We are now three episodes away from the end of this twenty hour roller coaster of emotions, otherwise known as Love Around, and I have to say, I've never been so ready for a show to end in my life. After sitting through another hour of useless twaddle, I'm on the verge of picking up pen and paper and writing my own drama, just to ensure I'm never subjected to this type of mental torture ever again! Rather than use the hour they've been given to further the plot of our story, the writers have decided to waste an hour of our lives with cutesy trips to amusement parks and useless side sob stories.

It wasn't until the last ten minutes of this week's episode that things finally started picking up and we caught a glimpse of something that could push us toward the end.

That being said, this week's episode wasn't all bad. After all, we did get to see Liang Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen spend some rather friendly time together, which for a brief moment brought back memories of episodes gone by when warm fuzzies were abundant and our OTP were the cutest couple in DramaLand. After enduring several weeks of Zhou Zhen's jerky cold shoulder, it was nice to see him being friendly toward the ever-determined Xiao Shu, even if it was only for the sake of Qian Qian. Of course all of my irritation toward Zhou Zhen came back when he spent that evening pining over all of the pictures he took of Xiao Shu at the amusement park. If you're going to play the cold-hearted jerk and break up with the woman you love to ensure her "happiness," you have no right to get all mopey over her picture. You made your own bed on this one buddy, now lie in it!

Even more irritating to me than Zhou Zhen's mopey moments is the sudden reappearance of the now blind Chen Pin Ying and Zhou Zhen's involvement with her. Yes, it was made very clear that Zhou Zhen no longer has any feelings for Pin Ying beyond friendship, but really, is any guy as heartbroken as Zhen was when Pin Ying left him going to nobly help the woman who broke his heart? Blind or not, this woman shattered Zhen's heart, so why the sudden chivalry? Of course, we all know the answer to the question. After all, how is Zhen going to keep his good guy image while being a world-class putz and have Liang Xiao Shu misunderstand his and Pin Yings' relationship unless Xiao Shu sees them together? And because Xiao Shu hasn't already gone through enough, she needs to see this new pairing so she can suffer even more heartbreak and then be tormented by the fact that a blind Pin Ying could really use a knight in shining armor like Zhen to save her. Hooray for the cruel fate of a DramaLand heroine!

As if poor Xiao Shu hasn't suffered enough, by the end of this episode not only does she get all of her memories back (which means she gets to relive the horror of watching her brother die) but she also loses all faith in her father. Suddenly life in DramaLand isn't so full of sunshine and rainbow ponies, which is why I'm ready for this show's resolution. Like Xiao Shu, I don't think I can take much more of the drama in this love-able and equally infuriating and frustrating drama! What about you? Share your thoughts and ideas below and maybe we can get through the rest of this show together!