To wrap up this week's Drama Club, I thought I'd take a moment to look at the status of the three couples I've been shipping and see where they are now and how far they have to go before this drama ends. So, here we go!

1. Liang Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen

Naturally Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen are first on the list and we all know that what started as the world's cutest and happiest couple has recently turned into a broken mess of a relationship in need of some serious mending. Lucky for us, our typically ditzy and childish leading lady has decided to step up to the challenge of defending her love and for the first time ever, she's acting like a serious adult, rather than a clueless teenager. Hooray Xiao Shu! Now all we need is for Zhou Zhen to pull his head out of his butt and fix this mess of a relationship he's made before he does something awful he'll end up regretting for the rest of his life. (Because completely breaking the heart of the girl he loves in the most cruel way imaginable, wasn't bad enough.) Of course for this relationship to really work, there's going to have to be some brutal honesty and that's going to have to include telling Xiao Shu the truth about her brother's death. You know Xiao Shu is going to find out about the past before this show is over and I'm expecting this to be the last major hurdle for her and Zhou Zhen to get over. I'm sure it's going to cause quite a bit of drama (naturally) and things are going to look pretty grim for our couple (because they're not already bad enough) but like all dramas, wrongs will be righted, sins will be forgiven and our OTP will end up living happily ever after.

2. Zhou Ying Ying and Gao Zhe Xuan

I have thoroughly enjoyed the developing relationship between Ying Ying and Zhe Xuan. They've had some of the most entertaining encounters of the entire show and to be honest, at this point, I care more about seeing them end up together than I do Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen. I guess I'm just a sucker for relationships that start at loathing and end in love, which is exactly what we have with Zhe Xuan and Ying Ying, though at this point the love is pretty one-sided. However, I have full confidence that before this drama ends, Zhe Xuan will realize he's as much in love with Ying Ying as she is with him, or he will as soon as he can let Xiao Shu go. For Ying Ying's sake, I hope that moment comes soon. I was as frustrated with Zhe Xuan as she was, listening to him drone on and on about how he just wants Xiao Shu to be happy and how he's content to love her from afar. I'm sure that some will call this speech noble but I just see it as pathetically irritating. The girl you love is madly in love with someone else, Zhe Xuan; it's time to let go and move on! Lucky for Ying Ying, I think Zhe Xuan is slowly starting to see that his undying affection for Xiao Shu isn't doing him any good and since he's a sensible man, he should soon realize it's better to love someone who's willing to love you back than spend your entire life pining for someone you can never have. Unfortunately, in DramaLand, sensible men like Zhe Xuan do the most irrational things when they're in love and usually end up hurting the girl who actually loves them; which we saw this week when Ying Ying stormed out of Zhe Xuan's apartment after his "I can't stop loving her" speech. Fortunately, girls in DramaLand don't give up easily, especially girls like Ying Ying, who are used to always getting their way. We all know Ying Ying isn't one to give up on anything, once she's set her mind on it and she's got her mind and her heart set on Zhe Xuan. It's only a matter of time before she wins him over and I'll be cheering her on until the very end.

3. Jessica and Fei Li

With only five episodes left, it seems a bit unlikely that Jessica and Fei Li will actually get together but this is DramaLand we're talking about here, so anything's possible. I'm not really sure why Jessica is so dead set against Fei Li but if I had to guess I'd say it's probably because she only sees him as a bumbling sidekick and not the sweetly sensitive man he really is. If only Jessica could see the way Fei Li has been cheering Xiao Shu on throughout is entire drama, maybe she'd lighten up a bit on him. As it is, she's so mad every time she's around Fei Li, she never gets a chance to see him as he truly is. I really hope the writers find some way for Fei Li and Jessica to spend some quality time together before the end because I really want to see these two together. Jessica and Fei Li are both great people and fiercely loyal friends, which is why I love them both as much as I do, but they always come across as a little lonely, which is why I'm going to continue shipping them to the end. Will my dreams for them come true? Will any of my other predictions come true? What about you? I'm sure you all have your own ideas and opinions on these three couples and I'd love to hear them so go ahead and share them in the comments below.