniff* Well, let's start with Zhou Zhen's sudden decision to give up on the one person he holds most dear. What the heck was that all about? Just because your love’s mom is having a hard time dealing with some pretty serious issues and they’re making life a little difficult at the moment doesn’t mean you give up on everything and walk away. If anything, you should be getting closer, especially considering the fact Mama Liang has already made it very clear to Zhen that despite everything, she still wants to support him and Xiao Shu's relationship. Unfortunately, instead of stepping up helping shoulder some of this burden, Zhen decides to take on the role of the righteously wounded and insist that giving up on Xiao Shu is the only right and noble thing to do as it will hurt him far more than it will hurt her. *Yeah, you keep telling yourself that buddy!*

What really kills me is how very out of character this decision is for Zhen. The most refreshing part of this entire show has been the blatant honesty between Xiao Shu and Zhen and now, all of a sudden, Zhen's decided to keep this most important secret. What's up with that? Hasn't Xiao Shu repeatedly demonstrated her incredible ability to forgive and forget? One would think that, given Xiao Shu's past reactions to some pretty serious truths (Zhou Zhen's relationship with Papa Zhou, Papa Zhou's plan to take over Sound of Asia, etc.) Zhou Zhen could honestly talk to Xiao Shu, explain what's going on and trust that, given time, Xiao Shu would be able to accept Zhen and his family. I'm pretty sure Xiao Shu's heart is big enough to handle that whole mess but apparently Zhen doesn't; which means that rather than give Xiao Shu the choice to either stay or reject him, he opts for the coward's way out to avoid being hurt, should Xiao Shu decide the truth was too much for her to handle. *Chicken!*

Sure, Zhou Zhen can drink a dozen beers and shed a tear as he finalizes his decision to leave Xiao Shu, and for a second, I almost felt bad for him but then I realized that tear wasn't for the pain he was about to force upon Xiao Shu but for the pain he felt in his own heart for deciding to abandon his true love. *Selfish jerk!* Yes, Zhen is truly agonized by his decision to leave Xiao Shu (as he should be) but the agony isn’t enough for him to rethink his decision. Instead, he plows on with his dastardly plan and puts the icing on the cake by telling Xiao Shu that the woman she saw him with earlier was his ex and that they're getting back together. *Wow, Zhou Zhen, you really are something else!* Zhen, who knows the pain Xiao Shu endured after catching her ex cheating on her, is not only opening an old wound in her heart but pouring salt in it as well and that is why my love for Zhen has turned to loathing.

At this point I'd rather see Xiao Shu with Gao Zhe Xuan than Zhou Zhen but we all know that's not going to happen. I just wish the writers of this show hadn't made me hate Zhen so much. He's gone from noble and honest to cowardly and cruel and I don't feel the least bit sorry for his broken heart because he brought it all on himself. At this point he deserves to suffer, a lot, and I hope he does because he's got a lot to atone for before I can support him getting back together with Xiao Shu. She deserves so much better.

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