I wish I could say that all of the pain of last week's episode could be overshadowed by the happiness of this week's, but sadly that's not the case. It seems that Zhou Zhen is insisting on being a world class jerk every time he's with Xiao Shu which (I can't believe I'm saying this) isn't a lot in this episode and for that I still hate him. However, to make up for breaking Xiao Shu's heart, Zhou Zhen has taking it upon himself to look after her in every other way possible which means I'm now completely torn between hating him and loving him as much or even more than I ever did before. Dang it Zhou Zhen! Why must you make me love you and hate you all at the same time?

At least I can balance my loathing of Zhou Zhen with my newfound love of Liang Xiao Shu. I know that in the past I've been a little hard on her, complaining about her inability to see Zhen's true feelings as well as her own but this week I've come to see Xiao Shu in a whole new light. Rather than mope around in a miserable, heart-broken stupor for the entire episode, she decides (with only a little gentle nudging by the new station manager) that Zhen must have a reason for being so cruel and opts to fight for her love, rather than just sit back and let Zhen get away with his jerkiness. Did anyone else enjoy this bolder, unabashed Xiao Shu, or was it just me? It seems that for the first time ever, Xiao Shu knows exactly what she wants *Zhen!* and she's not afraid of doing whatever it takes to get him back. Only this new, bold Xiao Shu could step up and demonstrate her passion with a kiss...

request the presidential suite...

and then slap Zhen in the face.

Sorry Zhou Zhen but Liang Xiao Shu's my new hero and I'll be cheering her on to the end.

Moving on, to couple number two, I'm happy Ying Ying finally knows who Gao Zhe Xuan likes because now she can help him get over Xiao Shu. I think that between her blatant honesty and her sincere love, Zhe Xuan is going to have a hard time not falling for Ying Ying, especially if she looks this cute confessing.

Of course it's going to be hard for him to leave Xiao Shu while she's heartbroken but once he sees that she's determined to work things out with Zhou Zhen, it's going to be hard for him to stay. A guy can only take so much rejection and heartbreak (as Ying Ying pointed out) and there's no reason for him to hold out for a girl that's destined to be with another. I only hope it doesn't take Zhe Xuan too long to realize the girl he should be with is the one standing right in front of him.

As for the rest of this episode, I can't say I'm really happy about it. Papa Liang is still being a gigantic putz, ruining the lives of everyone around him simply because he refuses to own up to his past mistakes. Why must there always be someone who insists on bringing everyone else down when they're miserable? *Ugh!* Papa Liang just needs to admit his mistakes and let everyone move on with their lives! With only a handful of episodes left, Papa Liang had better get his act together soon so he and everyone else can live happily ever after.