With only four episodes left until the end, one would think that the next few episodes of this show would be spent tying up loose ends and bringing us all happily toward the finale, but apparently that's not the case here. Instead of giving us any sort of glimmer of hope in the progress of any of our couples, we get an hour's worth of useless twaddle.

Granted, we did finally get to witness Ying Ying's confession to Zhe Xuan but what good did it do? Gao Zhe Xuan is so ridiculously dead-set on loving a girl that will never love him back that he can't even see the girl who's head over heels in love with him, even when she's standing right in front of him, wearing an "I LOVE YOU" t-shirt.

What is it with all of the guys in this show turning into such dopes? They all started out well enough, though granted, I did think James was a shallower than the rest but now, it seems he's the most noble of the bunch. At least he's not afraid of pursuing a single mom who has a fatally ill child. *Is it just me or does this suddenly seem so very...drama-ish? Oh wait...* Meanwhile, the rest of the men in this show are turning into a bunch of losers. Papa Liang is still refusing to own up to his mistakes, which until he does, he's going to continue to drag his entire family down into his rotten pit of despair. Zhou Zhen is still refusing to go back to Xiao Shu, despite the fact he's a miserable mess without her. Papa Zhou just wants to sit back and watch his son suffer, rather than find a way to help him. Gao Zhe Xuan refuses to let Ying Ying into his heart. (And for the record, I don't buy Pei Li's take on Zhe Xuan. She may see him as noble because she's still got a little crush on him but I only see him as just another dope in a quickly growing line-up of dopes.)

As dopey as the guys have become, the women of Love Around have suddenly taken on a much more mature and appealing role. Xiao Shu is still bravely fighting for her love, confident that the feelings in her heart won't steer her wrong. I have to say, I'm impressed by her determination to hold on to her love for Zhou Zhen, despite his coldness. You know this can't be easy for her and yet, rather than giving up or falling completely to pieces, she's determined to stay by his side until he finally comes back around. Coincidentally, Ying Ying has decided to follow Xiao Shu's example and take the higher road, believing that someday her love will come to her. *Go figure!*

If you ask me, the only part of this episode that didn't feel like a total waste of time was the one brief scene between Jessica and Fei Li. It seems to me Jessica has been hiding a secret crush on Fei Li and her rush to turn him down has only piqued his interest. I'm not sure Fei Li was ever really interested in Jessica but it seems to me that the possibility of her liking him has certainly captured his attention. I really hope we can see more of these two together before the end, as it would be far more interesting to watch, than say...Zhou Zhen spending time with his suddenly blind ex...*Ugh! I don't even want to go there!*